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Dedic’8’ed to the Genies

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It’s hard to believe that Gossip Genie just had its 8-year anniversary. That’s the same amount of time we are in high school and college, combined. Running Gossip Genie has been as valuable as my education because I have learned more than I ever could have imagined in the last 8 years. I have learned about the ins and outs of running a business, back end to front end, accounting to bookkeeping, hiring to firing, delegating to managing, prospecting to closing, growing pains to flourishing and so much more. However, the most important thing I have learned is that Gossip Genie is nothing without the dedicated team behind the impressive results we produce. In this exact moment, I can say without a doubt, that this is the best team we have ever had and my dream would be to keep this current team and expand (carefully) until the end of time. Therefore, this post is dedicated to all of you.

Anthony, you are someone in my life that I will forever be grateful for. You have been on this journey with me longer than anyone else and I love being able to share it with you. Both personally and professionally, you have kept me sane during the difficult times and celebrated with me during the high times. You have taught me more than I could ever express about business, professionalism, loyalty, and management. Neither I nor Gossip Genie would be where we are today without you. I feel honored to have you by my side on a daily basis and I am beyond proud to call you my MVP. You are superhuman, I am in awe of your work, the results, the pace at which you complete a project and your willingness to take on more. As a person, I love you, and as a coworker, I would die without you. No pressure, Auntie D (as Liv calls you)! Even though you have a twin brother, you are truly one of a kind.









Keenan, you are multi-talented, you have a vision and are able to execute that vision flawlessly. I admire you for so many reasons, you are honest, open, genuine and hard working. Your commitment and dedication to Gossip Genie, your clients and peers is unwavering. You bring an element to the team that defines us. You’ve been loyal through thick and thin, you make us all laugh when we need it most and you’ll step in if anyone needs help, even when your to-do list is already too long. Here’s a request from me to you, never change!

Taryn, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel sorry for anyone that is not fortunate enough to have you in their life. You were a breath of fresh air when we needed it most. Over a year later you continue to breathe life into our organization each and every day. You never cease to amaze me with the results you produce for your clients. You are passionate about everything you do which motivates us all. You truly care about everything and everyone around you, which has transformed our team from coworkers to family. You’re gracious, supportive, intelligent, thoughtful beyond measure and an all-around wonderful person. The value you add to Gossip Genie is overflowing and endless.

Violet, where do I even start? You blow me away on a daily basis. You take on more than anyone I know and then do it better than everyone. People get burnt out just listening to all that you do. You are such ago-getter which inspires everyone around you. You approach every project with quality and care yet finish it to perfection before anyone else has even turned on their computer. I live for your humor and then die from laughing. You’re an enigma with a future so bright it’s blinding.

Lizz, I knew from our initial conversation that I needed you on my team. You’re the first person I’ve ever offered a position to during an interview and it was the best impulsive, intuitive decision I’ve ever made. You are a true gem; your creative energy is contagious and we all love the subtle humor you infuse into your work. You’re smart, savvy and everything you do is with the utmost care and compassion. Thank you for killing it since day one.

Janelle, I am inspired by your adaptability. You’ve improved Gossip Genie’s operations, increased productivity and organized every facet of the company, internally and externally. Your role is invaluable, your attention to detail is off the charts and you don’t just check tasks off a list, you crush your responsibilities in a way that radiates dedication and care for your peers and the company. In addition to all of that, you’re a pleasure to be around, you’re always up for helping anyone and everyone on anything and everything. Thank you for being a light at the end of dark tunnel in 2017, you brighten everyone’s day.


It is a privilege to work with such a dynamic team. I have never felt more motivated or inspired because of the energy you all bring to work on a daily basis. Cheers to 8 years and 6 very special people.


Genie Resolutions

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According to Business Insider, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. It’s hard to adopt a new habit which is what most resolutions consist of. In my opinion, it’s best to make a few small resolutions and build upon those. The less daunting, the more likely one is to follow through and keep building on it. A great way to compartmentalize resolutions is to make them for all areas of your life. Today, I am sharing resolutions from each of my colleagues.

