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Is Your Social Media On Fleek?

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Every morning I scroll through my Twitter feed to see what people are talking about and what’s trending for the day. This morning I came across an interesting tweet from ASOS, an online fashion retailer from the UK:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.56.08 AM

Does something stand out? Perhaps it’s the term “bae.” In case you have been out of tune with pop culture lately, millennials have created a new set of slang terms that has been widely used within the past year. These terms can be heard on the radio, in popular Vine videos and sometimes in every day conversation. But now, brands are using these terms in their social media strategies to connect with millennial consumers.

After doing my own research, the terms “bae” (term of endearment) and “on fleek” (quality of being perfect) are used a lot more often than we think by major brands, even by the NBA. Below are a few examples I found today:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.08.23 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.35.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.19.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.18.55 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.21.40 AM

Applebee’s has even created their own hashtag and started referring to their customers as “#applebaes.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.37.47 AM

Though brands are jumping on the bandwagon, this is definitely just another fleeting trend that will only be included in short term social media plans. This strategy must also fit with the brand identity to make sense and be pulled off effortlessly. If not, it will just end up as a hot mess (train wreck).

Do you think major brands should be taking this approach?


Victory Dance for Dancing Man

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After a photo posted online went viral, social media users are rallying together to stand up against bullying and give one man the best dance party of his life. It all started when cyberbullies posted a photo of a man dancing with the caption, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Dancing Man


It didn’t sit well with Twitter user, Cassandra Fairbanks, who used her platform to post a tweet in hopes to find the man in the picture. The word spread quickly on social media with the hashtags #finddancingman and #dancingman

Cassandra Fairbanks

Sean, aka, #dancingman, eventually was located and he thanked followers through his new Twitter account, @dancingmanfound.

Thank you tweet

A flood of tweets followed from high profile celebrities and ultimately led to the creation of the ‘Dance  Party of a Lifetime’ party. Some tweets included:

Dancing Man Tweet

Ellie Goulding Tweet

Moby Tweet

Pharrell Tweet

Fairbanks group, Coconut Oil Friendship Club, started a fundraising page for a dance party. Over $30,000 in funds has been raised to go towards Dancing Man’s ‘Dance Party of a Lifetime’, which will benefit anti-bullying. And through the power of social media, it looks like ‘Dancing Man’ is going to have quite the victory dance.

Gamification: A Trend?

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Everyone can agree that we are all motivated by something. We go to the gym to get fit and be healthy. We go to work to make money and receive a paycheck. Motivation is what makes the world go round. But what happens when implement that concept digitally? You get gamification.

Gamificition is the idea of applying gaming concepts to non-entertaining environments in order to motivate a behavior and achieve business objectives. It applies game-like characteristics, such as challenge, competition and reward, to real-world experiences which will then encourage and promote user engagement. Due to its popularity within the last year, many brands and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. And though many people think this is just a fleeting trend, the gamification market is projected to reach $2.8 billion in 2016.

Here are 2 brands that have successfully implemented gamification in their marketing strategy:

  1. Starbucks: Starbucks is a company that has capitalized on this concept effortlessly. Their gamification design is clean and easy to follow. Each time you buy coffee using a Starbucks card, you get a gold star in your cup. Once a user reaches 12 stars, they are eligible for a free coffee or pastry. Not only does a user get the satisfaction of collecting stars and “leveling” up, but it encourages consumer loyalty. It has been so popular that 1 in 3 customers pay for their Starbucks using this app, which also makes up for $3 billion in sales per year.
  2. unnamed-1Nike+: Nike+ is one of the most popular fitness gamification apps out there. The app allows users to record, share and compare physical activity while earning “fuel points.” Fuel points unlock different trophies and awards, which can then be shared on social media, creating competition among users. However in order to effectively track the correct distance, the user must buy the Nike+ sensor.  Through this new app and the additional accessories, Nike+ was able to increase their market share in the running shoe industry by 14% in just 4 years.

    Courtesy of Nike+

    Do you think other brands and businesses should start implementing gamification in their marketing plans?

3 ways to expand the reach of your tweets

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1. Use an image

Twitter is getting increasingly visual. If you want your tweets to stand out, including images is a surefire way to boost engagement. Adding an image to a tweet can boost engagement by up to 150% and Twitter itself reports that tweets with photos gain 35% more retweets than those without an image.

Tip: If you don’t have a custom image to tweet out and you are just sharing a link, use Twitshot to add images to tweets containing links. This Google Chrome extension allows you to choose from multiple images that appear in the link to share with your tweet. See below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.32.24 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.32.31 AM







2. Test different versions of your tweets to compose the perfect one

Researchers at Cornell recently developed an algorithm to figure out the sentence constructions, rhetoric, and keywords that make certain tweets get more attention than other. Their online tool lets you compose two different wordings of the same tweet and weighs them against each other to determine which one will be more popular.

What makes a perfect tweet, according to these researchers?

