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Hootsuite’s 2012 Election Tracker

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Hootsuite has set up a 2012 Election Tracker to provide a look at the social media chatter surrounding tomorrow’s Presidential election. The comprehensive command center tracks everything from tweets from @BarackObama and @MittRomney, mentions of the Presidential candidates and VP candidates, and even mentions of the women vying for the title of First Lady.

What I thought was really interesting about HootSuite’s Election Tracker was the tracking of social media sentiment for each candidate. This section of the tracker tracks the mood of the tweets surrounding each candidate. You can see what percentage of tweets for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney express sentiments such as affection/friendliness, enjoyment/elation, amusement/excitement, anger/loathing, sadness/grief, humiliation/shame, and others.

Matt Switzer, VP Partnerships & Corporate Development at HootSuite, explained that, “Social media has become an incredible barometer of public opinion, and the public expresses more opinion during elections than almost any other time. This election-focused social command center dashboard provides a public opinion poll happening right in front of you during the entire election. Up-to-date info is essential during an election that sees candidates giving speeches, and potentially making mistakes, every hour of every day.”

This will be a great resource to stay up-to-date on the reactions surrounding the results of the election tomorrow night. Stay tuned for Elizabeth’s blog tomorrow where she will talk about the social media stats of the Presidential election!


Elections, Hurricane and Halloween

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While it has been sunny (yet a bit windy) here in Chicago, a storm has passed not only on the East Coast but also in the virtual world. Social media feeds that were at first flooded with presidential debate talk then shifted to Hurricane Sandy on Sunday evening. Even if you weren’t amidst the hurricane, it was hard to stay away from the images (both real and fake) that came pouring in Monday and Tuesday. Mashable reported that 10 images per second were being uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #Sandy. At least until their cell phone batteries died, residents of the cities affected were able to receive updates in real time from local officials warning them to stay away from certain areas. Thanks to social media, the whole country felt like they were weathering the storm.

There is no shortage of devastating photos of the storm’s aftermath but the light heartedness I enjoyed during these chaotic few days were the photos that captured the small, personal moments that haven’t been seen through the media. Friends making cocktails with the booze on hand, a dog curled up in blankets, a child ready to play board games. You can find all of these photos and more hurricane devasation by searching the hashtag #Sandy on Instagram. Currently, there are over 632,000 photos.  Many cities have postponed Halloween due power outages and other dangers in the area and after a long 3 days, the East Coast is rebuilding and trying to return to normalcy. Once the floods begin to dry up and East-Coasters head back to work, we’ll have a new topic to talk about on social media. November 6th marks Election Day and surely there will be no shortage of conversations happening on social media regarding this highly opinionated topic!

















Social Media Heating up the Debate

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Engaging with the debates on social media is a whole new forum to express your political views. The graphic below breaks down social media engagement by candidate (Romney on the left and Obama on the right).  Obama takes a lead with more mentions on Facebook while Romney’s name is used more on Twitter. Do you think the social media numbers will help to decide who wins the 2012 election? Don’t forget to take advantage of your right to vote on November 6th…#ElectionDay!


A Social Network That Heals

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The first social network for breast cancer patients and survivors has launched. Give a warm, fuzzy welcome to MyBCTeam! This new outlet is a place where women can offer support, inspire each other and even exchange medical information. While our nation has developed several outlets for breast cancer support and awareness, what about the women who can’t participate due to poor health? Time Magazine reaffirms, “There are many support groups for women with breast cancer, but if women do not feel well enough to attend those sessions, they can log onto MyBCTeam from the comfort of their homes.” That’s what  I love the most about this new platform, it is solely for the well being of patients and survivors. Hands in the air for a step in the right direction, the healing direction.






Why You Should Hire a Social Media Marketing Firm to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

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Social Media1. They are the experts.

A good social media manager has years of experience and is on top of the latest trends and tactics. From past experience, they know what works and what doesn’t.

2. They spend all day on social media networks.

Rest assured all of your tweets and Facebook posts are being answered immediately if you have a social media team closely monitoring your streams. Many companies put the tasks of social media on their marketing or PR manager. There is no way they can closely monitor social media channels all day, if they did it would distract from their regular duties.

