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My Favorite Bachelorette Live Tweeters

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am the biggest fan of The Bachelorette or The Bachelor but every season I get sucked in to it. There were a few seasons I chose not to tune in and I ended up feeling like everyone around me was talking about this ridiculous party they attended that I didn’t get invited to. Because I slightly enjoy watching the men and women on this show humiliate themselves and tend to overdose myself with it’s corny nature, I had to find someone that felt the same way. Bachelor and Bachelorette live tweeters are by far my favorite part of Monday nights. When something hilariously embarrassing happens, just refresh your Twitter feed of your favorite live tweeters and you’re sure to get a laugh. For this reason, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette live tweeters with you so that you can make this show less of the ‘most dramatic rose ceremony ever’ and more of the most comical reality show ever.


Jenny Mollen – Follow her for witty Bachelorette commentary. Even her non-Bachelorette related tweets have me laughing out loud.




Dana Weiss – She will be the first to tweet exactly what you were thinking about the Bachelorette dates and can also tell you where to buy Emily’s outfits.





Bridging The Gap To No More Bunny Suits

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This post is for all of the Aunt Claras out there. I know everyone, bunny suit or not, has received a gift that made you want to stick your tongue to a pole. As Ralphie said, “Aunt Clara had for years labored under the delusion that I was not only perpetually 4 years old, but also a girl.” Don’t make this mistake, the first step when it comes to gift giving is knowing your subject. Let us now give a warm round of applause to Wantful, the new mecca for creative online gifting.

The main perk of Wantful is the affordable, high-end shopping experience without having to visit a million specialty stores to find what’s on your list. Their mission is for you not just to gift, but to gift well. They pride themselves on being anti stick-on bow and work to reverse those fake smiles. I can respect that.

Essentially, you answer questions (see below graphic) about the person you’re gifting and they, in return, ship a catalog of 16 sensational gift choices straight to their doorstep. Now here’s where they get all Harriet the Spy. The catalog arrives in a sleek, mysterious looking package that looks as if it’s only meant for James Bond. Could it get any better? Why yes, yes it can. All the recipient has to do is select one of the gifts pre-formatted to fit their taste and BOOM, it’s theirs. By visiting the Wantful website and entering the gift code the gift of their choice is sent directly to them. Next time you think about sending a gift card I’d encourage you to consider stepping outside of the box. In fact, I triple dog dare you.


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Because all of the Genies are twenty-somethings living in Chicago, we were introduced to #SOYEAHDUH in it’s early stages. @LaurelSlutsky discovered it a few weeks ago and we’ve been hooked ever since. For those not in the know, #SOYEAHDUH is a Tumblr blog featuring hilarious .gifs describing the life of a twenty-something Chicago woman living in Wicker Park. She’s smart, savvy, likes to go out for dinner and drinks, rides the Blue Line and so much more.

This week, #SOYEAHDUH creator, Lisa Frame, came out of the closet and revealed herself to Huffington Post. Hi Lisa, you’re very funny.

One of my favorites:

When the Huffington Post asked her: Do you have any favorite .gifs that you created for the blog?
She replies with her four favorites: 50 Cent female cab driver, hands down! Also: When someone pronounces Goethe wrong, After two margaritas at Caesar’s and Emergency stop on the train.

I especially like the one from today, as Lisa (who also works in social media) alluded to the fact that was not working for an entire hour. In the social media stratosphere this is nearly an eternity.

For those who hadn’t heard of #SOYEAHDUH before now – you’re welcome! 😉

Katy Perry – “Wide Awake” with Facebook Timeline

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I saw this Katy Perry music video the other day for her new single “Wide Awake” and it somewhat entrapped me. For one, I love the fact that social media has become such a social norm that artists are now incorporating it into their songs and videos. It might be the only thing Mark Zuckerberg can hold on to right now. Also, it demonstrates our need, as social media users, to find out all the details of someone’s life through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever your network of choice may be. Although it wasn’t the most highly visual video, I kept waiting for the part of the video where the update would come up on her timeline saying “Katy Perry is no longer listed as married.” Unfortunately for my gossip magazine reading self, her timeline updates were all career related. If only we could see other artists’ real life Facebook timelines to a musical tune…cough*cough*, Chris Brown.


OpenTable #ThePowerOfSocialMedia

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After my experience with OpenTable – Laurel suggested I write a blog post about it and I am doing just that. I have been married for nearly 8 months and I consider myself very lucky because I have to say the hardest part about being married is changing your name.

