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#Girls. Makes my week complete.

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I am probably a little late here with this show, but Girls, on HBO is hilarious. It literally makes my weeks and I guess starts them too, considering it’s on Sunday nights. This show has become a phenomenon over night being talked about in magazines, talk shows and especially Twitter. The show has their own Twitter handle, @girlsHBO and already has over 32,000 followers!  The tweets are just as hilarious as the show is. Once again, Twitter is showing how much of a social hub it has become with people being able to converse about the show, their favorite characters and favorite one liners, which let me tell you, there are plenty of good ones! What is really cool about the show is that the main character, Hannah, played by Lena Dunham is only 26 years old and created the show. (Girl Power?!) Social media is also used a lot in the show. In one episode, Hannah turns to Twitter to express her thoughts as well as Facebook. Some may think the show is a lighter, younger version of Sex and the City but I think there is way more humor and a stronger sense of friendship in #Girls. Take a look at some tweets by the #Girls Twitter handle and other fans like myself!

Even Emma Roberts & Anderson Cooper are fans!


What will you be doing this Sunday night at 9:30 Central Time? I hope watching #Girls!

New Bands Use Twitter to Gain Followers and Fans!

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By: Mallory Wegner, Gossip Genie Intern

Bands from all across the world, with all kinds of different sounds use Twitter to gain fans and I am pretty sure its working!

Aside from work purposes, I use Twitter to talk about the music I am listening to and the upcoming shows I will be attending. What started out as sharing my favorite music with friends has turned into a way to discover new artists. A lot of up-and-coming bands started to follow me and share their music. Every time a new band hits that follow button, the first thing I do is go to their website and check out their sound. I make sure to thank the band and tell them how I feel about what I just heard. Most of the time, this starts a great discussion and I get to learn a little more about the band. The best is when the band has a show in Chicago because then I get to go see them live!

I am sure this is happening to a lot of people like me. We are getting to discover all kinds of new music and the bands are gaining a multitude of fans because of it. Twitter has become a music community for many people. It has given bands and fans alike, a voice and a way to communicate with each other about the music they are passionate about.

Here are some of the bands that I have recently tweeted with. Check them out and enjoy!











Really? ANOTHER singing show?! #enoughisenough

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American Idol, The Voice, The Sing Off, X Factor… I think you get the point, right? There are and have been so many singing competition shows on the networks in the past few years they are all starting to sound the same. Still living at home with my parents, (only for 2 more weeks) my dad, yes I said it, my dad is border line obsessed with all these singing shows. He has a weird fascination with American Idol and the Voice. Me, on the other hand am over them. Just when I was getting excited that American Idol is ending next week, I look up and see a new show is coming our way starting next week, Duets. Really ABC? We need another singing show? This one actually seems pretty awful too- professionals singing with amateurs in what they call a “duet.” SO not needed. What blows my mind is that it literally looks EXACTLY the same as the Voice with the judges having their backs turned and pressing a button to turn around when they like someone.  I wish I could be a decent singer with a decent voice- I would have a great chance of being famous with all these ridiculous shows! Looking at twitter and hash tagging #Duets, I came across some people on my same track of mind. Take a look:

Holly says it best: 


Are you excited for #Duets? I know what I’ll be doing if I see that show pop up on my TV in my living room for even a second. Turning it or heading straight out of my room.

Follow the Froyo

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Frozen Yogurt a.k.a. “froyo” shops are popping up everywhere lately, even in colder climate cities like Chicago. With their small business plan and inability to rely on the weather, the one thing they can count on is social media. In Chicago alone we have Berrymoon, Forever Yogurt, Pinkberry, Yoberri, Yogen Fruz, Kingoberry and more.  At Gossip Genie, we are no strangers to frozen yogurt. We’re all huge fans and have our own distinct combination of flavors and toppings. The greatest part about these froyo shops is that we can get everything we need to know about them on Facebook and Twitter. Pinkberry (@PinkberryChi) is always updating us with their newest flavor, as of most recently, Watermelon. Forever Yogurt had their Grand Opening for a new location last month and announced on Facebook that the 1st 50 customers would receive FREE Froyo for a year! Most recently Berrymoon is opening a new location and are incorporating several social media strategies. Berrymoon will open at 10 a.m on Saturday, May 26th at 111 W. North Avenue with games and giveaways throughout the day. They will be live tweeting & Facebooking as well as the following:

*Guess the Weight of your Froyo: From 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Berrymoon will play “Guess the Weight of your Froyo.” Customers who guess within +/- 1 oz. of their creation will receive 50% off of their frozen yogurt purchase.
*Free Froyo!: From 5 p.m. – 9 p.m., Berrymoon customers will receive FREE frozen yogurt (up to 8 ounces).
*Foursquare: Throughout the day, customers who check-in on Foursquare and use the hashtag #BerrymoonOldTown will be entered to win a $5 Berrymoon gift card. Berrymoon will choose 10 winners, notified via Twitter.
*Twitter: Followers are encouraged to tweet a photo of their Berrymoon Froyo to @Berrymoon_Froyo! Berrymoon will select 10 winners to receive a $5 Berrymoon gift card, winners announced via Twitter.

You just can’t get this type of customer engagement and immediate exposure with any other traditional advertising!



Summer is here, follow the froyo!



The Adult Version of Halloween: Sweets & Snacks Expo 2012

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One of the many perks of being a Genie – The Sweets & Snacks Expo – an annual Willy-Wonka-esque event that pales in comparison to any childhood dream of “Candyland” being a real place and not just a game. The Genies were at Sweets & Snacks to study the social media behavior of CPG brands.

When it comes to social media strategy, CPGs have to think outside the box because they have a lot of competition. A prime example of great strategic thinking – Mike & Ike –

Mike & Ike’s marketing team started planning long before the Sweets & Snacks expo announced show dates. Everyone who is anyone received several emails leading up to the Expo regarding a “breakup” of Mike & Ike. Curiosity aroused, we stopped by the official press conference regarding the matter. It was true, fictional character Mike decided to pursue his music passion, while fictional character Ike will be following his love of art.

The Mike & Ike Facebook page had a flurry of activity following the official announcement, complete with a contest urging people to send in videos documenting their reaction to the news!

We were even invited to watch “Mike’s” band play at the House of Blues on Tuesday night but after so much candy, our energy was lacking…check out our stash from the show!


Lindsay Lohan on GLEE #Fail

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I watch Glee every week, I’m a Gleek. Like most of America, my opinion of Lindsay Lohan has taken a turn for the worse over the years. I grew up watching her in The Parent Trap, now she’s a recovering drug addict, ex-con. I thought her/her manager’s effort to rebrand Lilo (what is this, the 4th time and she’s only 25?) on Glee was lame. Hey LiLo – don’t mess up my show of sweet, musical theatre loving high school students with your tarnished past.

While watching I noticed the hashtag #LiLoAlert. I entered it on Twitter, and out of 100 #LiLoAlert tweets, 82 were negative. Per me and my fellow Gleeks, I think it’s about time you retired from the Glee cast, Lindsay. A more appropriate guest appearance would’ve been playing a fellow pill popper on Nurse Jackie! Maybe next time.




Real Life “Tweet Ups”

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By: Mallory Wegner, Gossip Genie Intern

It seems that everywhere you turn, those two words “follow us” or that little recognizable bird is somewhere in sight. Even the smallest of businesses have jumped on the Twitter train.

I was standing in line at a food cart the other night when I noticed the cart’s Twitter handle was written on the board. I grabbed my phone and followed them while I was waiting for my pulled chicken sandwich. I was glad to see that a small vending cart business was using social media to their advantage. Once I got to the front of the line I started talking to the vendor, Johnny of John’s Rib House, about it. He said he had just signed up and was unfamiliar with how to use it. I started explaining to him everything I knew about Twitter and ended up holding up the line for quite some time. I explained to him how great of a networking tool it can be and how it will benefit him if he keeps up with it. He thanked me and was very excited to start using the site to help him grow his BBQ Pork vending service.

This interaction made me realize that not only is social media creating an online interaction between people but it is also starting verbal conversation between strangers. We were able to connect via Twitter but also form a friendship in person.

The verbal interactions that are forming because of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc are just as important as the online interactions. Some people would argue that all the online networking is causing problems in human face-to-face interaction but I would say the exact opposite. If I had not followed Johnny on Twitter that night I most likely would not have said more than hi, asked for my order, and thank you. Through our conversation he learned how to effectively use Twitter and I realized that social media is so much more than just online networking.


Fifty Shades of Marketing

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“I heard it’s about a girl that likes to be raped.”