Using language that is familiar to your target audience and consistent with past tweets, abbreviated headlines, giving a tweet a positive or negative spin, making it easy to read and informative, staying away from first person (using the word “I” cuts down a tweet’s sharing potential by about 50%), and adding the words “please retweet” makes it 95% more likely to be shared, according to the algorithm.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.39.28 AM

3. Use Video

Twitter recently introduced native videos to their site, allowing users the ability to capture, share and edit videos up to 3-seconds in length by using the camera button directly in the app, just as you do with photos.

This is great for marketing opportunities and for covering a live event. Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO said, “We believe that during any sort of local event, national event, global event, the opportunity for people, participants, to be live tweeting those things and broadcasting them to the world is a massive opportunity. That’s one of the reasons we are so excited about consumer video.”

Actor Neil Patrick Harris was the first person to post a video to Twitter using the new native video sharing tool.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.44.15 AM


The Best of #TheDress

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By now, we’ve all heard about the “The Dress”. Forget about the style of the dress, it’s the color that’s causing a stir. Is it blue and black or white and gold? Regardless of what color you saw, the dress on social media outlets rapidly circulated. Within one day, it seemed everyone knew about the dress. Regardless of the social media outlet, someone was talking about the dress! Just one article of clothing caused quite the uproar on social media. To go along with the hype of the dress, came plenty of hilarious posts. Here are some of the funnier #TheDress posts:

Ellen DeGeneres Tweet

You know if you saw the dress, you were asking everyone around you what color they saw. Don’t pretend you didn’t do what Ellen did.

Instagram got in on the fun too and had some hilarious posts:

Kylie Jenner

Burn the dress



People were also taking it to the next level with reports and stats:

TheDress Statistics


Who knew that a single piece of clothing could cause such buzz? It goes to show the power of social media. Now the real question is, what colors do you see? White and gold, right?

The Art of Remembering

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One critical skill of being a social media manager is the ability to remember. Not only is it a critical skill in my job, but in every job. Cab drivers need to remember streets, hairstylists need to remember cutting techniques and surgeons need to remember where to properly cut during surgery.

When I first started at Gossip Genie this was a new industry to me, so I will admit I slightly struggled with remembering small details. For example, how many times a week to post for each client, which graphics need to be created for the week, growing Twitter accounts, ad budgets for each client, etc. Over time, I found a system that works for me and learned a few tricks along the way from my fellow Genies. Here are some worth sharing:

  • Create a list. To-do lists are key to remembering what needs to be done for the day. I am very old school and like to keep a physical planner. Since my job requires me to type all day, I find that it’s easier for me to remember things when I take a break from the keyboard and write it down with a pen. When I finish a task, I either cross it out or highlight it. If you like keeping to-do lists on your computer, try Momentum, which was blogged about previously. Every time you open a new tab in Google Chrome, your to-do list will reoccur.
  • Do it immediately. When someone tells you an important task or something to do, either do it immediately or write it down immediately. Chances are, if you store it in the back of your head, it won’t be a priority until you are re-reminded by someone else. If you’re in a hurry or currently busy, even writing down a few words will jog your memory later.
  • Stay organized. Staying organized plays a major roll in remembering. If you’re desk or mailbox is a mess, it won’t be easy to refer back to things in a pinch. Not only does my planner help me stay organized, but so does my Gmail account by color-coding different clients and projects. If you’re interested in learning how to simplify your inbox, this post gives an in-depth walk through.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. If you are starting out in a new job or industry, it’s ok to ask questions. It’s better to ask and to do it right than not asking and doing it wrong. Asking questions shows that you are genuinely trying to learn and want to do your best.

What a typical week looks like in my planner.

Do you use any other tips or tricks to help you remember at work?


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Social media sometimes gets a bad reputation for being linked to bullying and general meanness. Many find it easy to hide behind a screen and dish out hateful remarks. But what about the people who want to lift others up? Well, there’s an app for that.

Courtesy of Outpour

Courtesy of Outpour

Created by Calvin Liu, the new anonymous app called Outpour is turning the tables and encouraging positivity not negativity. All a user has to do is write his or her compliment and select the user who it will go to. There’s no need to be shy either because it’s completely anonymous. So, if you feel uncomfortable expressing feelings towards people but want them to know, this is the perfect way to lift their spirits and give recognition where it’s due.

While other anonymous apps like YikYak and Whisper certainly have positive aspects about them, Outpour is specifically designed to be uplifting and positive. But wait; wouldn’t this be an outlet for people to anonymously bully? Outpour makes sure a user only gets one profile to stop trolling. Also, if someone gets blocked by another user, a mediator investigates the blocked user and risks getting banned from the app.

Everyone loves receiving compliments. It can turn any mood upright. I, for one, love the concept and can’t wait to start sending out love to all of the people in my life that deserve positive affirmations.

Outpour Message

Download Outpour here:


Networking tips I learned from being in a sorority

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After work today, I will be attending my first networking event since college. However instead of mingling with other college students and a few business professionals, I’ll be interacting with many business professionals in a completely different environment all while representing a company. Though this is my first professional event, I realized that networking shouldn’t be a new task. I was a member of a sorority in college and sorority recruitment taught me a few tips I need to rock a networking event.

