As a perfectionist, I am constantly battling my own self-imposed guilt about not being able to accomplish even more during the day. If I don’t work out, I feel guilty, if I don’t sit and write a post for my blog, I feel guilty…I wish I could blog while I jog, that would kill 2 birds with one stone.

The worst part about the days when I don’t get to exercise is reading my friends’ Facebook/Twitter posts about their workouts. Apps like DailyMile make the avid gym rats eager to post their sweaty status on all social mediums.

For Instance – guys like this are really probably fat slobs living in a state of virtual denial by maintaining the fake façade across all networks but nonetheless remind me that my workout was not as good as his.

At least I am in no way connected to Golds TM – I just grabbed that from’s public newsfeed.  A few more posts like these and those biceps would be banned from my newsfeed.

The posts that truly bother me are posts like these:

Even re-reading it now, I am itching to get down on my living room floor and start doing crunches. This post is not even from an application, this is some dude reiterating his workout to Facebook. He should be more considerate of the fact that he is making me feel guilty for only doing 29 tricep curls.

In all seriousness, posts like that one and this one: and this one: are published for one reason, to feed the ego. If you’re at the gym or running outside and you see someone you know, it’s human nature to speed up your run or increase the incline on your treadmill for the sake of that person thinking you’re super hardcore (even though you are about to pass out). Therefore, on the days when your workout goes unnoticed you can make sure people at least know it happened in complete detail. Word of advice, keep the cardio to yourself!

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