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Heat Up Social Media with Wildfire

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Last night, I launched a sweepstakes for my client through Wildfire App. We set it for a week, hoping to get 100 people to sign up (enter all of their information, subscribe to the company newsletter and “like” the company Facebook page). I suggested my client give away a company branded item to the first 100 people that entered and liked the Facebook page. Therefore, as a green company they decided to offer a simple canvas tote as a giveaway. To me, totes are a dime a dozen and fearing that other people would feel this way, I told my client that with Wildfire, we can extend the end time just in case we don’t get 100 submissions in a week’s time. Which is especially important if you are restricting your settings to people in the US and over 18 years of age, which we were.

I launched the campaign at 10:30PM CST and 20 minutes later we had 120 submissions and 112 likes on the Facebook page. Their Facebook page has not even been up 24 hours and it already has 764 fans. On wildfire, as of right now, we have 861 submissions. I cannot disclose the name of this client but this is NOT a brand you would expect to get this kind of buzz, it’s categorized on Facebook under Agriculture and Farming.

If you’re interested in running a campaign through Wildfire, let’s chat!

Facebook Birthday

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Facebook makes you feel loved on your birthday! It eliminates the purchase of a card and reminds you of your friend’s birthdays via email! At my birthday dinner last night, my friend told me she was so sorry because her computer froze as she was writing a birthday post on my wall. She promised to re-write it today, even though she was physically with me at dinner and out all night to celebrate my birthday. I have still not forgiven her for not writing on my wall…

It’s Facebook Official!

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Today I woke up to 2 text messages from a good friend that wrote:

7:07 am: “Really. I didn’t know it took a genius to send a relationship request on Facebook”

7:21 am:  “No seriously. I am giving up.”

After laughing at her Facebook frustrations, I asked her to give me her log in and password and I would sign on to her account to request the relationship. Surely someone who works on social media sites all day can figure this out.  I signed on and much to my surprise, I could not figure it out either. I tried editing her info and clicking on all the different tabs but, no such luck.

After succumbing to Facebook’s “Help Center”, I eventually figured it out. My troubles this morning got me thinking about 2 things. 1.) If the Generation Y can’t figure out how to change their relationship status on Facebook- there is probably no luck for the rest of you  2.) Deciding to become FBO (Facebook Official) with your boyfriend or girlfriend has actually become a major decision in relationships these days.







You must admit, these are always the best/most dramatic updates on your newsfeed.


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Chobani yogurt -most comparable to Fage – has launched a marketing campaign that combines digital and traditional advertising. I commend then greek yogurt company for incorporating Twitter into their billboard campaign. Chobani uses actual consumer tweets as the copy on their billboards. It’s a great idea because it encourages consumer interaction with the brand via social networking. The billboards also remind a consumer that Chobani is listening to its customers and appreciating what they have to say by promoting them as brand advocates.

When I saw the billboard, I immediately wanted to tweet something positive to @Chobani for the chance to be featured on a billboard.

@Chobani, here’s my tweet for your next billboard – @SocialJacqui: Eating pomegranate Chobani yogurt for breakfast makes my day better!

What Not to Post – Poop!

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I was in the midst of a Twitter for business training seminar for a group of conservative older men. I was trying to explain the importance of following people with similar interests and asked one of the seminar participants to tell me an interest of his. He said, “classical music” which I typed into the search bar of Twitter to show my audience how Twitter populates a list of people discussing a search inquiry.

The first post that appeared on the oversized screen connected to a projector plugged into my computer was this:

It was as if my audience had seen a ghost, there were gasps and noises of disapproval. I tried to hold back my laughter because this was exactly what I did not want to have happen while I was trying to teach a group of conservative old men about the benefits of Twitter for business.

Oh well, you can’t avoid the people that don’t abide by the laws of what not to post!

What Not to Post – BIRTH

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I have added a new category to my blog, “What Not to Post.” The inspiration for this category was a picture that very recently appeared in my newsfeed on Facebook because a friend of mine commented on her friend’s picture.  Undoubtedly, I will receive some flack for posting a picture of and criticizing a total stranger, so I apologize in advance if this post offends you.  Yes, that is a fresh newborn in the arms of her mother still in the birthing tub. Some things should be kept private, like your newborn baby still coated in your birth juice.