Social Security office – check

DMV – check

Signed copy of my marriage certificate sent to United Airlines to update my mileage plus account – check

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn – check

Credit Cards, Bank Account, Checks, Bills – check

Business related materials (cards, website, email) – check

After a couple of months, I was Jacqui Liberman, until it came to reservations. OpenTable was the only system that would not allow me to update my last name. I would update it online and it would always revert to my maiden name. I think Open Table would have objected when our rabbi asked if anyone objected to us getting married during our ceremony. After a few months of making reservations under the last name, Monieson. I tried emailing OpenTable without any luck. Therefore, I tweeted to them, within minutes I had someone respond to my tweet asking me to email a representative. I immediately sent an email and within minutes, someone from OpenTable in San Francisco was calling my cell phone. After quick instructions and troubleshooting, my reservations are now officially under Liberman. Not only is that great customer service, it is also a great example of the power of social media.



The Past 6 Months at Gossip Genie

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Last week, the #TDSbloggerevent Gossip Genie hosted was a huge success. It was really amazing to see many months of hard work all come together so well. I have to admit that planning a wedding is much like planning a blogger event. At the end of the day, whether it’s a wedding or a blogger event, it’s the people that make the event a success. I would just like to thank our wonderful client, TDS and our amazing bloggers: @tommytrc @theWebChef @3rhinomedia @triveraguy @PointA_PointB & @LittleTechGirl, once more for an amazing event last Thursday. As well as a big thank you to the Genies, @lizzieryder & @LaurelSlutsky.

As I sit here, in our new office, empty and waiting for the Internet guy, I am really humbled by how far we have come. 2012 has been very good to us! Let’s recap the past 6 months…

June is already off to a great start with our successful blogger event for our client TDS

In May, Genie Elizabeth attended the National Restaurant Association’s annual show and spent some time discussing social media and our client, ProStart with Fabio Viviani and Richard Blais.

In April, the Genies spent the weekend in Baltimore for the National Restaurant Association’s Educational Foundation’s Culinary Competition. After a weekend of live tweeting, pinning and posting on Facebook, it’s safe to say we fully captured the event for everyone that was following along from home.

In March, Gossip Genie won the Office Depot Small Business Makeover with Jean Chatzky – Read all about it here!

In February – The Genies started using Pinterest as a marketing tool for clients. Check out our client with over 6,000 pins, Food Mafia. Our first Pinterest contest was a huge success!


In January, Gossip Genie hosted “The World’s Largest Virtual Popcorn Party” for our client, Kernel Season’s. The event was in honor of National Popcorn Day and the perfect way for Twitter followers and Facebook fans of Kernel Season’s to celebrate.

The Power of Hosting a Blogger Event

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I am typing this blog post live from the first ever TDS Blogger Event “The Future of the Digital Workplace.” First let me say, what a great event thus far! So many knowledgeable and influential speakers, attendees and TDS professionals are in the building here at John Roach Projects in Madison, WI. The Genies are here live tweeting for our client, TDS, using the hashtag #TDSBloggerEvent, capturing photos, uploading images to Pinterest and Facebook and interacting with attendees both in-person and virtually.

What began as the Genies researching and reaching out to influential bloggers on Twitter has turned into one of the “most emotional days” of presenter John Roach’s life. Why? Because John, founder and CEO of ROACH (John Roach Productions) has been waiting for this day to arrive for 20 years – waiting for this technology to catch up with his remote lifestyle. John frequently works from his lake house in the country and uses TDS’ managedIP Hosted technology to run his business. His favorite technology is his iPad, specifically FaceTime.

The Genies are proud to have encouraged and helped facilitate this first-ever blogger event, a milestone day for TDS, Roach Products and Gossip Genie. The knowledge shared today between less than two dozen people will influence a MUCH larger audience, spreading TDS’ message of the “Future of the Digital Workplace” to hundreds of thousands of people across the web.

The positive Twitter experience that almost was.

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There is something to say about an excellent customer service experience that occurs on Twitter. It usually gives you a whole new sense of purpose for social media. See Elizabeth’s blog post, “When Brands and People Turn To Social Media for Customer Service“, for further explanation. I had an “almost positive” experience, as I would like to call it. A cafe near my apartment that shall rename nameless became one of my favorite “go-to” spots for sandwiches over the past year. They offered a delectable house roasted turkey sandwich with muenster cheese, caramelized onion, watercress, and the final selling point for me, the “Green Goddess” dressing. This mysterious dressing is most likely something I could make at home with cream cheese and some fresh chives but nonetheless, it was delicious.

