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The 12 Days of Discounts!

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These are a few of my favorite holiday things…

The 12 Days of Christmas are all about discounts this year. If someone’s “true love” was going to buy them a couple of turtle doves, they could find a promo code online to get them for 20% off. A lot of my clients wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas promo and in creating these campaigns, I took notice and advantage of other companies doing the same thing. One of my favorite brands, Theory, has done an excellent job with their 12 days of Christmas campaign on Facebook. OneHope Wine has also done a nice job with their 12 days promo. A bad example,’s excuse for a 12 day themed promo via Facebook. First of all, it starts on day 3, no mention of days 1 & 2 and worst of all, they don’t shorten their links…long links are so 2008!

Everywhere you look, there are holiday promo codes, secret Santa sales and jolly Christmas giveaways! It’s amazing when you are technologically savvy enough to take advantage of the offers. At a time when discounts are not so in-your-face blatant, dig for them! I never “checkout” without checking Facebook, Twitter and Googling a promo code for the  product I am about to buy.


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Alright, here goes: There are always going to be different types of people in this world! We have the optimists, pessimists, malcontents, intellectuals, free spirits, corporate climbers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, gypsies, etc..I could go on for days! No matter who you are and what you love (or pretend to) please try not to speak about something you really just don’t #$%*$! understand!

I’m a social media consultant, and if for one second I have a question about anything dealing with any one of my clients I will ASK! Yes, that’s correct I will do just that, and sometimes when I am asked a question my response is even…wait..hold on: I DON”T KNOW (gasp for air) I know it’s utterly appalling, and how could anyone ever work with me? Trusting me with their reputation when I don’t have ALL the answers..that’s just unheard of: No it’s gosh darn profound!

Why, you ask? If I don’t have the tools I will find them, if I don’t have the answer I will research until I uncover it! I’m not going to give you some sly halfway ridiculous sounding answer to make myself appear more intelligent. Nor, will I pretend that I know everything about your business, and make you look like an #$^%#@%$* in representing it! (Can’t I just say it..haha)

In that case, please do not undermine my position. It’s great to pretend that since it’s so easy to put up a FB post or Tweet you can pull off the exceptional job I do…. To share as much as I can without giving away my secrets: Social Media is about engagement, and building a community that enjoys conversing with your business about your brand. You do not talk AT people, yet TO people! Most important: listen to what your community, customers, guests, etc. have to say about your brand. They will gladly tell you, but you have to LISTEN!

Which leads me to the fact that every time I go on Facebook or Twitter people are promoting themselves! You might say: what’s wrong with that? I have a business and that’s what I should be using it for isn’t it? I’m not saying it’s wrong and I’m not guilty of it, yet I consistently help promote other businesses.

Here’s an example: Imagine we were meeting for the first time and I walked up to you and said “Hi, my name is Reyna”: read my blog RESPECT……  did you even get a chance to speak? I don’t even know what your name is, but I told you to read my blog. That is what’s important in the end though, for you to read my blog right?  So, why did you walk away from me so fast it could have been in the Guinness Book of World Records? BECAUSE I ONLY WANTED TO TALK ABOUT MYSELF!

Beyond that, there’s countless hours of blogging, research, optimizing pages, FB ads, implementing the proper strategies for each business, Tweeting, ReTweeting, Google alerts, social mentions, uploading pictures, joining relevant groups, creating videos, and the list goes on!

So next time you are networking or on a social network for that matter: make sure you close your mouth and open your ears! With my big mouth it may not have been easy at first, but it more beneficial in the end. BTW: My name is Reyna and thank you for reading my blog:)

Social Media Engagement… with a Diamond Ring

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Once again, I find myself updating my blog from 30,000 feet. However, this time I am on Southwest and I am practicing self-control by not immediately connecting to the Internet. I am en route to LA for a total of 30 hours to attend a client’s event.  If I was not booked to go to LA for the day, I would be headed to New York to attend my best friend’s engagement party this evening. I will be there in spirit and I know that whatever I miss will be documented on Facebook. My best friend is not a huge “Facebooker,” she has never even uploaded an album but luckily her sister documents and posts all of the social happenings between the two.

