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Steve Jobs: Leaving a Legacy

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I was trying to think of the right way to start a post about the life of a man who changed the world. In doing this, I typed in one word into the Google search bar: “Visionary.” The first thing that came up is a news article about Steve Jobs. That is one amazing way to go out if you ask me- your name defining the word “Visionary” on a Google search even before can!

There are no words to describe the impact he has had on the world and now even after his death, it is apparent that his impact has surpassed what we had all believed yesterday at this time. The news of Jobs’ death hit a massive 10,000 tweets per second and is likely to rise. Tweets containing  #iSad, and #ThankyouSteve made the top 5 worldwide trending topics. Peter Fraser, co-founder of Australian social media monitoring agency SR7 told the press, “We’re awaiting the official Twitter data to be released, however, from the numbers that we’ve been monitoring through the day since the announcement it’s certainly been trending to break that record.”

All I can say is that if the the death of Steve Jobs doesn’t break the Twitter record of Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement at the MTV Awards, we most certainly have a problem here.

Here are some of the memorable tweets from those of the entertainment and business world

Ashton Kutcher: ”I never thought I could be so busted up about the loss of someone I never met. #stevejobs”

Alec Baldwin: “Sad about Steve Jobs. On par with Henry Ford, Carnegie and Edison.”

Jimmy Fallon: “Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all of the fun and amazing ways you made our lives better….Sent from my iPhone.”

John Hodgman (the PC in the Mac/PC ads): “Everything good I have done, I have done on a Mac.”

Bill Gates For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.

Mark Zuckerburg Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.’

And if you haven’t already seen the video of the commencement speech Steve Jobs gave at Standford, this is a must watch!

Social Media Afterlife

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We have all experienced the overpowering curiosity of the unanswered question – What happens when you die? Beyond that, have you ever thought about what happens to your social networks? This morbid thought popped into my head when I was searching for information about the previous owner of our newly purchased condo. I have previously mentioned the short sale we have been waiting to hear about, well we got it! It was a short sale because the previous owner died…IN THE UNIT. Therefore, my curiosity got the best of me and I searched the Internet inside and out to find out more on this deceased man. He died nearly 2 years ago and his LinkedIn profile kept coming up at the top of all of my searches. When I re-tell this story around the campfire, I will add in that I sent him a connection request and he accepted, however, that is not the case.

At what point does the profile of a deceased person on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn deactivate?

Here is an example of how Facebook has become somewhat of a virtual grave site for the loved ones of this young woman that passed away unexpectedly. People feel as though they are communicating with their friend/daughter/sister because this is the only living version of her left. I had tears in my eyes just reading the posts on the wall.




How to Celebrate National Popcorn Month

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The title of this blog may be the first time you were informed that October is in fact, “National Popcorn Month.” I am not sure who declared October National Popcorn Month but I would like to personally thank them for what I got to indulge in as a result of it– A POPCORN PARTY!

I know, it sounds corny (no pun intended) but hear me out. Kernel Season’s, a client of Gossip Genie’s, wanted to properly honor this month long celebration with a few special giveaways to it’s ever so devoted fans. (And when I say devoted fans,  I mean these people would literally give their first born and maybe a few limbs for a popcorn seasoning.) It was like Christmas and The Kernel was Santa at the Gossip Genie office last week. They sent a plethora of popcorn goodies including 16 different seasonings, popcorn, pre-seasoned popcorn, movie theater butter, popcorn forks , and much more. The plan was to giveaway all the Popcorn Party essentials to one lucky fan but first, we had to document our OWN popcorn party and show em’ how it’s done!

These are some of our own ideas for the ideal popcorn party:

-Guess the seasoning: Put out bowls of seasoned popcorn for the guests. Write the name of the seasoning on the bottom of the bowl (don’t let them peek). Each person goes through and guesses which seasoning is on the popcorn. Winners get to eat the popcorn!

-Mix ‘N’ Match: Place all the seasonings into a bag. Have each guest close their eyes and pull out 2 seasonings and give them to the host. The host sprinkles both seasonings on a naked bowl of popcorn and the guest has to guess which 2 flavors have been used.

-Pin the seasoning on The Kernel: Place a picture of The Kernel & a bowl of popcorn on the wall. Each guest is blindfolded and has to get the seasoning closest to the bowl of popcorn.

The Original Popcorn Catching Game: you know the drill, toss ’em to your guests as they catch them. Bonus: season each kernel and surprise the catcher!

LIKE Kernel Season’s on Facebook! Join the No More Naked Popcorn Revolution, win free products, and maybe this month you can have your own popcorn party!

16 delicious seasonings

The Popcorn Fork


An Evening With The Stars

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I will be the first to admit that the history of Football is not my best subject but if you can guess who this Hall of Famer football pro is, well then it must be your cup of tea! Who had 9,435 combined net yards, 4,956 yards rushing and 336 points scored according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

If you guessed 1965 Chicago Bears Running Back, Gale Sayers, you are correct! Last weekend, the Gossip Genies were able to attend ‘An Evening With The Stars’  presented by The Gale Sayers Center.

At the event, we heard stories from Willie Davis, Richard Dent, Paul Warfield, Anthony Munoz and of course Gale Sayers. Michael Wilbon of ESPN was our Moderator for the evening. There was a silent and live auction benefiting The Gale Sayers Center. Those in attendance helped raise money for the center which is committed to the educational development and mentoring of Chicago students.

