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Teen Moms in Uggs

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Right now, as my fingers type this post, I feel guilty because I am taking time away from the long list of work that I have to complete before the end of the week. A new year means the rebirth of a client, therefore, January is always a busy time and I feel blessed for every occupied second. Busy = Employed!

Last night as I secretly watched (home alone, volume low and lights off) Teen Mom 2, I came to the conclusion that I no longer have to hide my affinity for bad reality TV. My guilty pleasure suddenly turned into a new age marketing observation project. I am referring to the fact that product placement has taken on an entirely new meaning. Last night’s Teen Mom episode documented Christmas Day for all of the show’s featured mothers. Other than the fact that these 4 young women were unexpectedly impregnated, they don’t have much in common with one and other, until this past Christmas. Coincidentally, Jenelle, a completely broke, failing student that often times sleeps in her car gave her mother (most episodes she professes hatred for this woman) a brand new pair of Ugg Boots!

A couple of scenes later we are witnessing the Christmas exchange between teen mom Kailyn and her boyfriend (not the father of her son). Jordan coincidentally bought Kailyn a pair of Ugg boots as well. Considering Kailyn often complains of not having enough money for diapers and rent, maybe Jordan should put that Ugg money towards more important necessities. MTV – the cat is out of the bag! 


How NOT to Work at Gossip Genie

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I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of my company, Gossip Genie, turning 2 years old next month. I did freelance work from May of 2009 until January 2010, at which point, I formed an LLC. Therefore, the official birthday is next month. It has been an incredible journey with ups and downs, like everything else. I can honestly say that there is nothing else I would rather be doing than this. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful clients we have and the amazing referral sources. Gossip Genie would not be where it is today without a great team in place. With exciting new business opportunities on the horizon and marketing tactics in place, we are thrilled to announce that we are hiring. Here comes the fun part…after posting the job information on Craigslist, the applications came flooding in.

A couple of recommendations for those of you looking for jobs – PDF your resume, that adds a little bit of professionalism to your response.


Don’t include “Salary requirements” in your resume:

I would omit this previous work experience…

What you did almost 17 years ago on Saturdays does not interest me!

The best is when people try to adapt their resumes to include their “social media skills” – it’s always at the end of the resume making it all the more obvious:




So the search continues – if you or anyone you know is interested in working at Gossip Genie, please send a resume and cover letter to


‘Tis The Season For Client Gifts

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Every year, I put a lot of thought into my client gifts. When October hits, I start exploring client gift options. Everything I do, I put a lot of time and effort into because I want to make an impact. If you have ever received a thank you note from me, you know what I am talking about. When it comes to my business I am even more meticulous about my decisions. Therefore, finding the perfect gift to thank my clients for utilizing my social media services, is a major task. Gossip Genie has amazing clients and we work hard to prove it to the public. However, this is difficult when trying to find a gift that represents Gossip Genie’s digital services and a client’s business. The Social Network on DVD was not an option nor was spray painting a dove blue and gifting a real-life “Twitter bird.”

Therefore, I put myself in the shoes of my clients and if you own a business, you know that some of your most coveted possessions are the ones with your logo on them. At Gossip Genie, part of our marketing goal is brand awareness so finding the right gift and branding it with my client’s logo, seemed like the perfect gift.

After scanning Pinterest for a long time, I happened upon this picture and I knew what my clients would be receiving this year – LOGO cookies!

I had to find the best company to handle my custom order and it was clear that Veronica’s Treats was the way to go. I sent the company my client’s logos and they helped me put together a grand basket for each one of my beloved clients. The entire time, I secretly wished I was my own client because these treats looked amazing.

This week was filled with rave reviews from my clients – “What a great idea, so cute and clever AND delicious!” One client even sent a picture of their half eaten basket – the goodies went so fast, a completely full basket picture was impossible to achieve!

