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The Power of Social Media

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Never has the power of social media been more prevalent than in the case of Jennifer Livingston and her husband’s support of her on his personal Facebook page. Livingston, a news anchor in Wisconsin, received an email from a viewer complaining about her size and how she isn’t a “suitable example” for the community’s younger people that see her on television. She took the air last week to defend herself after the attack on her weight.

The email went viral after her husband, a fellow anchor, posted it on his Facebook page. His Facebook posts on the subject have gotten an overwhelming response, with one post receiving over 60,000 comments.

Livingston addressed the issue on-air last week and if you haven’t seen it, take some time out of your day to watch her video below, as her message is an important one:

Jennifer Livingston Bullying Response

Livingston has said she has received thousands of responses on her Facebook page, thanking her for speaking out against bullies and sharing their personal experiences with her.

Since October is National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, her message couldn’t come at a more opportune time. Her message “to all of the children out there who feel lost, who are struggling with your weight, with the color of your skin, your sexual preference, your disability, even the acne on your face, listen to me right now: Do not let your self-worth be defined by bullies. Learn from my experience — that the cruel words of one are nothing compared to the shouts of many,” is a timely one. And the shouts of many have poured out on social media outlets, showing their support. If nothing else, it has started a discussion. And for people who feel bullied or insecure or lost, it’s encouraging to know you’re not alone. If only social media could always be used in such a positive, encouraging manner, the world would be a better, more tolerant place.

Gif it up for Gossip Genie

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After Lindsey’s awesome gif post on Friday, I felt inspired to gif it up!

Here is how the Genies react to success and hard work at Gossip Genie!

When a client writes us a glowing testimonial 








When we reached 1,000 likes on the Gossip Genie Facebook page 







When Gossip Genie won the Office Depot Small Business Makeover







When we finish monthly reports









When Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite or Sprout are down

How to: Use Popcorn & Social Media to help the U.S. Troops

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Along with October apparently being National Pizza Month, National Dessert Month, National Vegetarian Month, and National Apple Month, it is also National Popcorn Month! This has a bit more significance to Gossip Genie because of our client, Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning. This year, we wanted to come up with different ideas on how to get fans more engaged without simply giving away product but at the same time still standing out above their competitors for doing something meaningful and memorable.  In the past, Kernel Season’s has had a unique relationship with the U.S. military, providing them with popcorn and seasonings to allow our soldiers to feel more at home while deployed. They have even received several awards from multiple divisions based on their efforts!


In August, we met with Kernel Season’s CEO, Brian Taylor and started brainstorming ideas. Brian was fully supportive of a way to help give back this month and we decided that it would be fun for the fans to tell us about “The Kernel” in their life by posting a photo of their military, community or personal hero. The homonym relationship between “Kernel”and “Colonel” is perfect for this type of initiative. In exchange, Kernel Season’s will donate an entire case of popcorn seasonings overseas to the U.S. Troops via a partnership with Support Our Troops. With minimal effort, our fans are able to help the U.S. soliders overseas feel a little more at home.  Also, it gives us an opportunity to touch a very specific market, military families.


I reached out to many military support website and blogs and the responses were overwhelming and extremely supportive of our plan! On October 1st, the campaign officially launched. Bloggers and websites we partnered with have already started posting about our campaign and fans have begun posting pictures. Each picture represents our fans’ willingness to help Kernel Season’s give back to the U.S. Troops! You can help out too by posting a photo on their Facebook wall today of your hero and Kernel Season’s will donate a case of seasonings to the troops!


#SMWChicago: Erik Qualman

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It’s Social Media Week in Chicago and the Genies have been attending some amazing events with many more to come. Yesterday, Erik Qualman taught us that social media should be  FLAWSOME. Which means through our flaws we can show our awesomeness and that customer complaints are an opportunity to make it better than it was before. Failing better!

Qualman also talked about Momentum marketing: taking advantage of something larger than you (such as: seasonal events). He used this video to convey the meaning.


My favorite part of the presentation was when Qualman talked about social media ROI and used this video to illustrate his point of view.

Monday Night Football causes Twitter Frenzy

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Monday nights to me, does not necessarily stand for Monday Night Football. It’s actually more like The Voice and Dancing with the Stars but nonetheless, it was nearly impossible to avoid catching up on the NFL Twitter banter that was happening after a highly controversial play during the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.

For those who don’t follow sports, social media, news or may live under a rock, here’s a recap:

The Packers lost to the Seahawks last night when a pass by Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson was actually intercepted and called as a touchdown after the NFL’s replacement referees had quite the disagreement. Once the play was made, one referee signalled touchdown and another interception.  After they reviewed, the referees called it a touchdown and the game ended.

