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Facebook Plans to Revamp News Feed

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Whether we like it or not, social media outlets will continue to advance, change, and revamp itself, and we best believe our hands will not be held during the process.  All we can do is hop on the social media-driven train, pray we don’t get lost in translation, and give in to the idea of change.

Facebook’s users, which have reached over 1 billion people in 9 years, will have to hop on Facebook’s fast moving train fairly quickly. On March 7th at its Menlo Park, California headquarters, Facebook will be unveiling a revamped “news feed” during a media event; consider it an Internet-friendly face-lift.

The notorious news feed is home to a single stream that’s constantly updated with photos, videos, news articles, and life statuses, which creates a smorgasbord of information about friends and other interests.  Putting it simply, the news feed is the hub of Facebook.

According to the Huffington Post, the last major modification to Facebook’s news feed was in September 2011.  Since that change, Facebook began to allow ads directly into the feed.  The network also redirected its focus on creating “mobile first experiences” since people now access social sites at all hours of the day on their mobile devices.

The Huffington Post continues to say that Facebook has gone through many changes since its introduction in 2004. This newest development is just another alteration to add to the list.  Although users tend to have an aversion for all of Facebook’s many changes, the social site continues to grow and maintain a leading role in the Internet world.

Some speculate that the up and coming changes will include stronger ad engagement and tweaks to the mobile feed.  We won’t be able to truly grasp the tweaks, pulls, twists that will be done to the feed until it pops up on our own computers or mobile devices.

On that note, I guess there’s only one last thing to say: Welcome to a world where change is a leading character, and social media has taken the reins.

How do you feel about Facebook undergoing another change?

Yay or Nay

Tweet From Beyond the Grave #RIP

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tweet from the grave


Are you the type of person that likes to plan ahead? Who gets what in the will? What will it cost for the funeral service? Who’s going to manage your Twitter account?

Look no further than London-based ad agency LivesOn, who’s tagline is, “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting.”

How does it work?  This is an artificial intelligence experiment by LivesOn in collaboration with Queen Mary University in London and plans to start testing as soon as possible. LivesOn will create a new Twitter profile for you while you’re still alive and analyzes your already existing account for your tastes, interests and syntax.  As time goes on, LivesOn will start to post updates after learning your style.  Users will be able to favorite tweets, which will give feedback and increase the system’s intelligence.  When the time comes, you can nominate an “executor” on your LivesOn will and they will decide whether to keep your account live or not.

So, would you use LivesOn? What do you think about carrying on a digital legacy in the afterlife? And do you think that this is evolutionary in a way? That inevitably, man will use technology to somehow live on?  Or do you just think this is downright creepy?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about this strange, new phenomenon!

The Oscars Took Over Social Media

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The Oscars hit the stage for their 85th show yesterday.  Like expected, the show was glittering with the red carpet, must-see interviews, extravagant attire and endless entertainment.  There was one more factor, however, that the Oscars wanted to focus on this year: social media frenzy.

The Academy encouraged celebrities to snap quick shots of themselves in the backstage green room during the event, which is a private area for stars to hang out before making their début on stage.  Once the photo-booth shot is taken, the stars were asked to then tweet the snapshot into the Twittersphere for all the fans to see.  Some celebrities took a quick self-shot, others posed with poise and then a few took a shot with a celeb friend, making humorous faces at the camera.  You just couldn’t help but laugh and wish you could join in on the fun.

Melissa McCarthy & Paul Rudd

Denzel Washington & George Clooney

Catherine Zeta-Jones


It was a perfect mix of “behind the scenes” and getting up close and personal with some of the most famous movie stars out there.

Some of the top moments talked about in the social media world were Michelle Obama’s surprise appearance, Jennifer Lawrence’s epic tumble and the Jaws-themed music that played when acceptance speeches went a bit too long.

According to ABC News, Michelle Obama presenting the Best Picture award to Argo on the big screen was the biggest moment of the night with 85,300 tweets.  Jennifer Lawrence received twitter fame as well.  ABC News announced that there were 71,600 tweets being sent out like rapid fire when she won.  Unfortunately, most tweets were about her fall as she attempted to walk up to the stage.

To get a better idea of the amount of people taking part in social media during the Oscars, ABC News lays out the incredible statistics: Over the course of the night there were over 8.9 million tweets about the big show.  With that said, 2.1 million were during the red carpet and 6.8 million during the awards show.

I would say The Oscars successfully created a social media frenzy filled with celebrity snapshots, both funny and elegant, chit-chatter about the show and an overwhelming amount of community engagement for fans everywhere.



Using Spotify Playlists for Business

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For those of you who are on your computer much of the work day, surely you can relate when I say I consider Spotify to be one of my best friends. We spend almost every day together, and I’ve grown quite fond of the digital music service.

This was a fun week for Anthony and I, we got to create Spotify playlists for our client, WilliamPaid. Because WilliamPaid’s target audience is mostly renters in their 20s and 30s, it meshes well with the demographic of a Spotify user. For the playlists, we focused on topics that the average renter would be interested in. Check them out and feel free to subscribe. We had a blast creating them and are constantly adding new music!

