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Progressive’s Social Media Strategy Needs Work

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Last week, I was trolling through my Facebook feed and noticed this post from Progressive.

Progressive Facebook post

I clicked on the link, watched the video and wondered, what has gotten into their social media team’s heads? Was this for real?

They were using their social power to promote a crappy product to their Facebook audience of 173,000+. Why? I have no idea. I sent them a private message to try and figure it out, to which I never got a response. From the comments, people were about half and half on liking this post. Personally, I don’t think brands as big as Progressive should be posting this nonsense to their followers.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.14.46 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.14.15 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.13.59 PM

After seeing this out of place post, I noticed they promote a lot of random brands on their Facebook page, most of which have nothing to do with insurance. Progressive, if you need help with social strategy, I’m here for you.

LinkedIn company pages, why you need one

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The benefits of an impactful, strong LinkedIn business page are endless. A LinkedIn company page gives you a sphere to engage, attract other professionals in the field and share company updates, news, job openings, all while establishing you and your company’s credibility.

Can it get any better?

Here are some encouraging stats from LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with more than 238 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
  • Professionals are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second.
  • There are over 30 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic.
  • LinkedIn members are sharing insights and knowledge in more than 2.1 million LinkedIn Groups.

Linkedin-iconThe LinkedIn sphere opens up a whole new way to hire, market and sell. With recent college graduates and job-searching professionals on the prowl, you have the opportunity to potentially find a slew of adept candidates on LinkedIn to help expand your business. Not only that, your company page can attract not only current employees, but other professionals that work in appropriate fields or are interested in your products/services.

The key is to give LinkedIn members a compelling reason to follow your company page, which can be done by creating a constant, reliable feed of high-quality news, product updates, influential articles, etc.

After creating a business page, another option is to form a LinkedIn group to continue to promote discussion, and further engagement and exposure.

The bottom line: LinkedIn is a popular, professional social media outlet that businesses should take advantage of. Creating a company page will open up new opportunities; you’ll be able to meet fresh talent, connect with potential product/service buyers, communicate with prospects in the industry, strengthen credibility and further marketing efforts.

How has a LinkedIn company page helped your business?



Instagram Launches Advertising

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Instagram launched advertising today, as many realized after seeing this photo from Instagram as they scrolled through their feed this morning.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.43.45 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.44.03 AM

The comments from users were overwhelmingly negative (and ignorant) as many people threatened to leave the popular photo/video sharing mobile application.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.44.42 AM

I’m happy to see ads are being launched on Instagram. Most of the time people don’t know something exists until you put it in front of their face, and then when they do see it, they like it. We see this all the time when we run Facebook ad campaigns. The precise targeting of Facebook and now Instagram allows brands to target users in such a specific way, most of the ads users will see will be something they are already interested in anyway. For example, if you “like” a restaurant on Facebook, you might see a Sponsored Post from them on Instagram, and you can choose whether or not to follow them or interact with their post. Most likely you will, because you already have shown an interest in the company/brand.

Instagram is just gearing up for what looks to be a very profitable 2014. Forbes recently reported in an article “Investment in Social Media Will Become a Necessity, Not a Luxury” that investing time and resources into a social media strategy is most definitely a necessity in 2013, but the tipping point in public sentiment from ‘should have’ to ‘must have’ will occur in 2014. Businesses are already coming to terms with the need to integrate their social media efforts with their content strategy, and are seeing the impact of social media in terms of lead generation, referral traffic, and revenue. This certainly includes Instagram.

CNN published this today:

Instagram is taking great pains to make initial ads attractive and in-line with the sepia- and sunset-soaked Instagram brand. It’s handpicking the early advertisers, choosing big names that already have Instagram accounts including Levi’s, Ben & Jerry’s, General Electric and PayPal.

Well-funded brands will likely spring for high quality, original photos that blend in better with a regular feed of photos from friends. If your friends are iffy photographers, the ads might stand out for being a bit prettier than you’re used to.

I myself am not one to follow many brands on Instagram besides the big players, @NatGeo, @Nike, @RedBull to name a few, but that could change if Instagram gets it right with their targeting capabilities. I’m very interested to see what starts popping up in my newsfeed and unlike the mass majority, not upset at all.