A recent engagement spreads like wildfire on Facebook. Whether it is people congratulating the newly engaged couple on their walls or posting a status update, “engaged” to illicit a response. It is also quite practical in terms of getting the word out. My boyfriend and I were recently invited to a wedding and the bride-to-be sent me a Facebook message to get my address to send an invitation. It’s nice to know that some traditions are still observed, that being paper invitations. My boyfriend did not send the RSVP in on time and therefore, I received another message from the soon-to-be newlyweds asking if we were attending the wedding. In this case, this couple could have saved the cost of the invitation and stamp because our uncertain attendance was confirmed through Facebook.

On the weekends, my Facebook newsfeed is heavily loaded with wedding chatter. “Headed to Boston to attend Mike and Lisa’s wedding.” “Congrats to Ben and Sara on their wedding.” A blurred cell phone pic of 2 Jews signing the Katubah with the caption, “The Newlyweds.”

Foursquare check-ins have been another way to post about wedding attendance. “Headed to Emily’s wedding, “Jax is at O’hare International Airport (w/55 others)”

My friends’ recent albums are bachelorette parties, engagement parties and most of all weddings. Oddly enough, I have even seen friends post pictures of their newly frosted finger. Keep the bling off the book!

One friend had a late afternoon wedding in Napa and by 4pm her last name was changed on Facebook, as well her relationship status from “engaged” to “married.” As her guests were sipping on wine and munching on appetizers, she was on her computer on her wedding day updating her Facebook page.

If it has not been done yet, it will be soon, a proposal on Twitter, “@Lisa5466 will you marry me?”

I have a friend that is a few years older than me and she says her news feed is filled with baby pictures and due dates. My only request, keep the birthing video out of my network.

Social Runner

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As I sit in a crowded Starbucks on a hot Sunday October morning in Chicago, it just so happens that on the other side of the glass window, 45,000 people are running the Chicago marathon. I quickly realized that the term “running” only applies to an elite group, the rest are walking, jogging or at this point, 3.5 hours in, crawling. Although the attention should be on the runners, I can’t help but admire the large amount of people who are cheering on their friends and loved ones. I am not just talking about the people who came out to watch and cheer but the Facebook fan pages and wall posts supporting these devoted runners. Every few seconds someone else posts on the wall dedicated to the Chicago marathon.

The Chicago Marathon is a trending topic on Twitter at the moment with updates, pictures and personal support. On Foursquare at the moment, 157 people are checked in at Grant Park for the Chicago Marathon. You’re about to run 26.2 miles, it’s 80 degrees out, you’re nervous, you need to stretch but you just have to “check-in” on Foursquare. Kudos to you because that takes major social media dedication and you deserve a special badge for that. In actuality, it probably has nothing to do with staying on top of social media and more to do with earning praise. If your Twitter and Facebook status is “I’m at Chicago Marathon (Grant Park) w/157 others,” your network will take note and respond accordingly. With comments like “Good luck Ash, what a major accomplishment,” or “I didn’t know you were running, you go girl.” Not only will you get a medal at the finish line but you’ll come home to virtual praise that will never fade.

To Bieber or Not To Bieber? That is the Question.

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As a young woman in her early twenties, I have to say I am a little perplexed at this whole Justin Bieber phenomenon.  He has 5,251,323 followers on Twitter; 11,439,590 friends on Facebook; and his Vevo video Somebody to Love Remix featuring Usher has 63,278,400 views.

In fact, before most people had even heard the name “Justin Bieber”, Justin Timberlake lost out in a bidding war to Usher for the young musical artist’s contractual rights when he was the tender age of 13.

Wait…what?! When I was 13 years old, the biggest decision I had to make was should I get black or white volleyball kneepads? Black stays cleaner longer, but the white goes with the uniforms better. Oh, the dilemma.

Most young, unsigned musical artists struggle to produce and distribute music.  Between studio time and recording materials, making music can be costly with little reward.  So how the heck did Justin Bieber become one of the most talked about and successful celebrities right behind Lady Gaga and Ashton Kutcher?

It was only 2009 when Bieber dropped his first CD titled, My World.  His second CD, cleverly titled, My World 2.0, was released a short time after that.  So within two years this 16 year-old boy has become one of the biggest superstars we have seen since Britney Spears was still saving herself for marriage.

