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#SMWChicago gifs, just because we love you.

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Preparing for your third event of the day.


After a successful live tweeting session.


When you call Uber for a ride to your next event and they arrive within 3 minutes.


When you arrive at your 8am event and realize they have breakfast laid out.


When they mention your name in the panel.

Qdoba coupons at every session? Boo-yah!


When Erich Marx, Director of Interactive and Social Media Marketing at Nissan, said foshizzle.

When you meet someone at social media week and they don't have a Twitter account.

When you see someone you already follow on Twitter at an event.


When a member of the panel consistently pronounces Pinterest as "Pinner-essst"

Attending your last event of the week, so much knowledge.


#SMWChicago: Erik Qualman

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It’s Social Media Week in Chicago and the Genies have been attending some amazing events with many more to come. Yesterday, Erik Qualman taught us that social media should be  FLAWSOME. Which means through our flaws we can show our awesomeness and that customer complaints are an opportunity to make it better than it was before. Failing better!

Qualman also talked about Momentum marketing: taking advantage of something larger than you (such as: seasonal events). He used this video to convey the meaning.


My favorite part of the presentation was when Qualman talked about social media ROI and used this video to illustrate his point of view.

Monday Night Football causes Twitter Frenzy

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Monday nights to me, does not necessarily stand for Monday Night Football. It’s actually more like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars but nonetheless, it was nearly impossible to avoid catching up on the NFL Twitter banter that was happening after a highly controversial play during the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.

For those who don’t follow sports, social media, news or may live under a rock, here’s a recap:

The Packers lost to the Seahawks last night when a pass by Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was actually intercepted and called as a touchdown after the NFL’s replacement referees had quite the disagreement. Once the play was made, one referee signalled touchdown and another interception.  After they reviewed, the referees called it a touchdown and the game ended.

Bluefin Labs broke down the social-media stats: 56,263 social media comments per minute (these include public tweets and public Facebook posts) at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game were sent. There were 1.9 million comments in total on Monday night’s game and 23 percent of all those comments were related to the refs! CBS Sports reports on the stats: ” A good measuring stick? 25,415 comments/minute were sent when Usain Bolt won the 100M in London during the Summer Olympics.


Events in the past have had a similar effect on Twitter.  For example, The Super Bowl, the passing of Steve Jobs, the capture of Osama Bin Ladin and even Beyonce’s MTV Awards baby bump incident. The NFL is nothing to joke about in America and when you combine this with the social tools to express your free mind, you can expect a Twitter frenzy at its finest! How did we express our sports rage before social media? Did you join in on the Twitter banter last night?




People of the CTA

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For those of you reading who reside in Chicago or any large metropolitan area with public transportation for that matter, can relate to the Facebook page I am going to present to you. At times, it seems that the people we sit next to on the CTA appear to have climbed out from under a rock.  We think we’ve seen it all, but this page might make you question reloading your CTA card next month and sticking to Uber.  Let me introduce you to the Facebook page “People of the CTA.”


Here are a few snapshots: 


Behind The Scenes of Biomimicry

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Welcome to your daily dose of biomimicry, the concept of studying nature and evolution to develop innovation. Recently airplane designers have been studying the albatross, a bird that surprisingly can soar thousands of miles without flapping its wings. Incredible, right? According to a recent article in National Geographic, “…a study that mixes biology with aeronautical engineering, researches have come closer to figuring out how the birds ride the currents. And their findings may be used to innovate aircrafts of the future.” By watching the albatross you may think flying looks effortless, but lets take a closer look. Janine Benyus, president of the Biomimicry 3.8 institute, recognizes that the real talent is the bird’s ability to sense the tiniest changes in air pressure and wind direction causing it to make quick turns and sharp climbs to stay soaring. To think that this bird is a stepping stone in the development of future aircrafts is so interesting to me. Have you ever thought about other inventions resulting from the study of mother nature? In the past year scientists from NanoTech Institute at the University of Texas at Dallas have created artificial muscles inspired by the limbs of an octopus as well as the trunk of an elephant. In the future, these could be used to power machines and could even be injected into the human body to do repairs or stitched into clothing of the elderly to assist weaker muscles with every day tasks. The article states, “…it is interesting to see how even the strongest muscles we can devise are still based on what Mother Nature has already thought up.” Well said and very, very well done.

Chicago Teachers Union Strike: #TeamNoSchool or #TeamTeachers?

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The Chicago Teachers Union called for a strike last night for the first time in 25 years. That means 350,000 Chicago Public School students did not go to class today and will remain out of school for the foreseeable future until negotiations are made. As a student, I’m sure this is like hitting the jackpot. No homework, no early morning bus rides, no assignments to stress over. It’s probably comparable to what it’s like when you get a snow day. And who doesn’t love a snow day? In fact, CPS students were tweeting last night and #teamnoschool was trending.