5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Social Media Marketing Needs

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Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.53.57 AM

Many companies understand the importance of social media, but can’t seem to find the necessary time to devote to it. So when it comes down to allocating resources to social media marketing needs, many businesses turn to outsourcing. Rather than using in-house staff, they hire outside firms to manage their social profiles. Is this a good idea? Absolutely! And here’s why:

1. It gives you more time

Let’s face it, there’s just not enough time to do everything, and that’s OK. Do you really want to add one more thing to your to-do-list and run the risk of spreading yourself too thin? Without social media, you’re actually missing out on the opportunity to really push your business forward. Social media requires consistency and prompt attention on a daily basis; if you don’t have time for that, then it’s best to find someone who does. That leaves you free to focus on what you do best — your own work.

2. Puts it in the hands of the experts

Social media is constantly changing. At Gossip Genie, we are always keeping up with the best social media practices and latest tools and resources. As with anything else, hiring specialists means hiring people who know more about an area than you do. Gossip Genie is equipped to give you a leg up over the competition. After all, social media is what we do all day.

3. Can help you go beyond just brand exposure

Many businesses working knowledge of social media extends to brand exposure. But social media can generate a real ROI for your business. If you want to use social media for lead generation, it’s going to take more than just posting pictures. It takes time, expertise, and strategy. At Gossip Genie, we know where to find a business’ target market on social media and how to best interact with them. We know there are endless possibilities to generate leads through utilizing social media in the right way and that’s our ultimate goal for our clients.

4. You won’t lose control

Delegating anything means relinquishing a level of control. When you’re not the one updating your social networks, you aren’t the one with total control over what gets said. At Gossip Genie, we work with the client to take over the exact tone and message of the brand. If that means drafting posts for approval every time, we do it! We know that this is your brand and at the end of the day, our goal is to protect your brand’s identity.

5. You won’t lose the personal touch

At Gossip Genie, we take the time to research and understand our clients business inside and out so that we truly are an extension of the company or brand we are posting on behalf of. When you outsource your social media, it’s best to have a liaison or point of contact within the company and we encourage communication with them often. Outsourcing also allows the time and effort needed to respond to messages and comments in a timely and effective manner, further developing that personal touch a social media campaign should employ.


Creeping on Insufferable Status Updates

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Have you ever found yourself so far into the depths of Facebook that you felt disgusted with yourself? You know you have. It’s that rainy day when you’re bored at home and all of a sudden you realize that you are looking at your ex’s sister’s friend’s college welcome week album from 2005. Or you are analyzing your coworker’s wife’s pre and post pregnancy body by comparing 16 months of mobile uploads on her timeline. We are all voyeurs (non-sexual) and that is exactly the reason we willingly made the decision to join Facebook. My question is, why are we ashamed to admit to our curiosity? If every picture we viewed on Facebook was automatically liked, our behavior would drastically change.  Which can accidentally happen on Instagram, you’re in the depths of creeping on Instagram photos and you have accidentally “liked” a photo because you double tapped to zoom in on a photo. Sheer panic washed over you and your heart skipped a beat. Luckily, you can unlike the photo and unless, that person has Instagram notifications, your stalkee will never know you were creeping. However, most of us have those notifications and it appears much worse when the notification does not match the “News” stream on Instagram.


On the opposite end, what is the reason for posting? That’s obvious, it’s to feed our egos, attract attention and elicit a response. The inspiration for this post is an article I read recently, 7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook . The author examines the catalyst behind seven specific types of status updates we are all familiar with. I can relate to everything this author writes and here is proof:

1) The “I’m in a Great Relationship” Brag



2) The Cryptic Cliffhanger


3) The Literal Status Update

 Complete with a mistake…SC4

4) The Inexplicably-Public Private Message 

 Refer to the feed beneath the post from 1c

5) The Out-Of-Nowhere Oscar Acceptance Speech


6) The Incredibly Obvious Opinion

I don’t have one to share, I can’t tolerate this type of update and if  I see one, that person is immediately unfriended.