Click the ‘play’ button on the album artwork to open the playlist in your Spotify app. If you don’t have the app, download here.

Chillin’ at the Apartment

Getting Ready for  a Night Out

Payin’ Rent

Breaking Up in the Digital Age: Is KillSwitch the Solution?

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Breaking up is hard to do.  From the tears and anger to the constant reminders of them in your life and the dividing up of shared stuff, I’m sure there are times you’ve wished you could just forget them altogether.

In today’s digital age, that is increasingly more difficult. Reminders of our exes don’t just mean walking past the coffee shop where you had your first date. Now, it’s as simple as logging onto Facebook. Photos, wall posts, and messages of your life together are all neatly packaged on the social media site, a daily reminder of your relationship and ex flooding your newsfeed and profile.

Have you ever wished you could just delete your ex from your mind completely?

The new mobile app, KillSwitch, might be able to help.

Released on Valentines Day (how fitting), the app, whose tagline is “Making breakups suck less,” makes it easy to eliminate your ex’s entire presence from your Facebook timeline.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.22.09 AM

The app searches your profile for content such as photos, videos, wall posts, and status updates linked or tagged to your ex’s specific Facebook ID. Once it identifies all the content, you have the option to delete it all or manually select certain interactions you want deleted. If you don’t want to delete your entire history with your ex on Facebook, you can choose to save photos, videos, or anything else in a secret KillSwitch folder that lives on your Facebook account for easy access whenever you want, invisible to others.

Helpful tip: You have to still be friends with your ex on Facebook to use the app, so don’t make any rash decisions in the heat of the moment after your breakup.

KillSwitch begs the question: Can we ever really invest in a new relationship while evidence of our past ones remain etched into the peripheries of our digital lives?

KillSwitch’s site says it aims to be social media’s answer to helping people move on post-breakup. Their website says:

“Relationships ending and moving on is an essential, healthy part of life. And while social media intends to reflect many aspects of the human experience, it doesn’t yet easily reflect the key element- the end of relationships. With KillSwitch, we’re trying to fill that gap, bridge online with offline. To help people move on in their digital lives as much as they want and need to in their personal lives.”

This app reminded me of the technology used in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, albeit on a much lesser level. In the film, Jim Carrey’s character uses a technology that literally erases his memories of Kate Winslet’s character from his mind after a messy breakup. Through reliving his memories with her during the erasure, he realizes that even though it hurts, holding on to the memories of her are still important.

Do we really want to erase everything about our ex? Sure, breakups are hard. The inevitability of love is that hurts. But just because we delete a few pictures and wall posts from our ex, does that make the sting of a break up hurt any less?

Not every memory is going to be good and love is not always perfect. It is messy and complicated, but isn’t it better to have those memories and to have loved than to have never loved at all? It might sound cheesy, but technology is already streamlining so much of our lives. I’m a big proponent of new technology and the innovative ways in which it can assist us, but I can’t help but wonder if using it to erase our memories is going a little far.

Memories and experiences make us who we are, and by deleting them, even just their digital imprint, aren’t we erasing a part of ourselves?

Oreo Scores a Slam Dunk: Are real-time Twitter campaigns the future of marketing?

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As much as the Super Bowl is about football, chicken wings, and Bud Light, it’s also about marketing. A 30-second spot during the big game not only allows companies to promote their product and be seen by the hundreds of millions of people watching but also to be a part of larger media conversation. Who had the best commercial spot? Which ad was the funniest? Which featured the biggest celebrity?

(Personally, my favorite of the night was the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial. Who didn’t get a little misty when the horse recognized his trainer at the end?)

This year, CBS charged between $3.8 and $4 million for every ad shown during last night’s game. In a night of lackluster commercials, one of the most powerful marketing gambits came courtesy of your very own Twitter feed.

When the Super Bowl broadcast was abruptly interrupted by a power outage, Oreo jumped on the chance to promote their product. They tweeted this ad:

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.16.54 AM

It was retweeted more than 10,000 times in an hour. With the amount of people most likely on Twitter during the game’s broadcast, especially during a down time such as a blackout, Oreo brilliantly created a Twitter campaign to take advantage of a real-time situation.

AdAge reported that the tweet was “designed, captioned, and approved within minute’s” at a “social media war room of sorts” at the company’s headquarters.

For all the planning, money, and time that goes into making a Super Bowl ad, this one was just as, if not more, effective and was completed in mere minutes for no cost.

Working in social media, it’s exciting to see a brand as big as Oreo take risks like this and embrace the instantaneous, communal nature of social media.

Everyone watching the Super Bowl was experiencing the power outage and when they reached to their phones to check Twitter during the downtime in the game, you bet those that follow Oreo could relate, or at least connect with, the tweet ad in ways they might not have with some of the flashier, elaborately staged television spots.