As a thank from Veronica’s treats, my wish came true, I received a basked filled with my own logo cookies. I have to say the cookies, brownies and cake bites are some of the best I have ever had. You would assume that putting a logo on a treat would sacrifice the taste a bit, not the case with these. It’s also helpful to have your logo on the treats because I am savoring each bite because the treats are too adorable to scarf them all down right away.

Needless to say, I had a very happy holiday and I wish everyone else the same!

The Least Fascinating Person of 2011

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What was Barbara Walters and the rest of the ABC staff thinking when they decided  the Kardashians would be a wise pick for the most fascinating people of 2011. Set aside the fact that they are famous for being …well famous, this family never seems to miss an opportunity for their name to be in the press. Whether that stems from making a sex tape with rapper, Ray J  or conjuring up a fake wedding, bad publicity is still publicity on Planet Kardashian.

In all seriousness,  I would have liked to see Kourtney’s 2 year old son, Mason make  the list. This little guy lived with Kim, Kris, Kourtney, AND Scott in one apartment.  Now that is fascinating.








Real Housewives = Real Issues

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Before & After plastic surgery

I had to stop watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because of the disrespect for abused women and suicide. Taylor Armstrong, AKA “Lips” is a mess this season. Rightfully so, her marriage is falling apart and her husband is abusive. On a recent episode, Camille Grammar, the abominable ex-wife of Kelsey Grammar, purposely reveals that Taylor confided in her about her physically abusive husband, coincidentally, while the cameras were rolling.

Before & After plastic surgery

Sadly, before the season aired, Taylor’s husband took his own life. To me, this season trivialized some extremely serious issues: domestic violence, suicide and drug addiction. Lately, I have felt a chilling sense that we are watching actual events that lead to Armstrong’s suicide. It sickens me that viewers find this acceptable. Maybe, I am hyper-sensitive because I recently lost someone close to me to suicide. I am not naïve but you would hope that Bravo would feel some sort of sensitivity towards this man that took his own life and re-edit the season with that in mind. Despite what Bravo says, the show still villainizes Armstrong. You never know what a person is going through and obviously, Armstrong was in severe pain.

Most of the reports say that his suicide was a complete shock to those around him.Whatever way a person chooses to express their pain, hopefully someone is listening. Here are 2 cases that had plenty of people listening but choosing to ignore the cry for help.

Recently, a 13-year-old girl used Twitter as her suicidality forum to seek help. Out of 500 followers, no one responded. “In her 144 tweets over 6 hours, Billasano allegedly claimed that she had been molested by a family member and forced into prostitution. She also detailed her unsuccessful attempt at seeking justice” Huffington Post.

An even more horrific story relating suicide and social networking is the woman who committed suicide on Facebook… and none of her 1,082 online friends helped. Worse yet, they mocked her – see below:

If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide – please get help!

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A Movember to Remember

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Now that I am a wife, it is my obligation to support my husband in his endeavors, regardless of how unattractive he may become as a result. As the queen of competition – especially when it comes to fundraising for a good cause – I am urging you to pay attention to this post. 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Think about a groom with 5 groomsmen, one of those men will inevitably have to endure the harsh reality that is prostate cancer.  Therefore, the month formerly known as November, has become Movember, which is dedicated to growing mustaches and raising awareness and funds for men’s health. I was not too keen on the idea of my husband, Ron, having a full on, creepy, seventies looking, molester type mustache during our FIRST month of marriage but as long as I know it’s for a good cause, I will make do.  And yes, we are having Thanksgiving with my family this year.

I wanted to write this blog post because I have not seen the support through social media that this initiative deserves. The only other buzz I have read about for Movember is Mashable’s post –  “Mr. Clean to Grow a ‘Stache for Movember

In an effort to support the cause, we encouraged our clients to grow mustaches – check out Kernel Season’s new stache (and like Kernel Season’s on Facebook while you’re at it!)