Lizz’s resolution is solid and in my opinion attainable: “For the new year, I’d like to hit the ground running and land more clients in industries that I’m highly interested in, like the food/beverage space. Not only do we thrive in that arena, but we are also seeing such an explosion of interest in social media for food companies. There is so much potential for them to shine in 2018. I’d love to learn more about photography (even more than I’ve already learned from Taryn our fabulous photography expert), and I also can’t wait to continue to get closer to my team and enjoy the exciting year ahead as a Genie!”

Speaking of Taryn, her resolution is great because it’s very specific which makes it easier to visualize and attain. “I want to get my Facebook advertising certification and I want to successfully land 1-2 new businesses for Gossip Genie.”

Keenan gets specific which will help to better track his progress and we can all push him as he accomplishes his goals. “In 2018, I hope to add video to at least three current or new clients. I also hope to take a class to expand my knowledge of animating, editing and filming. My biggest professional goal for 2018 is to deliver a video that 2017 Keenan would be jealous of.”

Janelle has 3 goals which make up her professional resolution. “Get Gossip Genie publicized in the media, take a photography and photoshop class to learn new skills and techniques and sign a new client to Gossip Genie.”

Violet’s resolution is all about the visuals, “In 2018, I want to spend more time on creating meaningful visuals for my various social media channels. Photos, videos, and infographics continue to rise in popularity, so it’s important to hop on the bandwagon. A picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to social media.”

Anthony wants to expand his knowledge by continuing education classes and educational enrichment. “I want to start reading more and learning more about our industry to stay even more up to date on the latest trends. Social media and the marketing industry are always changing and sometimes it can seem like a hard task to keep up with the ever-changing trends. In 2018, I’m going to seek out more webinars, books, articles, podcasts, and workshops that can help keep me  (and my clients!) up to date. Personally and professionally in 2018, I want to take more risks and take more opportunities as they come up, including seeking out growth opportunities for Gossip Genie.”

As for me, my professional resolution is to focus on quality over quantity. I want to focus on the higher priority, bigger opportunities rather than trying to do everything that comes my way and spreading myself too thin. Per usual, I want to dedicate the majority of my time to business development in order to continue our year over year increase in revenue.

We would love to hear your resolution(s), please share in the comments below!

Being a Boss

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This is literally the fifth time I have started this blog post. I keep deleting my introduction and I think it’s because there is no real way to define or describe what it is to be a boss. For so long, I have associated the word, ‘boss’ with something negative and I think it’s because of my previous experiences but that’s a story for another post. Recently, I started to embrace the title because I realized that being a boss is defined by the person in the role and not the title. I also believe that a boss is largely defined by the people you are managing and if you are fortunate enough to select those people yourself, being a boss can be extremely rewarding. There are books, articles, webinars and podcasts which are helpful but there is no specific manual on how to be a successful boss. Maybe it’s naïve but I disagree with the tactics employed by some of the most successful people in the world. For example, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon with a net worth of more than 100 billion, preaches about the benefits of micromanaging your employees. That has worked for him but that will never work for me. In my opinion, if you don’t trust your team to manage their work to the best of their ability than you hired the wrong person. As long as I do not feel as though people are taking advantage of my desired approach, I trust each person I hire implicitly or I would not have hired that person.

As a boss, there are days when I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  One particular trigger is when an employee asks “if we can talk” without any context. I assume the worst. A few years ago, a treasured employee of mine, sent me an email on a Sunday morning as I was boarding a 4-hour flight – it read:

“Hi Jacqui,

Can we meet alone tomorrow morning at 8:30, I need to speak with you.”

That was not a pleasant flight. It was exactly what I feared but I accepted it and I am still in touch and very supportive of this person.

It’s equally as difficult to be the bearer of bad news but as a boss, that’s my job. Firing someone is not something I take lightly, I weigh all of the options and after many constructive conversations, if there is no improvement, I have to do what’s best for Gossip Genie but I hate it because I know it’s saying goodbye to someone that I truly respect and like. No one wants to stay in touch with someone that has fired them and I understand that but in a perfect world, we would all end on good terms.