The reason Justin Bieber is so popular is not because Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him like Helen of Troy and it’s not because he is a young, entertaining singer/dancer who has never heard the world “German” before. If you don’t believe me, check this video.

The reason Justin Bieber is so popular is because he used the social media outlet, YouTube, to reach out to his idols. Justin Timberlake and Usher.  Check out these videos of a young Justin Bieber singing his heart out…don’t forget to look at the total views on each page. It’s unbelievable.

Singing Alicia Keys’ “Falling

Singing JT’s “Cry Me a River

Singing to Usher  “You Got it Bad

Now I’m not saying the kid isn’t talented, because he most certainly is. He can sing, dance, rap, smile, walk and chew gum at the same time. Usher has found himself a cash cow and it was all made possible with YouTube.

Vehicles like YouTube are exactly why that term “overnight sensation” can literally be true.  I wonder: if Justin Bieber didn’t upload his videos onto YouTube, would he be in the rich and famous position he finds himself in today?

Maybe.  But there’s no doubt YouTube helped Justin Bieber connect with millions of people who just happen to think he is the one-man version of the boy band N’SYNC.

It wasn’t until last week that I finally succumbed to listening to an entire song by Justin Bieber.  I am proud to have lasted that long in such a media saturated world, especially since I did my best to avoid it.  I don’t hate Justin Bieber, nor do I like him- but he is entertaining. I could watch this kid accidentally run into a revolving door any day of the week.  Thanks YouTube.

Justin Bieber running into revolving door-

By Nora Hoeflich

FADBOOK – I think NOT!

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FAD-  A fashion that is taken up with great enthusiasm for a brief period of time; a craze. The acronym is FOR A DAY.

Most people thought and some still think that Facebook is a fad. Well, 6 years and 500 million users later, I think it’s safe to say it’s not a fad.

In my opinion, most fads are tangible, Von Dutch trucker hats, beanie babies and the current one, Silly Bandz. I will admit, I am a sucker for fads. I am also the first one to get sick of something. At the age of 11, I saw an opportunity with my beanie babies. Instead of playing with my beloved plastic pellet stuffed animals, I put them behind a glass enclosed case in my bedroom. I secretly envied my peers delightfully ripping of that TY tag and playing with their beanie babies until the toy no longer resembled the animal it originally represented. It was at this age that I realized I was an entrepreneur and I had enough self-control to be successful. Before the Beanie Baby market dropped out, I sold my prized collection for $5,000 in cash. I made about a $4,500 profit and at 11 years old, I felt like I was set for life.

I have always lived my life working extremely hard while looking for opportunities to challenge myself. That is why I started Gossip Genie. With each new client, there is a new set of challenges which I love. I take my work extremely seriously and that means I am not happy until my clients are happy.

Inspirational Updates

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In my spare time, I do stand-up comedy and I get some of my best material from the status updates people post on Facebook and Twitter.

It is shocking that people will disclose as much as they do and I wonder if those people would really be as candid if they actually knew all the people that read those updates. It is all part of the power of social media. People feel comfortable being behind closed doors but really in front of a virtual crowd. Some of the business pages that I work on  address topics that incredibly sensitive issues to many people. Yet, the engagement is extremely high and the comments are never ending. It is obvious that people want to feel connected to other people going through the same thing. Whether it is about the trials and tribulations of infidelity or the hardships associated with care giving for an elderly person, people want support and commonality which is what social media provides.

The material I use in my stand up sets is more along the lines of someone that posts this as a status update:

Bryan Land No joke. I  think I have  Irritable bowel syndrome… I poop way to much –

Ashley Maines all those farts……now i have to poop

Jenna Cauvin-Bamfield I have to poop

Chris Baker ok so i  need to get laid. Who wants it?

Garrett Cook I  hate it when I’m in class and I need to fart.

Doesn’t anyone want to remain a mystery? Every bowel movement does not need to be accounted for on Facebook.

This post is already “old news”

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It has been too long since my last blog post and to be honest, I have gotten so used to the fast-paced world of  140 characters or less. It is hard for me to come up with something to write about that is not outdated by the time I hit publish. Everything happens so quickly in our digital world that if you don’t know how to keep up, you miss out. My primary source of news is Twitter. Last week, I knew Gary Coleman died before he actually died. Obviously, that is not the case, but it is a good way to define the speed at which news hits social media.