The Movember site – dedicated to the cause does not even have links to social sites. Take it from the Susan G. Komen site – social media links are a must when it comes to promoting awareness. People like to promote a social conscience also known as bragging about having made a donation. I must say, I was disappointed when I donated to Ron’s Movember effort and there was no prompt to post my donation to Facebook, let alone tweet about it. I will have to draft my own tweet – “I just donated $50 to the Movember  Foundation in support of changing the face of men’s health!” IF YOU want that socially responsible tweet in your own feed – DONATE NOW:  at PLEASE CLICK “DONATE TO ME”

My hubby took it to the extreme with his trucker-esque mustache!

If you’re feeling like earning some year end Karma points, donate today, grow your own mustache (ladies, take a month off of waxing that upper lip) and spread the message by using this link.

OR if you just want to see how creepy Ron and his coworkers look during November – click here


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#ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage- This blog post.

While our very own Jacqui was off getting hitched last weekend, Kim Kardashian was busy signing her divorce papers.  Her 90-some day engagement lasted longer than her 72 day marriage and now Kim’s mom, Kris,  is telling the media that Kim should keep the supposed $2 Million dollar ring. I can’t wait to see if this girl who makes $10,000 per tweet and is part of a multimillion dollar empire will keep a $2 million dollar,  20.5 carat engagement ring. A lesson I have learned here is that you should never marry a man that has the same name and spelling as your mother.  What are the chances that your fiance Kris, spelled K-R-I-S has the same name as your mother, KRIS, spelled K-R-I-S.  It’s just bizarre. The most shocking report I’ve read so far? Kim Kardashian reportedly UNFOLLOWED Kris Humphries two days after filing for divorce.


The Scariest Social Media Prank Ever

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In spirit of Halloween, I wanted to share this pretty terrifying interactive experience with you. Jacqui first sent it to me last week and I found myself looking over my shoulder a bit more that day.  You could say it’s social media at its finest or perhaps its hurting the idea of social media.  The truth is, you never really know who is Facebook stalking you! Before I spill anymore, try it out. Feel free to “allow” the application access to your Facebook, I promise it will not post anything on your wall or your friends’ walls!




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I have a lot of Facebook pet peeves. About as many as driving pet peeves. It’s actually quite sad the amount of things that bother on me Facebook that sometimes I feel like I need Facebook therapy. Currently, the closest thing I have to Facebook therapy is this beautiful little thing called “hide all posts.” This allows me to still be friends with people so I can creep and go as I please yet, I don’t have be bothered by their daily nonsense.  One of my biggest pet peeves on Facebook is people  who use hashtags. Hashtags are meant for Twitter. They index your topic so that it is more easily found. Facebook and Twitter are separate social media platforms, have separate uses, and therefore seperate ‘rules’, if you will. Most of my Facebook friends that use hashtag aren’t even on Twitter and the business pages I “like” that use hashtags are probably using a dashboard to send out Twitter and Facebook posts simultaneously.

Moral of the story = don’t use hashtags on Facebook! #TheEnd


A Kardashian Marathon

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Sadly, the second person in 5 years died while running the 2011 Chicago marathon yesterday. Happily, the first person EVER  gave birth immediately after the 2011 Chicago marathon yesterday.  Here is what people had to say about the pregnant runner:

Funeral, birthday…what’s missing that comes to mind? WEDDING! Last night, I spent 2 hours, multi-tasking (see previous post by Laurel entitled, Are you suffering from “Popcorn Brain”?) by doing the laundry, packing my condo, organizing, sorting and purging (we are moving on Friday – I know, what bride moves 2 weeks before her wedding?) AND watching the E! special Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event. Similar to its title, the show was elongated to include so many irrelevant parts that  I kept forgetting what I was watching. Kris Jenner documented her facelift as a main story line for the episode and at one point, I thought I was watching, Untold Stories Of The E.R. because the camera crew actually recorded Kris’s procedure from slice to sew. I was quite surprised that I didn’t see more of a hate-filled response to the show’s content on Facebook and Twitter.

Of course, I will be watching the second half of the 4 hour Kardashian event tonight – Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event 2: Electric Boogaloo. Maybe people weren’t tweeting about it because the title is more than 140 characters!