I am going to conclude this post with the most ludicrous requests and excuses from former employees:

  1. “Can I leave on Wednesday at 3pm? I have a colonic.”
  2. “Do you mind if I take Friday off to spend some quality time with my dog before I go away for the weekend?”
  3. “I am sorry, I was late for the conference call, I was out for a run because the weather is so nice today and I have plans after work.”

I suppose you can commend these people for being honest.

Update from the Genies

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Transition is the word best used to describe the past couple of months at Gossip Genie. Restructuring internally is the toughest part of my job but in the end, it always works out the way it’s supposed to. That being said, we are grateful for our relatively new team members, Violet, Janelle and Lizz.

Violet is an assistant social media manager working 40 hours a week while in school full time. Let me just say, we all tell Violet that she’s our spirit animal because there is NOTHING she can’t do, furthermore, there is NOTHING she can’t do WELL and even furthermore, there is NOTHING she can’t do WELL and in half the time it takes the regular person. Despite being busier than most 19-year-olds, Violet is able to craft incredible content and produce amazing results for any demanding client.

We often laugh about how her peers are spending their time trying to start a fashion blog but most of them just appear to be narcissistic portraits of themselves that provoke the question, what are you looking at? This question is the result of these young “wannabe” fashion bloggers imitating Kylie Jenner. Cheers to Violet for spending her time doing something useful.

Lizz started with Gossip Genie a couple of months ago and it feels like she has been a part of the team for years. During her first month at Gossip Genie, she traveled to Las Vegas to represent Gossip Genie at Vision Expo West and blew us all away with her live social capabilities. Lizz is upbeat and easygoing which is contagious in the best way possible. She adds an element of humor to even the driest client and we are all impressed with what she has been able to accomplish for her clients in such a short amount of time.

Janelle started less than a month ago and while not recommended or advised, she came in yesterday morning basically on her deathbed. We sent her home and she is still doing work while actually on her deathbed. Janelle is working so hard to learn the ins and outs of her clients, she works well into the evening trying to absorb everything.

Not to mention, she is all about business development and has produced some very promising leads in less than 30 days at Gossip Genie.

Janelle and Lizz are already diving into the world of client photoshoots.

Our veterans are doing SO well.

Taryn’s 1 year Genieversary is today and we are all so grateful for everything she has contributed over the past year. Taryn has proven herself time and again. I admire her for so many reasons and one being that she doesn’t give up, despite how difficult a situation might be. Taryn is a ray of sunshine even on the darkest days.

Keenan was promoted to head of production and social media. He has allowed us to offer videography as a service and his work is praised by the clients that have chosen to add that service to their contracts. Keenie the Genie is such an asset to our team with his never-ending dad jokes and hilarious puns, he keeps us all sane during the most stressful times.


Anthony, as we all know, is the Dalai Lama of Social Media. Our team is thriving under his guidance and during the biggest challenges, he is always the voice of reason and reassurance. Anthony keeps us sane. In August, we celebrated his 5-year Genieversary and he knows we would all be lost without him.

social media news

Social Media News You NEED to Know Vol. III

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It’s been almost two months since our last social media news update. And, wouldn’t you know it, the social media landscape has continued to change and evolve. Of course, the beauty of social media is the fact that it’s never the same for long. That’s what makes my job interesting!

In order to combat the frustrations that come along with the changes we see on an almost daily basis, we have to stay up to date on what’s happening in the social world and adapt ASAP.

Because we’re all living busy work lives, we’ve rounded up some of the best articles that highlight trending news in the social space as of late. Enjoy! We’d love for you to add any additional articles you’ve found helpful in the comments.

Google was starting to feel left out of the Snapchat vs. Instagram feud so they’re throwing their hats into the ring. Google is set to release a new feature, ‘Stamp,’ that will mimic Snapchat’s ‘discover’ platform.

We’ve discussed Facebook getting political here. But now they’re upping their game as they add another layer to their government coverage. Facebook will be launching a “This Week in Your Government” post for users who follow at least one local, elected official.

