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#Bulls Fans Reeling Over Playoff Situation Turn To Twitter For Comfort

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Being the huge sports fan that I am, this playoff season/series for the Bulls is killing me.  If you are a Bulls fan, like myself, the playoffs couldn’t have come quick enough with all the injuries and winning streaks during the regular season. And obviously seeing Derrick Rose, finally healthy in the playoffs, and what so many of us assumed, the Championship.

Oh how quickly things can change. Fast forward a few weeks and the Bulls are staring elimination in the face down 3-1 to the 8th seed Philadelphia 76ers. D. Rose is out with a torn acl, Noah out with a severe sprained ankle, Deng still hurting with that wrist, and oh yeah almost everyone on the team has forgotten how to play defense and put the basket in the hoop.

Being a die hard Bulls fan, I couldn’t be more crushed. One thing that has made this series a little easier is Twitter. Being fairly new to twitter, I have really enjoyed following the sports writers and announcers, especially during this series. Twitter has also shined some light and made me realize how many others are reeling over this Bulls team and the impact sports have on so many of us. Social media is the new way we express ourselves and twitter is the best way to do it.  Take a look at some of these tweets from everyone regarding Rose and the Bulls:


I was thinking earlier how crazy it is how Twitter has evolved so quickly. Not only can you discuss your own personal thoughts and ideas, but I love how you can relate to others and feel the pain and love of others as well. The 5th game of the series is tonight at 8:30. I’ll be watching it in my basement alone knowing if they lose it will end in tears. (I’m being dramatic, but I’m going to be mad) I am also really hoping for a turn around in this series and to be able to see happy and positive tweets on Twitter regarding the Bulls. Until then, we wait until 8:30….. very impatiently.

Looking for a job? Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter!

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While the economy may be the worst factor affecting job seekers right now, there is still a positive outlook within the world of social media. The Marketing and Social Media field is one of the few that is not only hiring, but also creating jobs. Companies that specialize in social media are growing fast and finding a need to hire more employees in order to keep up.

This is definitely the case with Gossip Genie. Their client base is growing and, due to this, so is the need for more employees! I am the newest member of the Gossip Genie team and I am all too familiar with the hardships that come with graduating and not being able to find a job. For two years I searched for a job that pertained to my degree (interior architecture) – with no luck and a lot of frustration, I decided to re-evaluate my career path. It was clear to me that social media was on the rise and something I could excel in. Within one month of searching I had found Gossip Genie! It amazed me how quickly I was able to find a job in Social Media, when it was virtually impossible to find one in another field. I am grateful to have this job and I am enjoying learning about social media. It is refreshing to see that a small business like Gossip Genie is thriving in this unfortunate economy.

According to, Social Media jobs have increased by 75% since 2010. The growth in social media jobs continues to affect the economy in a positive way. On top of creating jobs, social media benefits companies by generating income through a variety of the available online opportunities. There is a whole new way of branding your business now and it is changing the way companies are getting their message, merchandise and visual popularity out there.

Although times may be tough, it is nice to know that there is positive economic growth happening in our country. I am personally grateful that this growth has helped put me in a positive job environment and I am hopeful that social media will continue to rise and help others in their search for employment.



#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Your Baby has a Facebook Page

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If you havent heard of the hit Facebook sensation, Boo, by now, then you must be living under a rock. He is one of the most famous pet pomeranians with over 4 million Facebook fans. He has not only inspired many other pet fan pages, including our very own Alfie, but apparently he has inspired many others to make fan or friend pages for their children as well!


See Below. Exhibit A: The parents of Chase even go so far as to tagging him in posts, checking him in, and writing on his wall. There are frequent posts from the father, Jeff, on the wall such as “I miss your face” and “The awesome moment when you realize you, your two buddies and your 20 month old son are entranced by twin strippers.” Jeff also posts photos on Chase’s wall of himself drinking alcohol while sitting on Chase’s toy car captioning it “One of those nights.”


I had never seen anything like this but I should have known this moment would come for a couple of  reasons.

