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26 Mar Honoring Our Son

If you don't know about the son that I lost, that means you haven't been reading my blog posts, shame on you! My husband Ron and I lost our baby boy at 24 weeks pregnant in July. It's been a long road to recovery and while we have...

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10 Mar Apostrophe 101

Nothing irks me more than the incorrect use of an apostrophe. My blood boils when I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed and notice a peer that graduated with me has a status update with an out of place apostrophe.   It seems that the trend is to...

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11 Sep The Lesson All Brands Can Learn From DiGiorno’s Mistake

DiGiorno is famous for their frozen pizzas, but they became the talk of the town on social media overnight for all the wrong reasons. The company inadvertently made a major social media mistake by participating in a controversial trending topic and failed to research its...

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