Need some creative inspiration? Here are the best campaigns of 2017.

Hinge, an online dating app, crashed 25 weddings via Snapchat in order to help friends hook up.

Want to start growing, engaging, and using social media to optimize your brand’s ROI? Let us know!

Why Follower Count Isn’t as Important as You Think

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As a brand, it makes perfect sense to want more followers. Reaching 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, and so on follower milestones is an amazing achievement. At Gossip Genie, we understand and strategically develop plans to grow each account, but it should also be said that the quality of followers always takes precedence over the total number of followers. Here are 3 reasons why your follower count should never be the main goal of your social strategy.

1. Large number of followers ≠ big time engagement

I’ve seen it time and again, especially with “influencer” accounts. They have well over 100K followers but are only receiving 600 likes and a handful of comments on each post. Engagement is always the metric I stress to my clients. We want people to like, comment, share, and interact with our post. These actions are far more important than a simple follow on Instagram.

2. Bots won’t buy

If you want 15K Instagram followers, you can buy them in an instant. Obviously, this strategy is never recommended. But my immediate question would be “why?” What will that number of followers get you? Pride? Yes. Of course, over time we want to see our client’s social media followers exceed that, but as I just said. It. Takes. Time. Instead of investing money in bots (that won’t buy your product by the way), spend your time engaging and growing the audience you already have.


3. Followings Fluctuate

If you’re looking at the number of followers as your most important metric, then you should prepare to be disappointed. Followers come and go. Some weeks you’ll gain 30 and other weeks you’ll lose 15. Social media is a fluid space, and you shouldn’t put too much pressure on the little number at the top of a social account. Instead, focus on the ROI of social. Check out your google analytics for traffic referral or host a special promo for your followers and see how many fans engage.

Whether you have 50,000 or 15,000 fans, remember that numbers aren’t everything.  

3 lessons I learned during my first year at Gossip Genie

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Holy cow! I’ve been working as a social media manager at Gossip Genie for an entire year. Fifty-two weeks filled to the brim with client photo shoots, content calendars, brainstorms, happy hours, dog pets, and lots of and lots of learning. It’s hard to narrow down all the career lessons I’ve learned throughout my first here at Gossip Genie. But the following three are a pretty good start.

1. Confidence

Fake it til you make it? Yes. It sounds SO cheesy, but in a creative role, you have to believe in yourself. It’s imperative that you have the confidence to strategize, create, and pitch your thoughts to the client. If you don’t believe in your ideas, why should your boss or client? You have to learn how to sell yourself, and the only way to do that is to be confident in what you do, what you think, and what you create.

Over this past year, I’ve learned to recognize that I am an industry expert. I understand the nuances that surround the social landscape. I’ve learned what types of creative content will succeed, and what will fail. It’s because of this knowledge and experience that I can be confident in my recommendations, creative ideas, and ability to execute.

2. Adaptability

Always stay on your toes. When you work in an industry as fast-paced as social media you have to be nimble. Change is inevitable. Algorithms, advertising options, the type of media (i.e. gifs, static, text, video, live), they’re always evolving. I’ve learned you have to not only accept these changes but also fully embrace them in order to be a successful social media manager.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work. You don’t need a team just to help out with the workload. You need a solid team of social media gurus to feed off of. I’ve leaned on my teammates to help miscellaneous tasks, but the most beneficial teamwork is when you’re working towards learning something new or creating an epic campaign idea together.

My major takeaway? Your ideas, knowledge, and expertise can only reach the next level when you reach out to your coworkers for help and inspiration.


Here are a few of my favorite GG moments from the past year.

3 Mistakes Your Brand Makes on Social

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again a great social media presence takes a lot of work, strategy, planning, and creativity. It’s a mixture of an art and a science. Of all the media available to your brand, social is one of the most difficult verticals. It’s easy for you, as a brand, to see social as an afterthought. We can understand why you think of social media as a medium that isn’t as legitimate as display, TV, or OOH. After all, social media is readily available to the masses. That means anyone can do it for your business, right? Wrong.