1.-Facebook Timeline now features major events in your life such as when you were born. It is safe to assume this sparked an idea in parents’ heads that this is a place to capture all of their child’s major moments, even if it is before they can memorize their Facebook log-in and password

2. The need to overexpose your child: If you’re reading this and you’re in your 20’s, you will know what I am talking about. After the wedding is over, and the thank you cards have been sent, most of our married Facebook friends don’t have a lot more to showcase on their page. That is until they are pregnant. Some of those who are exceptionally excited begin with posting the ultrasound as their profile picture, maybe a photo album called “the growth of my belly” or even check-ins at the hospital…”Last appointment before the big push!” It is all just part of the constant need to keep our friends informed. Although I think many people forget that 90% of our Facebook friends aren’t really our ‘real friends.’

What will Chase’s friends think when they are old enough to get on a computer? How will they decide to hand over control to him and when? Will they deactivate the profile once he is old enough to see it? Make your own judgement call on this one but if you ask me, it’s a little too soon to be making Facebook pages for our babies! Let’s leave that to the 13+ and up!

When Brands and People Turn to Social Media for Customer Service….

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When a person is upset with a brand or product, odds are, they will post on the brand’s Facebook Page or tweet directly to the company. Because of this, large corporations like Target and Ford Motor Company have hired teams of customer service representatives to manage the chatter on their social media streams. Because I myself am a social media manager, I see it all firsthand and I’ve decided there are 3 types of people that use social media to reach out to a business or product:

1. The “I want something for free” complainer:

  • This person will complain about the littlest things in hopes of getting something for free. They write on multiple business page Timelines per day. The odds that they are also a “Sweeper” is highly likely.


2. The Productive Criticizer:

  • When you want to simply let a business know how they can improve their product or operation, but you’re not necessarily looking for a handout, you’re a productive criticizer. These people effectively help brands become aware of problems so the business can work towards solving it!

 3. The “Inexperienced Poster”:

  • The inexperienced poster is most likely older and not familiar with proper Facebook etiquette. These posts are often comical.

I consider myself a “Productive Criticizer.” A few months ago I had an issue with Target’s brand of contact solution. It made my eyes burn and caused me a trip to my optometrist. The doctor told me a few of her other patients have complained about the same product. I decided to write on Target’s Facebook Timeline and got a call from them within 5 minutes. Awesome work Target!

I’ve also had great customer service via social media by Jimmy John’s, Noodles & Co and Panera Bread. Macy’s on the other hand, needs to get it together! I posted an issue I had with them on their Timeline with no response. *Unacceptable*

The Genies are Off to Baltimore!

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This weekend, Jacqui and I will be attending the National ProStart Invitational in Baltimore. If you are not familiar, ProStart is a two-year career building program for high school students who are interested in culinary arts and restaurant management. After covering their social media for the past year, I have become a big fan of this program! In the last decade, education has been focused on the importance of high school students attending a 4 year university and while I fully support this, it is just as important to give those interested in the restaurant industry the correct platform to grow. The students learn skills and techniques, are provided with mentors, and even have the opportunity to apply for several scholarships.

So you might ask what a social media marketing firm will be doing at this type of national event? Since social media is all about immediate exposure, we wil be covering the entire event as it happens. Live twitter updates,  live streaming of the competition, photography of the dishes, and every nitty gritty detail down to what each team is making and when. This is all done not only to engage the attendees of the event, but more importantly to give those parents, students, and supporters a chance to live the event without actually having to fly out to Baltimore. This aspect of social media is significant because it cannot be done through any other platform as immediate as social media can. You cannot buy a radio advertisement slot and announce who the winner of the competition is, or run a newspaper ad featuring what dish your state team decided to make last minute. Social media is what is here and now! Tune in to our updates & you can feel like you’re there living the competition! “Like” ProStart on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and come virtually hang out with us in Baltimore this weekend!


The Power of a Jay Cutler Retweet

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Today was a great day on Twitter for one of our clients, Gale Sayers Center. Now we know firsthand when Jay Cutler (222K followers) retweets one of your tweets, magic happens!