First Impressions 

It is a known fact that it takes seven seconds to make a first impression on someone. Usually in those seven seconds, one notices how you dress, if you make eye contact and whether or not you have a firm handshake. Failure to do any of these can make a person seem careless and uninterested. You want to talk to someone who cares, right? So show people you care and give them your undivided attention. Most importantly, always remember the names of who you meet because you never know when it may come in handy down the road.

Making Connections

During recruitment we are required to talk to about 5 different girls from completely different backgrounds. This is just like networking, talking to people from completely different industries. Though it is important to meet as many people as you can, it is more important to make meaningful connections with a smaller amount of people. It’ll make following up with people easier when you can reference conversations you had. And no matter how different an industry is from yours, you can definitely find something in common, you just have to find it.

Be Prepared

People go through sorority recruitment because they want to know more about the sorority and see how they can benefit from it. Like a networking event, people go to meet new others and see how they can benefit from those conversations. But in order to make those mutually beneficial relationships, you have to asks questions and be prepared for questions in return. There have been many times I was asked, “What is your philanthropy?” or “Why is your symbol a lyre?” I had to know these facts off the top of my head. While networking, you will have to know about your company and be able to answer any question that comes your way. You also don’t want to bore people with details so be able to make answers short and to the point.

What are some of your favorite networking tips?


How Facebook Has Evolved Over the Years

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Facebook was created on February 4, 2004 and this month the behemoth social network is celebrating its 11th birthday. First debuting on the Harvard campus as “The Facebook,” the social networking powerhouse has become a tech giant.

This is how Facebook has changed over the last decade:




The Facebook debuted on Feb. 4, 2004 at Zuckerberg’s alma mater, Harvard University. One month later, it also went live at Stanford, Columbia, and Yale, and continued to grow  to support more than 800 college networks.
2005 FB
This is what a typical profile looked like in 2005. Very reminiscent of Myspace, no? This is also the year that “The Facebook” opened up to high school students.
On Sept 20, 2005 officially dropped the “the” and became Facebook. This is the year Facebook opened to all students over 13 with a valid email address and when they allowed multiple photos on your profile page, allowing images to take a far more central place in the Facebook universe. This is also the year yours truly joined Facebook the summer before my senior in high school.
FB 2007
This is the year the “mini-feed” was introduced, later known as the timeline. Several weeks after the Mini-Feed went live, Facebook moved beyond schools and opened to anyone with an email address. This year, video was introduced to Facebook as well as a Facebook app for iPhone. This is also the year yours truly joined Facebook as a senior in high school.
FB 20082008 feed
This year, a new Facebook “wall” was introduced as well as a cleaner-looking profile with a menu bar up top.
FB 2009
In March 2009, the Publisher tool from user profiles was added to the main homepage to let you post links, photos, videos, or write a note without an extra click. The Facebook homepage also updated in real-time, modeled after Twitter.
348494-2010 facebook new profile 2010
Laying low for most of 2010 due to protests from all the changes in 2008 and 2009, Facebook introduced a new profile design in December of 2010, including photos and an “about” section displayed at the top of your profile.
FB 2011 2
2011 was the year the “Timeline” was introduced. Designed to “tell the story of your life,” the Timeline featured a large cover photo and a Pinterest-like assortment of posts that scrolled back through your Facebook history.FB 2011
This is also the year the “ticker” in the right hand side of the Facebook timeline was introduced.
This was the year Facebook bought Instagram. Very little changes to the Facebook appearance.
FB 2014 2 faceboo hashtag
Facebook introduces hashtags and verified accounts.
FB 2014

A Touchdown for Social Media

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After an entertaining night of football, it’s time to sift through the Super Bowl aftermath. Sure, everyone is talking about the commercials that aired last night but people are also talking about the social media excitement during the game. With a hefty price tag that is put on commercial space, more and more brands are getting smarter and moving to another arena, it’s social media outlets. Quite frankly, I think that the real action took place online last night. Even the commercials included hashtags. So, here are my favorite social media moments of Super Bowl XLIV:

Katy Perry teamed up with Universal Music Group and Pepsi to promote and sell Perry paraphernalia via Twitter, YouTube, and Shazam along with a variety of other internet-linked devices like Roku. All twitter users had to do was include @Visa and @Pepsi to qualify them to shop. Items were purchased through the new “Buy Now” button.

Katy Perry Post

We were all lovin’ McDonald’s social media campaign. For every commercial break, McDonald’s was giving away huge prizes and all you had to do to win was Retweet!


McDonald's Campaign


McDonald's Tweets

Soutwest Airlines also joined in on the action with their own giveaway. Use the hashtag #MiddleSeatSelfie and you could get a couple freebies on your flight.

Southwest Airlines Tweet

One of my favorite campaigns of the entire night was Coca-Cola. It used Twitter and Facebook to launch the new campaign, #MakeItHappy. This hashtag is used to reply to negative posts with positivity. I mean, how can you not love a campaign like that.

Coca-Cola Campaign