7) The Step Toward Enlightenment


Chase helps small businesses make it big

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To help small businesses make it big, Chase and Google have teamed up to offer $250,000 to 12 lucky small businesses across the U.S. Businesses that get 250 votes will be considered for a grant. These grants can help a small business grow and reach new audiences.

Gossip Genie has applied and is now in the pool of small businesses eligible for a grant, and needing votes.

Behind every business, though, there’s a story worth knowing. Here are the behind-the-scenes details about Gossip Genie, and why you should vote for the social media gurus behind it all.

Back in the day, GG founder Jacqui Liberman, the once stand-up comedy star, spent most of her time with a microphone in her hand and doing a little bit of acting here and there. She even made a small appearance in the movie, The Break-Up, with Vince Vaughn. Jealous? I am…

Realizing her love for social media was much greater than her wish to do stand-up comedy, she used her extensive understanding of the social media sphere to help businesses thrive online. With more and more businesses interested in social media consulting, what once was a few people working from an apartment soon grew into a small business; Gossip Genie was officially born on February 10th, 2010.

Besides the big boss, there are four other employees and a furry friend who help Gossip Genie operate from day to day. Consider us the kick-ass sidekicks.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 11.41.23 AM

We work as a team to ensure that everyday tasks are completed, and since we are all social media lovers, we always seem to have fun while doing it. What can we say? We love our job, and our clients.

So, what would Gossip Genie do with $250,000? The founding Genie answers this one:

” A grant of this size would allow us to hire a sales team that would focus on growing the company. The grant would allow us to attend conferences and networking events that would expand our reach and client base. As a result of the plethora of new clients a sales team would bring in, we would have the funding to hire more account managers. The grant would allow us to upgrade our technology for the team as well as find a larger office space to accommodate our growing team.”       – Jacqui

The team at Gossip Genie has big aspirations for the upcoming year; we are constantly challenging ourselves, pushing to be better in our field.

Help us continue to influence other businesses through social media, and vote!

Nielsen Announces Twitter TV Ratings

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Back in April, I wrote a blog post on the way social media is changing the way we watch television.

I asked the question: Will networks catch on to the importance of social media and rely more on popularity on social networks than on Nielsen ratings?

It seems I’m a fortune-teller, because Nielsen just formally announced an agreement with Twitter to create the “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating,” an industry-standard metric that is based entirely on Twitter data.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.08.46 AM

Nielsen said, “As the experience of TV viewing continues to evolve, our TV partners have consistently asked for one common benchmark from which to measure the engagement of their programming.” It seems that one common benchmark is social media, specifically Twitter.

As I reported back in April, 80% of Smartphone and tablet owners use their devices while watching TV and 51% of those who post on social media while watching TV do so to connect with others who might also be watching the same thing. They’re tweeting, commenting, and talking live as the events unfold during a broadcast, a notable change in how we’re experiencing television series in the age of social networking.

A recent show that broke out on social media was “Breaking Bad,” whose finale was the most tweeted about show in Twitter history with 1.24 million tweets sent during the finale.

breaking bad twitter

How exactly are they going to measure a TV audience through Twitter?

The new ratings will measure activity—the number of people tweeting about television programs, and reach—the number of people who actually view those tweets.

This new measure comes just days after Twitter released its public S-1 filing, showing fast revenue growth, but a lack of profitability. This new ratings system could help Twitter grow its revenue in one key area: partnerships with traditional media companies, which is an area that Twitter said in its S-1 filing has promising growth prospects.

My concern: Twitter activity doesn’t necessarily mean huge ratings for a show. Despite the fact that CBS shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS” regularly draw more than 20 million viewers a week and are the top-rated shows on TV, they don’t break the list of the top 10 most tweeted about shows on Twitter. In fact, they don’t even come close.

It’s important to consider age demographics as well, considering many people who are tweeting are in the 18-34 demographic, whereas CBS viewers tend to skew on the older side. I’m sure that accounts for the fact that “Vampire Diaries” and the Miley Cyrus documentary cracked the top 10 on this week’s Nielsen’s Twitter ratings.

It will be interesting to follow both the traditional Nielsen viewer’s ratings and the new Twitter ratings each week to see how they align.