On the ad industry’s biggest night, Oreo just might have scored the night’s biggest slam-dunk.

Besides the Ravens (and Beyonce), of course.


Creative Resumes That Stand Out

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When applying to jobs, you’re always looking for that special something that will help you stand out to potential employers. Whether it’s a perfectly worded cover letter or a creative resume design, you have to do something to stand out in the current job market.

Phillippe Dubost, a Paris-based product manager, upstaged us all by turning his resume into an product page and it’s gone viral, resulting in over 100 job offers from various companies.

Amazon Resume

Phillippe’s not the only one to get creative when it comes to applying to a job.

Eric Ghandi created his resume to look like Google-page. He uploaded it to his LinkedIn page and was contacted by Google directly about applying for a position.



Sabrina Saccoccio modeled her resume after a Facebook profile page.


She even included wall comments.

Facebook wall


It’s a tough job market and people will do anything they can to stand out. But does it pay to be creative? I guess it depends on where you’re applying. Just as you wouldn’t wear jeans to an interview, your resume needs to match the part. But it never hurts to get creative. It could be the thing that sets you apart from everyone else!


What’s the most creative you’ve gotten with your resume or cover letter when applying for a job?


105-year-old asks for Facebook “Likes” for her Birthday

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Today, on the Ellen Show, there was a very special guest. It was 105-year-old Edythe Kirchmaier, California’s oldest driver, possibly even the oldest driver in the US! Her birthday wish? To get 105,000 likes to her Facebook page: Direct Relief. I was a part of Edythe’s birthday wish – will you be? She is at 30,500 likes now, let’s help her out!

Direct Relief‘s mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and around the world.

Since 1948, they have worked to improve the quality of life for people affected by poverty, disaster, and civil unrest at home and around the world. They support the work of health care providers in the U.S. and in more than 70 countries, equipping them with essential medicines, supplies, and equipment so they can care for people in need within their communities.

She said technology is keeping people “young, alive and active.” It’s amazing the role that social media can play, even in the life of a 105-year-old woman.

Edythe Kirchmaier

Inauguration 2013 Through Social Media

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Impressive Numbers

According to Twitter, there were 1.1 million tweets sent out during President Barack Obama’s Inaugaration Ceremony this morning beating the 82,392 tweets sent out during his 2009 inauguration.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.59.25 PM


Live Tweeting

President Obama has continually embraced social media throughout his presidency and election campaign, hosting chats on Twitter and Google+ hangouts to address citizen’s concerns and answer questions. The inauguration was no different. Under a new media team, the White House (@whitehouse) embraced social media, live tweeting the ceremony. They sent the best quotes from Obama’s Inaugural Speech as well as images of the ceremony.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.53.26 PM

Making History

Obama made history when he became the first president to mention gay rights in an inaugural address. In his speech, he said, “It is now our generation’s task to carry on what those pioneers began. For our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers, and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law, for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 4.08.52 PM

Michelle’s Bangs

Michelle Obama’s new haircut was definitely an issue of discussion on social media.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.55.36 PM


The word “anoguracetion” was trending on Twitter for a while. It’s a hard word to spell but this doesn’t even come close!

Most Tweeted Moment

The most tweeted-about moment was Obama’s line saying that “we cannot mistake absolutism for principle . . .,” which drew 27,795 tweets per minute.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.58.01 PM

Celebrity Sightings

Bill Clinton photobomed Kelly Clarkson as she sang America “(My Country ‘Tis of Thee)”

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.56.58 PM

Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce share a moment backstage.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 4.02.09 PM

What were your favorite parts of the ceremony?


Digital Dreams

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There is never a time that I am disconnected. If I wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, I will inevitably check my email, Facebook feed, Twitter feed and now Instagram as well. I recently purchased Touch Screen gloves because I can’t handle not being able to check my phone when my gloves are on. I would choose frostbite over being disconnected. You might say the only time I am disconnected is when I am sleeping but that’s actually not the case…I have digital dreams!

I have had many Facebook related dreams – usually it’s indirect but easily attributable – like  a dream about a person that I haven’t seen in 10 years but recently connected with on Facebook. I have had Twitter dreams – I am trying to tweet but my keyboard is broken – like running in a dream and your legs give out. I have many client related social media dreams that incorporate the various networks.

Last night, I had my first Instagram dream.

About 4 months ago, I sold my one bedroom condo and all the furniture in it. It was my first place after college and I have many fond memories of it. Since moving over a year ago , I haven’t really looked back because I love my new place. Apparently, my subconscious is still mourning the loss of my bachelorette pad. In my dream, I was on my phone scrolling through my Instagram feed and every picture in that feed was of my old condo filled with people I had never seen before sitting on my furniture and smiling. It’s strange because in my dream, I felt nostalgic and somewhat sentimental about all of the happy memories I have from that place. Rather than just dreaming about being back in my old place, I am dreaming about seeing pictures of it on Instagram. I guess I should make my dreams come true and Instagram the pictures of my old condo below…