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Photography at Gossip Genie

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about photography. I was the kid who carried their Fischer Price camera around their neck everywhere and I even started my own photography business at 17. My side-hustle photography business is still going strong, and I actually initially met Jacqui because I photographed her family.

While I absolutely love working in social media, one of my favorite parts of the job is when I get to whip out my bulky, reliable Canon Mark II. Social media is innately visual, so eye-catching, high-resolution images are VITAL for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%). That’s why we always recommend that clients utilize our photography services. I know that I’m biased, but I think we have a team of talented photographers and visual artists!

Here are some of my favorite photos that my team and I have taken at Gossip Genie:



Let us photograph your product or services! Get in touch today. 

An Instagram Hack to Help Social Media Managers

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Hello! Today I want to share some not-so-top-secret information for my fellow social media managers out there. We all know there’s still no great way to schedule Instagram photos, at least not within the platform itself. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a number of tools that will auto post your Instagram photos, but many are paid services, or only offer to schedule posts for one account. For agencies that are set up like Gossip Genie where we are responsible for multiple clients, these tools aren’t exactly what we social media managers need right now.

That said, I want to go over a quick Instagram hack that I use to easily “schedule” my clients’ photos. It’s called the “drafts” feature. It’s amazing because you can 1.) Upload 2. ) Edit it 3.) Tag  4.) Set the geo-location and then save as a draft. See below for a step by step guide to making Instagram less of a hassle.

1. Upload your photo normally.

2. Add whatever photo you want from “camera roll.”

3. Edit the photo.

4. Caption, tag, and add a location. And then hit the “back” arrow.


5. A dialog box will pop up. Select “save draft.”

6. Close the app. When you reopen the app, you will now have the choice to select a photo from your “drafts.”

7. You can view all of your saved drafts by clicking “manage drafts.” Drafts will have saved the caption, tagging, filters, edits, and geos you created in Step 4.

And that’s all it takes!

A few notes: the drafts will be saved under whatever account you are logged into and only that account, this is great if you are taking advantage of the multiple accounts feature on Instagram. If you log out of the account, then your drafts will be deleted. I advise drafting a week’s worth of posts just in case you get logged out.

What are some other tools you use to schedule Instagram posts?

How I Keep Up with my Creative Technical Skills

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Working in social media means constantly being up-to-date with the latest digital trends and playing the role of copywriter and art director. With a degree in PR, I have to admit, my education did not include photography or graphic design classes, so learning on my own time has been essential to working in this industry. There’s two resources that I highly recommend if you’re like me and didn’t learn these skills in school or just want to brush up on your skills.

Adobe Creative Cloud

I have a Creative Cloud subscription, which gives me complete access to all Adobe programs—Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, you name it. There are various videos for each program that range from tutorials for beginners to projects for developing your skillset. I like to take advantage of the community forums for troubleshooting and figuring out how to do specific application actions.

Photo Credit: TechSoup

Photo Credit: TechSoup

My latest obsession has been the LinkedIn-acquired online learning database The site is organized by different learning paths— design, IT, photography, web, etc.— where you can watch nearly 5,000 videos and complete “assignments” with downloadable exercise folders specific to each course. If you’re new to any of these disciplines or need someone to tell you the basics of what to learn, then is perfect—it’s just like taking an online course, but at your own pace and with no grades. The videos are also extremely high quality and very clear to follow. As an added bonus, you can receive certifications for the courses you take, which is a great feature to use at a company for continuing education.

The best part about each of these resources is that I can use them at my own convenience to work around my work and personal life. Economically, I’m spending about the same or even less on a yearly subscription of each of them than I would by just taking a single class at a college.

Freshly: A new way to *not* cook

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I’m more and more convinced there will be a subscription box for just about everything by 2020. Lately, I’ve been avoiding going to stores’ physical locations if I can purchase what I want online. Of course, online shopping is not new, but more recently, it’s changed the way I am choosing to spend my money, and that is not leaving my dang couch. Less of my dollars are going to the Jewels and Targets of the world, more are going to online subscription services like HelloFresh,, Soma Water and now, Freshly.

Today, I got my first box from Freshly, and after thoroughly enjoying my first meal I can safely say it won’t be my last box. Freshly’s mantra is ‘Chef-prepared, healthy meals delivered weekly.’ There’s absolutely no cooking involved, I just popped my lunch into the microwave (which only takes 1 to 2 minutes because everything is fresh, not frozen) and was eating in no time.

They have dozens of meals to choose from, too, it was hard selecting just six. The jerk chicken I had for lunch was super flavorful and really delicious, very similar to the ‘cook them yourself’ meals I get from HelloFresh for the same price – $69/week for six meals.

Freshly Jerk Chicken

Don’t worry, cooking, I’m not giving up on you, I just really, really, enjoy taking a night off once in awhile that doesn’t have to involve takeout/delivery/going out to eat.

If you want a FREE box of Freshly, click here for your first six meals on me:

Free Box of Freshly