3. They have experience.

Many people think hiring a low paid or unpaid intern to run social media accounts is a good idea budget wise. This could not be further from the truth. While these interns may have their own social media accounts, they are not experienced in managing company accounts and one bad post could cause a major disruption in your audience’s perception of your brand.

4. They are cost effective.

Instead of hiring a social media manager, which could run anywhere from 30-80K (based on experience), a social media firm can handle the same workload with a smaller budget. If you go with a social media marketing firm, you have a team of creative minds on your team, instead of just one person.

10 Social Media Admissions

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10 things we all do/feel but won’t admit

1. After posting a status update on Facebook, you refresh the page every minute for the next hour via the computer or smart phone to check the number of likes and comments that post received. With each new like you feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.







2. After following a bunch of people on Twitter, you obsessively check to see if your follower numbers have increased over the next couple of days.

3. You pin what you think is a great picture on Pinterest and are disappointed when no one repins it.








4. The emotions of being unfriended on Facebook – First it’s a sense of anger which soon turns to hopelessness and eventually you justify the reasons behind the action – for me it’s because I changed my last name when I got married which makes me barely recognizable on Facebook.

5. You selfishly like other pictures on Instagram, hoping they like yours back.

6. You remove the year of your birthdate from Facebook but not the year you graduated college. The point of that is???








7. You feel strongly that retweeting is better done manually.

8. You think less of a person when they have a grammatical or spelling error in their Facebook status update.

9. You often times feel like a stalker because of your activity on Facebook.

10. You have limited your  profile viewing on Linkedin because of the feature, “Who’s Viewed Your Profile?” Instead you stalk people every other way possible.

Pinterest: A Deeper Connection?

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I came across a great article on Wired today outlining the efforts of a relationship counselor that utilized Pinterest to actively assess the emotions of her clients. Crystal Rice asked her clients to map our their feelings in pictures, recognizing that this could be a more accurate way to discover the root of their emotions. In the article she states, ” While emotions can be devilishly difficult to convey in words, they’re often very accessible via pictures. This way we can really identify what’s going on.” Brilliant. This article got me thinking, what other social networks do we turn to for a better understanding of how we really feel? Twitter, for example, has become such an outlet for support and emotional identity. Those combating illness or loss have definitely used this network as a connector to receive the support they might not be receiving from their real life social circles. So today I ask, what networks can you relate with or deeper identify to in your own life?

The Facebook Birthday Post

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The Facebook Birthday post is something that is no stranger to most of us. If you read Elizabeth’s post, this annual experience was Tuesday for me. Once a year, our pages are flooded with tons of Facebook “Happy Birthday” posts. They come in all shapes and sizes.

1. Your close friends: They write on your wall out of true, genuine interest in the excitement around your birthday.

2. Long lost friends: These are the posts from people that you still consider your friend but have grown apart due to moving or life changes. These can have more meaning and will possibly reconnect you!

3. The non-friend: You may have friends on Facebook that you do not know. By ‘do not know’ I mean you literally have never met this person but decided to accept their friendship request on some kind of whim. Maybe it was an “I-am-new-to-Facebook-and-want-more-friends” decision or you just thought that person was particularly attractive. They most likely just wish all their non-friend Facebook friends Happy Birthday when they see that little calendar reminder on the right hand side of their news feed.

4. The Randoms: My favorite birthday posts. These people fall somewhere between the non friend and the long lost friend category and they come out of the absolute woodworks to wish you happy birthday. Your old babysitter, your 2nd grade boyfriend or your even your college professor that you still question how you became friends on Facebook in the first place. These people will write on our wall as if you are old buddies. Thank you Facebook birthday reminders!

Happy Birthday Laurel!

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This post is dedicated to one of our Genies on her birthday!! We all want to wish Laurel a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Jacqui, Elizabeth, Lindsey, Anthony, Charley, Stella, Alfie and Madison!

I edited this photo on one of our favorite sites, PicMonkey, which we use to create fun photos for clients. It has so many great features, including a Facebook cover photo template.

Check it out here 🙂

PicMonkey Collage