The next question is, will it have any impact on a networks decision to cancel or pick-up a show?

Many shows are cancelled because they don’t have enough viewers based on Nielsen ratings, but what if social media chatter could change the fate of your favorite shows at risk of cancellation?

Generating Leads Through Social Media

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It’s that time of year again…the most wonderful time of the year. It has nothing to do with Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks or Candy Corn at Walgreens, it has to do with Social Media! On Monday, September 23rd, Social Media Week Chicago  kicks off with a variety of social media focused FREE events. The event that has the most buzz is  Generating Leads Through Social Media hosted by yours truly on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th from 9am – 10am at 435 N. MICHIGAN AVENUE (HURON ROOM)!

Our presentation will focus on Gossip Genie’s main differentiator, which is the fact that we focus on the ROI of social media. As a refresher, ROI can be defined as such: return on investment = gain from investment – cost of investment/cost of investment.


ROI as it relates to social media has been a debatable topic, often times abstract and vague. Many marketers will have a deer in headlights look when they are asked about the ROI of social media. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If a client has concrete goals and objectives that relate to an increase in revenue, these goals can be achieved by implementing a strategic social media marketing campaign. We focus on generating leads through social media which lead to conversions and thus a positive ROI. We take a systematic approach to this process. We start with an in-depth analysis of a client’s target market, followed by monitoring specific keywords and phrases a client’s target market would be using, all the while crafting compelling content that resonates with the target market and most importantly, following up on any and every opportunity we have been able to generate via social media.



We have been able to generate a positive ROI for many clients, B2B and B2C businesses. On September 25th, we will be giving providing our audience with specific examples of industries we have worked with to generate a positive ROI through social media. We will be discussing the Surrogacy/infertility industry, Elizabeth Ryder, our Director of Social Media will be discussing the Education and Crowd-funding  industries, Darryl Villacorta will be talking about the Consumer packaged goods industry, he will specifically focus on brand awareness and the challenges associated with calculating an ROI as it relates to social media. As well as the Dental/Medical industry and concluding with a B2B client in the telecom industry.

Welcome to the Blogosphere

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January 1994, that’s when the very first blog was created.

It’s nineteen years later, and 6.7 million people now blog on blogging sites and 12 million people blog via social networks.  [Refer to infographic below]

The so-called “Blogosphere” has grown massively and continues to grow at an exponential rate. Besides its growing popularity, having a blog has its perks, especially for those who own a budding business.

Businesses with blogs: The advantages

By contriving a dependable, robust blog on your webpage, your audience will see your page as a reliable source for information. Assuming you’d utilize the social sphere and publish your blog posts on social media, your social sites will also be seen as trustworthy outlets for material. eblogblogBy spreading blog posts on social media, people will be directed to your website, which means business exposure, brand awareness. Having a static website will make it harder to attract new clientele. However, having a consistent blog that produces intriguing content for your site and social outlets, you will have an even better chance of catching leads and reaching a much broader audience.

Another tidbit that you should understand is that blogs can help support your businesses credibility. Posting up-to-date news, providing tips or sharing your expertise, your Internet and social media audience will come to trust you, your content and your business. This will help you establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field.

Blogging also opens up a potential stream of dialogue with clients or prospects. Whether it’s through the blog’s comment section or via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., you can interact with readers, answer their questions and build a trusted relationship with them.

Below is an infographic highlighting blogging statistics. It just may convince you that having a business blog is worth it, if you weren’t swayed already.



A Jaw-dropping VMAs

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The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards left us in shock and awe after yet another spectacular show. The best of the best were there performing top hits on extravagant sets. Amongst those who performed were Justin Timberlake with his ‘N Sync crew (No, not kidding!), Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Macklemore.

Social media was buzzing during the entire award show. News feeds were flooded with talk about the VMAs; Some performances received praise, others got mixed reviews from the live audience as well as TV viewers.

Here’s a social media recap of last night’s show:

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.22.20 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.35.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.33.28 PM


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.26.56 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.28.20 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.37.02 PM

photo copy

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.30.38 PM

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.31.08 PM

photo copy 2

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.28.59 PM