When researching brands, we see a lot of easy-to-fix mistakes on their social media. While we can’t reveal all of our trade secrets, here are 3 mistakes we want you to fix. And if you don’t feel like you can complete them, we’re always available to help.

1. Posting infrequently

We all know about Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithms. Well, everyone knows what they are, but a lot of you don’t know how they work. Of course, we don’t have access to the algorithm. But we do know pages that post frequently are rewarded, and often show up higher in the feed than those that only post a few times a month. The ideal number of posts? Everyday. But if that’s not possible, you should be posting a minimum of 3x per week.

2. Going off brand

It’s National Hot Dog Day and you’re a hat company. If you don’t have any photos with your product and a hot dog or a hot dog on the hat, then you shouldn’t be participating in the discussion. It doesn’t make sense for your brand, and will only confuse your audience. Don’t feel pressured to engage with every trending hashtag on Twitter. Only interact with ones that are authentic and relate to your brand or service.

3. No outreach

You haven’t seen substantial growth in months. Your posting regularly, but nothing. That’s because you need to actively reach out to new fans and start a meaningful conversation. While I can’t reveal our community outreach secrets, I will say you have to be engaged, and stay engaged. You need to search for users like your current fan base and talk to them. While numbers aren’t everything. Quality > quantity. You do want to see your channels grow every month.

Fellow social media managers, what types of mistakes do you see over and over again?

3 Components of Successful Content

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When it comes to winning at social media strategy, there are a few departments you need to kill it in. Facebook ads, fan outreach, community management and of course: content.

If you really want to SLAY at social media, you have to learn what it takes to create truly successful content. Keep reading for the A,B,Cs to creating some amazing content strategy.

Great Visual: It’s all about the aesthetic when it comes to posting on social media. Your goal is to get a pair of eyes to lock onto your post. How do you accomplish this goal? Make your content visually appealing! Use clean images that show off the unique aspects of your brand. Looking for some inspiration? Matt’s Cookies has a great visual strategy. Check it out!

Catchy Copy: According to Fast Company, the ideal length of a Facebook post is 40 characters or less. Try to avoid writing paragraphs because your audience is not going to read it. We live in a society where we keep scrolling, so if your copy isn’t short and catchy, that will not appeal to your followers. Restore Hair rocks the method of quick and fun copy. 


Knowing your Audience: Every business has a certain audience they cater to. When it comes to social media, you want to make sure the material you’re posting makes sense to the audience you’re serving it to. A brand that totally understands this is Naot Footwear. Their content makes sense because it’s catered to mature, fashionable women. 

If your business is looking for extra help in the content department, our team of Genies is here to take that weight off of your shoulders.

Social Media News You NEED to Know vol. 2

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It’s been just over a month since our last social media news update. And, lo and behold, the landscape has changed once again. We all know the beauty of social media is the fact that it’s never the same for long. That’s what makes the job of a social media manager interesting, but it can also make it totally frustrating.

In order to combat the frustrations that come along with the changes we see on an almost daily basis, we have to stay up to date on what’s happening in the social world and adapt ASAP.

In case you don’t have time to do your own research today, we’ve rounded up some of the best articles that highlight trending news in the social space as of late. Enjoy! We’d love for you to add any additional articles you’ve found helpful in the comments.

Instagram stories continues to roll out new features for their biggest players. Now any account with over 10K followers can include a link for users to “swipe up” and read more. This function is used primarily for e-commerce, but bloggers are also using it to showcase their latest blog.

Another Instagram story update, users can increase their stories’ reach through hashtags and location tagging. This would be perfect for conferences, BTS shots, and brand-sponsored events.

Social media marketing is a necessity these days. But it’s not enough to simply set-up an account and post every once in a while. Your company should be active on social media, here’s why. P.S. We want to help!

Snapchat isn’t having a good day, month, or even year.

Wait, “Shadowban” isn’t even a thing. Say hello to Artificial Intelligence as Facebook and Instagram continue to merge their systems.

Social Media Examiner released their industry report and it’s full of golden nuggets of social media wisdom.

Want to start growing, engaging, and using social media to optimize your brand’s ROI? Let us know!