For businesses, you have to be tech savvy to keep up with your audience. I keep reiterating this point, it is so important for a business to implement a social media marketing campaign. Let me correct that, a well-rounded social media marketing campaign. If you set up an ad on Facebook to send people to your fan page and your fan page has no content, you are throwing away money. If you have writer’s block, like Carrie Bradshaw,  in that one episode of Sex and the City, let the news do your writing for you! Take a link from a popular story and relate it to your business. I have discreetly used 2 current event topics in this blog post…do you know what they are?

Five Atrocious Fan Pages on Facebook

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Scrolling through my fan page suggestions, I realized how many ridiculous fan pages have been created on Facebook. I have chosen 5 terrible pages that blew me away when I looked at their fan bases. With little to no content, zero value or incentive to become a fan and even typos in the title, these pages all rank in the top 0.76% of pages with more than 100,000 fans (TechCrunch).


1. When it gets akward at someones house…I pet their dog.

Fans: 473,343

Awkward is misspelled in the title; someone’s should have an apostrophe. There is absolutely no content on the page and yet it has nearly half a million fans.

2.    I’m Sorry Hair That I Burn You Alive, But You Look So Much Better Straight

Fans: 710,227

First of all, what does it mean to burn your hair alive? With nearly 1 million fans, the marketing director at CHI should join the group and promote its products for free.

3.     Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side

Fans: 3,768,175

Really? I mean really?! Over 3 million people are a fan of this page?

4. “You need to discipline your kid before i punch them in the face”

Fans: 570,812

First of all, the grammar is bad; the subject is promoting violence towards children and yet, over a half a million people opted to become a fan of the page.

The fan comments are priceless:

Samuel Jean I LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!! I sont care if people think I’m mean for saying this but love when I see parents with those child restraint leash attach to their child. Thank you whoever invented those.

(Hopefully he is not babysitting your kids, he’ll put them in a cage and teach them to drink out of the toilet)

Shannon Luna kids are like farts…you can only stand your own!

(Sounds like a classy lady)

Hope Konzen i’ll tell you what i hate: people who bring their kids out to eat at restaurants, and let them scream, throw macaroni or popcorn shrimp all over the table and floor, and run around playing hide and go seek under the tables. I’m not your maid, and i you probably won’t even tip me 5% for cleaning all the shit up. That ma…kes me want to punch the parents in the face and say: take your kids to McDonalds. thank you.

(She sounds just a little bitter, no?)

Nicole Packard As a mom of two, I AGREE! People need to start disciplining their kids…….especially the ones at my apartment complex’s playground. I’ll end up beating them all, I’m sure.

(Check the list of tenants in your building – if she is on it, MOVE!)

5. “Mom, mom, mommy, ma, mom, mom, ma, ma, mommy, mommy… WHAT!!… hi!

Fans: 5,410,329

Unlike this page’s 5 ½ million fans, just reading this title annoys me.


People must have too much time on their hands to be creating such absurd fan pages. I have no explanation for the millions of fans these pages attract though. To each his own!



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It seems as though being on an airplane is the best time for me to contribute to my blog. It is pretty much the only time I am disconnected from the Internet.  United is behind a few of its competitors that offer in-flight wi-fi. My computer is nothing but a template for my own creations and home to everything I have saved prior to “disconnecting.” As it struggles to connect to a network without success, it reminds me of a time that existed before the Internet. When a computer was nothing more than a digital typewriter with meager “saving” capabilities.

When dial-up through AOL was born, I remember suffering through the painfully long “connection” periods of what sounded like cats squealing.When broadband was finally instituted, my family failed to cancel our monthly auto-payment to AOL. Just last week but 9 years overdue, I called to speak with an AOL rep. to cancel 12 years of $20 monthly payments for which was clearly outsourced to Bangladesh. The woman I spoke with confirmed that after my family switched to Broadband, there was no reason to pay the monthly “dial-up” fee. I presume she will be reprimanded for telling me the truth as the recording states that all calls are recorded for quality purposes. I guarantee that means all calls are recorded for quality profits. Never the less, I realized how far we have come since the days of dial-up. However, in the early 90s chat rooms were a good indication that people were hungry for digital interaction, engagement and self-promotion. This is exactly what social networks offer to their users.