If you have never been to a live auction, you will want to watch this- [youtube]

If you’re a fan of Chicago, football in general, and most importantly helping the future of education, like the Gale Sayers Center Facebook page!..And be sure to check out the pictures from the event!


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Number one trending topic on Twitter this morning – #newfacebook and the tweets associated are predominately NEGATIVE. Another prime example of the fact that human beings are creatures of habit, we don’t like change. I think it’s safe to say that this round of Facebook changes may be the most publicly detested we have ever seen. Many people have been posting threats to abandon their presence on the social network as a result. Those are the people that will fall to the way side as technology continues to advance. Zuckerberg didn’t get where he is today by fearing change. My only complaint is that Facebook changes disrupt connections to third party posting applications, such as Hootsuite, which has been unable to post anything to Facebook for the past 2 days.

Fall is ‘Trending’

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Fall is upon us, at least here in Chicago,  and there seems to be a buzz in the air of excitement.  After attending college in Arizona and spending my first post-college year in Texas,  I almost forgot how great this season is.  Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, football season, candles scented with “Autumn Leaves” and “Cinnamon Stick”, cozy sweaters, Oktoberfest, and of course, the return of all your favorite television shows.  After a summer of record heat temperatures across the country, this Fall is highly anticipated and being expressed in the Twitterverse...until 2 months from now, when we all will be wishing it was June again.

What do you love most about Fall?

Tying the NOT

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Do you ever wonder what is behind the profile picture? The majority of what is broadcasted on social networking sites is a distorted version of reality. Or rather, it’s processed as such by the people we call friends, followers, connections and so on. We are all following an edited version of each other’s lives. Do you know the underlying issues your friends are dealing with via Facebook? Most of us do not. It’s easy to feel excluded from events involving friends just by browsing through Facebook photos and FourSquare check-ins.

Here is a prime example of how Facebook can lead to a skewed perception of reality for people.

I did some modeling for a couture dress boutique in Chicago. I modeled a few different wedding dresses and the pictures were used a lot more than I expected. They were in Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social, on this website and featured on Daily Candy in the spring of 2008. Before I met my current fiancé, I was dating someone for about 3 years, let’s call him X. X took it upon himself to post these pictures of me on his Facebook page. Immediately, people thought X and I had tied the knot, eloped! My mother was getting phone calls from the parents of my friends asking about my recent nuptials, my inbox was full from inquiring friends and X had to turn off his phone because it wouldn’t stop ringing the entire night. After that snafu, we decided it would be wise to take down the pictures or in the world of Facebook, get a divorce.

On October 29th, I will walk down the aisle for the first time but according to many distant Facebook friends, it will be my second.

Pinterest: The Best Virtual Trapper Keeper

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If you haven’t heard of the latest social network craze, then set aside some time because this could become addicting. If StumbleUpon and Tumblr had a baby, Pinterest would be it. I see Pinterest as an awesome virtual trapper keeper. It organizes all your favorite things and brings me back to middle school when I could keep an array of different crap in that huge velro binder – gel pens, pogs, notes from my boyfriends, butterfly clips- all the typical 1995 stuff, but I digress. Pinterest also allows you to “pin” other websites, minimizing your amount of bookmarks. Spend a few minutes on pinterest and you’ll suddenly want to plan a wedding, re-decorate your bedroom,  bake a fantastic cake, or try a new way to braid your hair. Check it out & follow me!

Some of my Pins..

Braids should never go out of style

Rainbow Cake in a jar? Yes please!

I honestly feel like I could live in this room forever.

If this doesn’t make you smile, there’s something wrong with you.

Barbie Media

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My obsession with Barbie is no secret. At the age of 3, I received my first Barbie and it was love at first sight. Little did I know that decades later, I would still be connected to Barbie, virtually, that is! Barbie does an awesome job with social media, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare. Follow Barbie, you won’t be disappointed, her status updates are funny, cute & clever. Brands like Barbie need to make this kind of dedicated effort to implementing a social media campaign. This is the only way that these brands can truly stay connected to their customers. Now that I am a fan of Barbie on Facebook, I am reminded of my childhood on a daily basis which brings a smile to my face every time.

“Give Me Pizza You Old Troll!”

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This past Sunday night, as I was writing thank you notes (not even I think an email will suffice for a gift), I had The Real Housewives of New Jersey on in the background. I have had a moral dilemma watching the show ever since, Melissa Gorga called her in-home library a lie-barry. If you are fortunate enough to have a library in your home, a prerequisite for installation should be the ability to pronounce it correctly. Melissa has 3 children, all future lie-barrians, I’m sure. Anyway, half-way through the episode, Teresa Giudice’s 4 year old daughter, Melania, showcased her manners by demanding her father, “Give me pizza, you old troll.” Although, Joe Giudice, Melania’s father and Teresa’s husband, does resemble a troll, I don’t think that was the reason for the comment.

I definitely see a resemblance:

Social networks ate this line up – which leads me to ask whether it was intentional on the part of Bravo. If so, kudos to the network, it created quite the buzz and who cares about exploiting the daughter of a bankrupt, juice head, gorilla, “old troll” for the sake of creating something viral? There was even a Facebook fan page created titled, “Give me pizza you old troll.”

It could have been that Melania was actually talking to a version of Melissa Gorga from the past – Teresa threatened to reveal what Gorga looked like “before.” Well here she is as a “young troll.”