“Nameless Cafe”, we will call them, recently took my sandwich off their menu which, as you expected, slightly upset me. To express my sadness, I turned to Twitter. At first, I thought Twitter had saved the day and I would be eating a tasty Green Goddess Turkey Sandwich for lunch. Instead, I was left turkey sandwich-less. The important thing to take from this incident is that when someone is handling your social media, there has to be a strong line of communication between that person and the business in order to keep all customers happy. Your Twitter followers and Facebook fans are some of the most loyal customers you have and are most likely to refer your business to a friend. In my case, the customer service effort was there, but the streamline of communication was not. The person handling Nameless Cafe’s Twitter account did end up direct messaging me the owner’s email in order to fix the situation BUT… I am still hungry for that sandwich..

What could have been….

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As we all know, the NBA Playoffs are going on and soon the Championship games will be approaching. I still have an unsettling feeling in my stomach every time I think of basketball and even while watching a game. I usually am really excited about games being on and now that the 2 series left are played every day, it makes it even better… right? I just can’t get myself to be ok while watching the games. I have a sense of jealousy and anger, which I know is not a normal reaction to watching a basketball game. The Bulls exit was just too much for me to handle – especially the way they went out. I am obviously a major Celtics at the moment but I still don’t want them winning it all, they already have a trophy. It was supposed to be the Bulls year!

Anyway, I heard this song that TNT played before each game started in the beginning of the playoffs and loved it. Cee-lo Green sings it and the song is catchy and gets you majorly pumped for what is ahead. After the Bulls exit, I forgot about it and couldn’t listen anymore when I did hear it. Today, I came across it again and watched the short video. I had to hold the tears back… (Not really, but almost). Seeing the dramatic clips of every team in the Playoffs was great, and then I remembered again that the Bulls are done. You can watch the video and song here: Cee-Lo Green’s NBA song. Just seeing and thinking what could have been this year for the Bulls is so disheartening. To also think about the 2013 season with it being so unknown is just as unsettling and upset. I foresee the Championship series to be the Thunder against the (I hate to say this) Heat. Thunder in 7 games. All I can do is cheer on the teams who play the Heat and hope they diminish another chance of them getting a trophy. You know where I will be tonight at 7:30 Central Time. Cheering on the Celtics!


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The Genies are really excited to host a blogger event for our client, TDS. After months of planning and hand selecting some very impressive Midwest based bloggers, we are ready for our event on Thursday, The Future of the Digital Workplace.  We are all looking forward to the presentations outlined below and the valuable insight our bloggers will offer. The conversation is going to be epic and I am so excited to be a part of it.

Our Bloggers

From Appleton, Wisconsin is Thomas Clifford, also known as @Tommytrc on Twitter. Thomas regularly ranks as one of the top Twitterers in Wisconsin and top 100 in the world. He is a Self-proclaimed Tech Geek, Prepress and Printing Guy, Mac Head, and PC Guy.

Joining us from Chicago, Illinois on is Catherine Morgan Catherine is a coach, speaker & blogger for entrepreneurs and job seekers. She is also the community manager for as well as a ChicagoNow blogger. Follow Catherine on Twitter!  Also joining us from Chicago, Illinois is Kris Cain.  Kris is a tech expert & blogger, speaker -Tech & Social Media, Consultant & Social Event Planner Follow Kris on Twitter

Attending from Milwaukee, Wisconsin  is Tom Snyder Founder/President Trivera Interactive (Mktg, Web, Social Media, SEO, Email); Foursquare Idiot’s Guide author – follow Tom on Twitter

Madison, Wisconsin’s very own Paul Gibler will be joining us for our event “The Future of The Digital Workplace” on June 7th. Paul specializes in B2B, eMarketing, Social Media, Innovation & he is a Communications Consultant, Lecturer, Speaker, Blogger & Trainer. The man with 4 Twitter handles: @theWebChef @thePPTChef  @IBMadison @IBWisconsin

Another Madison, Wisconsin native, Don Stanley of 3Rhino Media will be at our blogger event – Consultant, Speaker, UW-Madison Faculty. Helping small businesses get unstuck & leverage inbound mkting & social media for greater impact & growth. Follow Don on Twitter

We will be live tweeting all day and encourage our readers to follow TDS on Twitter @tdsbiz. Our event hashtag is #TDSbloggerevent. Like TDS on Facebook, join the TDS Small Business Solutions page on LinkedIn and follow the TDS boards on Pinterest. TDS is an example of a truly social, forward thinking company, embracing all that social media has to offer.