The thing is though this is nothing like a snow day. Sure, it’s fun to have class cancelled. I’d be lying if I said that if I were I student I wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of getting to put my schoolwork on the backburner for a few days. But when it comes down to it, real issues are at stake. In addition to fighting for job security and benefits, Chicago teachers are fighting for better schools, better working conditions, and a better overall education for these students. They are advocating to get more social workers and therapists in school to deal with the multitude of factors that teachers aren’t equipped to deal with such as poverty, exposure to violence, homelessness, hunger, and other social issues. While the thrill of a few days off may be appealing, it’s fleeting compared to the issues these Chicago teachers are fighting for.

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is blaming the teachers for keeping children out of school and the teachers are blaming a school district and a political system that have left them no choice. I undoubtedly think children should be in school getting an education, instead of on the streets adding to the gang violence already prevalent in Chicago. At the same time, teachers are fighting for a beneficial cause not only for themselves but also for the future generations of students trying to get a quality education. Which side do you stand on?


What the Early 1900’s Can Teach Us About Social Media

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Did you know that the world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found? Now I’ve been on the lookout since vacations ago for my very own authentic message in a bottle dating all the way back to 1999 when Hollywood lead me to believe that the likings of glass and paper could lead me to my very own Kevin Costner(so far unsuccessful). However this was no love letter, instead a plea for information from Captain C. Hunter Brown, a scientist studying currents in the North Sea. According to the article, “The bottle was one of 1,890 bottles released on June 10, 1914, and the 315th to be entered into Captain Brown’s log, which is still kept and updated by Marine Scotland Science in Aberdeen.”  Way cool.

What does this have to do with social media might you ask? You see the experiment was intended to capture information with the help of regular people. Scientist Brown saw a need to gather data and he did it the best way he knew how, by throwing his passion for research into a bottle and hoping that someday, somehow people would turn them in. Years later Elvis Johnson of Nelson Lagoon Alaska did. We at Gossip Genie have no intention of throwing products into the ocean in hopes of receiving credible feedback, but we are ready to help you take the plunge. If you are struggling to stay afloat with your online presence or wondering how you can stir the waters a bit more then step aboard, we are your Elvis Johnson.

Are Virtual Assistants the New Trend?

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Say goodbye to personal assistants.  Thanks to the creative entrepreneur, Ted Roden, anyone can now have their own virtual assistant. Say hello to Fancy Hands. You can now not only hire someone to get you Starbucks, but you can hire someone to get you a ride to the airport, find where your favorite beer is on tap, even hire someone to sit on hold for you, all at your immediate request and done through professional contractors throughout the U.S for as little as $1 a day.  FancyHands was started by Roden because he felt a need in his personal life to have someone help him with the little tasks that needed to be done. Below are a few of Fancy Hands’ latest user requests, split up by category.


Another company, TaskRabbit, allows you to post a “task” you need done on the site and the amount you would like to pay to get this task completed. Once it is posted, people in your surrounding neighborhood can accept your task and choose to help you at your asking rate. Immediate virtual assistants seem to be the new trend and have the possibility of taking away the jobs from the interns who organize the office and get coffee! Personally, I see some major potential for these services when I think about putting together something from IKEA or fixing a flat tire. Anyone else?

5 Tips to Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

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If there is one thing that I suggest to every client, it’s to take advantage of Facebook advertising. Whether you want to increase the likes on your business page or drive traffic to your website,  Facebook advertising is an amazing vehicle to accomplish those goals. Here are 5 tips to make sure you are maximizing your use of Facebook ads.

1. Make sure you carefully select “Connections” – Facebook defaults to Anyone which will target people that already like your page and if the goal is get new likes, check the the third option “Only people not connected to…”

2. Try it before you commit! Facebook defaults to the option “Run my campaign continuously starting today.” You should test a new ad for a few days and monitor it closely before allowing the ad to run until the end of time. This is a sneaky way for Facebook to make money because it’s easily overlooked when running an ad. If you only intend to spend a certain monetary amount, chose a campaign budget and select the “lifetime budget” option versus the per day option. In that case, you can select “Run my campaign continuously starting today” because once the budget has been used up, the ad will be completed.

3. Do some A/B Testing – It’s great to have one successful ad running but I suggest trying some of the other advertising options Facebook has to



We have had great success with ads about our pages, stories about friends liking our pages and even promoted posts. It’s worth spending a minimal amount on the various options to figure out which works best for your page.



4. Make sure you are targeting enough but not too many people. If you are running a cost per click campaign and you are only targeting a very small amount of people (under 100,000) your bid is going to be very high. Think outside of the box when you are inputting your target criteria. It always helps to target people that “like” your competitors’ pages.


5. Put a call to action in your ad if you are creating “a new ad about your page.” Although you are limited to 90 characters, if you can swing it, ask people to like your page as a part of the copy. It’s also helpful to give your target market an incentive to like your page, if you can.