Bluefin Labs broke down the social-media stats: 56,263 social media comments per minute (these include public tweets and public Facebook posts) at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game were sent. There were 1.9 million comments in total on Monday night’s game and 23 percent of all those comments were related to the refs! CBS Sports reports on the stats: ” A good measuring stick? 25,415 comments/minute were sent when Usain Bolt won the 100M in London during the Summer Olympics.


Events in the past have had a similar effect on Twitter.  For example, The Super Bowl, the passing of Steve Jobs, the capture of Osama Bin Ladin and even Beyonce’s MTV Awards baby bump incident. The NFL is nothing to joke about in America and when you combine this with the social tools to express your free mind, you can expect a Twitter frenzy at its finest! How did we express our sports rage before social media? Did you join in on the Twitter banter last night?




People of the CTA

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For those of you reading who reside in Chicago or any large metropolitan area with public transportation for that matter, can relate to the Facebook page I am going to present to you. At times, it seems that the people we sit next to on the CTA appear to have climbed out from under a rock.  We think we’ve seen it all, but this page might make you question reloading your CTA card next month and sticking to Uber.  Let me introduce you to the Facebook page “People of the CTA.”


Here are a few snapshots: 


NFL Teams Use Instagram to Engage Fans

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On September 9, 2012 I was pumped for the first football Sunday of 2012. Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and Instagram profiles of NFL teams were getting a lot of action as fans geared up to cheer on their team. In my normal routine of checking Facebook, Instagram and Twitter upon waking up, I noticed the New Orleans Saints’ Instagram profile posted this:


In my opinion, the Saints have one of the best social media programs of any NFL team. During games they tweet about each play, post amazing content and photos on Facebook and Instagram photos live from the field. I always tweet to the @Saints and like and comment on their photos on Instagram, but have never received an actual response from them. Until Sunday. I uploaded a photo to Instagram of myself and a few fellow Saints fans, using the hashtag #Instagameday. Later that night, I noticed the official @NewOrleansSaints Instagram account gave my photo a ♥! I thought it was a good sign. Sure enough, on Tuesday they Instagrammed my photo!  I definitely felt semi-famous because the photo got over 2,300 likes. They even tagged me in the post! Now, that’s what I call going VIRAL!

Chicago Teachers Union Strike: #TeamNoSchool or #TeamTeachers?

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The Chicago Teachers Union called for a strike last night for the first time in 25 years. That means 350,000 Chicago Public School students did not go to class today and will remain out of school for the foreseeable future until negotiations are made. As a student, I’m sure this is like hitting the jackpot. No homework, no early morning bus rides, no assignments to stress over. It’s probably comparable to what it’s like when you get a snow day. And who doesn’t love a snow day? In fact, CPS students were tweeting last night and #teamnoschool was trending.

The thing is though this is nothing like a snow day. Sure, it’s fun to have class cancelled. I’d be lying if I said that if I were I student I wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of getting to put my schoolwork on the backburner for a few days. But when it comes down to it, real issues are at stake. In addition to fighting for job security and benefits, Chicago teachers are fighting for better schools, better working conditions, and a better overall education for these students. They are advocating to get more social workers and therapists in school to deal with the multitude of factors that teachers aren’t equipped to deal with such as poverty, exposure to violence, homelessness, hunger, and other social issues. While the thrill of a few days off may be appealing, it’s fleeting compared to the issues these Chicago teachers are fighting for.

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel is blaming the teachers for keeping children out of school and the teachers are blaming a school district and a political system that have left them no choice. I undoubtedly think children should be in school getting an education, instead of on the streets adding to the gang violence already prevalent in Chicago. At the same time, teachers are fighting for a beneficial cause not only for themselves but also for the future generations of students trying to get a quality education. Which side do you stand on?


What the Early 1900’s Can Teach Us About Social Media

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Did you know that the world’s oldest message in a bottle has been found? Now I’ve been on the lookout since vacations ago for my very own authentic message in a bottle dating all the way back to 1999 when Hollywood lead me to believe that the likings of glass and paper could lead me to my very own Kevin Costner(so far unsuccessful). However this was no love letter, instead a plea for information from Captain C. Hunter Brown, a scientist studying currents in the North Sea. According to the article, “The bottle was one of 1,890 bottles released on June 10, 1914, and the 315th to be entered into Captain Brown’s log, which is still kept and updated by Marine Scotland Science in Aberdeen.”  Way cool.

What does this have to do with social media might you ask? You see the experiment was intended to capture information with the help of regular people. Scientist Brown saw a need to gather data and he did it the best way he knew how, by throwing his passion for research into a bottle and hoping that someday, somehow people would turn them in. Years later Elvis Johnson of Nelson Lagoon Alaska did. We at Gossip Genie have no intention of throwing products into the ocean in hopes of receiving credible feedback, but we are ready to help you take the plunge. If you are struggling to stay afloat with your online presence or wondering how you can stir the waters a bit more then step aboard, we are your Elvis Johnson.