“I heard it’s about a pervert that kidnaps innocent women and makes them sex slaves.”

“It’s supposed to be like Twilight on escstacy.”

Within the past month, I have heard people utter these phrases and many more when referencing the overnight sensation that is, Fifty Shades of Gray. This book is an example of something that has gained incredible publicity just through word of mouth. Author, E L James, wrote a trilogy, mostly on her Blackberry that is currently competing with itself for the #1, #2 & #3 spots on the NY Times bestseller list. It’s surprising that James wrote this on her Blackberry but more so that her success has been without any traditional marketing. James was strategic about introducing Fifty Shades of Gray to the world. She wrote something that women would talk about and I can assure you, if it’s worthy, women will talk about it.

20120425-220411.jpg Without any real advertising, the Fifty Shades of Grey Facebook page jumped from 0 to nearly 60,000 in a matter of days.

Women cry when they meet James and tell her that her book saved their marriage, I sense a cult-like following developing before our very eyes. It’s yet another example of the power of word of mouth marketing. Our goal is to add a little “fifty” inspired marketing into all of our client campaigns by strategic positioning to ensure positive conversation, however, we will leave the eroticism to James.

#Bulls Fans Reeling Over Playoff Situation Turn To Twitter For Comfort

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Being the huge sports fan that I am, this playoff season/series for the Bulls is killing me.  If you are a Bulls fan, like myself, the playoffs couldn’t have come quick enough with all the injuries and winning streaks during the regular season. And obviously seeing Derrick Rose, finally healthy in the playoffs, and what so many of us assumed, the Championship.

Oh how quickly things can change. Fast forward a few weeks and the Bulls are staring elimination in the face down 3-1 to the 8th seed Philadelphia 76ers. D. Rose is out with a torn acl, Noah out with a severe sprained ankle, Deng still hurting with that wrist, and oh yeah almost everyone on the team has forgotten how to play defense and put the basket in the hoop.

Being a die hard Bulls fan, I couldn’t be more crushed. One thing that has made this series a little easier is Twitter. Being fairly new to twitter, I have really enjoyed following the sports writers and announcers, especially during this series. Twitter has also shined some light and made me realize how many others are reeling over this Bulls team and the impact sports have on so many of us. Social media is the new way we express ourselves and twitter is the best way to do it.  Take a look at some of these tweets from everyone regarding Rose and the Bulls:


I was thinking earlier how crazy it is how Twitter has evolved so quickly. Not only can you discuss your own personal thoughts and ideas, but I love how you can relate to others and feel the pain and love of others as well. The 5th game of the series is tonight at 8:30. I’ll be watching it in my basement alone knowing if they lose it will end in tears. (I’m being dramatic, but I’m going to be mad) I am also really hoping for a turn around in this series and to be able to see happy and positive tweets on Twitter regarding the Bulls. Until then, we wait until 8:30….. very impatiently.

Looking for a job? Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter!

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While the economy may be the worst factor affecting job seekers right now, there is still a positive outlook within the world of social media. The Marketing and Social Media field is one of the few that is not only hiring, but also creating jobs. Companies that specialize in social media are growing fast and finding a need to hire more employees in order to keep up.

This is definitely the case with Gossip Genie. Their client base is growing and, due to this, so is the need for more employees! I am the newest member of the Gossip Genie team and I am all too familiar with the hardships that come with graduating and not being able to find a job. For two years I searched for a job that pertained to my degree (interior architecture) – with no luck and a lot of frustration, I decided to re-evaluate my career path. It was clear to me that social media was on the rise and something I could excel in. Within one month of searching I had found Gossip Genie! It amazed me how quickly I was able to find a job in Social Media, when it was virtually impossible to find one in another field. I am grateful to have this job and I am enjoying learning about social media. It is refreshing to see that a small business like Gossip Genie is thriving in this unfortunate economy.

According to, Social Media jobs have increased by 75% since 2010. The growth in social media jobs continues to affect the economy in a positive way. On top of creating jobs, social media benefits companies by generating income through a variety of the available online opportunities. There is a whole new way of branding your business now and it is changing the way companies are getting their message, merchandise and visual popularity out there.

Although times may be tough, it is nice to know that there is positive economic growth happening in our country. I am personally grateful that this growth has helped put me in a positive job environment and I am hopeful that social media will continue to rise and help others in their search for employment.