The retweets kept flowing in! Not only did Mr. Cutler and his followers help us spread awareness about the Gale Sayers Celebrity Golf Classic on May 12th, but we also were able to get in touch with these fine folks for a little RT action:

@ JerryAzumah – Former Bears’ cornerback

@ZachZaidman – Chicago Bears Radio Network Sideline Reporter/Host of Bears All Access

@CarmenDeFalco – Host of ESPN 1000’s afternoon show in Chicago w/Jurko and Harry

@ESPNChiBears – Jeff  Dickerson has been covering the Chicago Bears for ESPN Chicago since 2004.

@swirsk054 – Chuck Swirsky, Bulls announcer

Combined, these gentleman have over 316,000 followers. Bet a press release couldn’t beat that exposure – and even better, it’s straight into the eyes of our ideal audience!

The exposure gained when celebrities and media help share your message is unbelievable. While it is pretty cool to see your Twitter handle sitting next to @JayCutler6, our end goal is obviously to get people to sign up for the Gale Sayers Celebrity Golf Classic. Based on the tweets amidst the RT frenzy – that goal was achieved.

All proceeds from the Gale Sayers Celebrity Golf Classic will benefit the Gale Sayers Center. The Gale Sayers Center, founded by Gale Sayers and located at 7901 S. Sangamon in Chicago, IL, works to build a brighter and more reliable future for Chicago’s inner city youth by offering free after-school educational programs and experiences. The programs include computer classrooms where students can be tutored in English and Math; mentoring and motivation sessions with some of the most outstanding business, civic and sports leaders sharing their experiences; educational displays and forums; and a public speaking course. The Gale Sayers Center was founded in 2006 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Comcast #MajorFail

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The Genies know that there is nothing I hate more than grammar and spelling mistakes. Social media marketing is essentially maintaining a company’s reputation.  Many people would agree that a simple spelling mistake can be a major turn off and in some cases wreak havoc on a brand.

This morning, on LinkedIn, I noticed a “featured poll” sponsored by Comcast – with a spelling error (gasp)!


Does this error make you think less of the brand?

Gossip Genie’s Office Depot Small Business Makeover Part 5 of 5

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I recently started working at Gossip Genie a couple of weeks ago and it has been a packed few weeks! During my  interview, Jacqui mentioned that Gossip Genie had won a small business makeover from Office Depot and a one on one chat with Jean Chatzky. I remember thinking how exciting that was and even better to be a part of. Little did I know, just a few days later I would be watching it all unfold.

My fourth day of work was when the new office emerged. It was a lot of fun to see all the new furniture and supplies come in and the old go out. The one on one session with Jean Chatzky was really informative as well. She is super knowledgable on the world of finance and had great insight for small businesses everywhere. Her advice and personal stories were very compelling to listen to.  It was a great experience and I loved that it happened so soon into me starting at Gossip Genie.

It has also been great to see all the press that Gossip Genie has gotten from winning the makeover.  Small businesses best friends are the media so it has been fun to see all the articles and positive press Gossip Genie has been receiving. The most recent article was from Fashion Marketing, and also talks about the other small businesses that received a new makeover as well.

It has been a really fun 3 weeks and I am excited I was able to be part of the new makeover, thanks to Office Depot and Jean Chatzky- as well as Elizabeth for finding the post to enter the contest!

Gossip Genie’s Office Depot Small Business Makeover Part 4 of 5

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Rewind back to mid-January 2012. It was my first week at Gossip Genie and I was just getting acclimated with our clients social media pages and strategies. While working on Facebook one day, a post by Office Depot caught my eye:

I commented right away tagging Gossip Genie in my response. Then I looked at their tabs and saw they were also giving away a small business makeover. I encouraged Jacqui to write a quick entry to enter the contest and fast forward three months – WE WON! As a social media firm, this is an example of the type of info we are constantly sharing with each other on a daily basis. Because we have 15+ clients, the Genies are always on the web lookout for articles and content we can utilize for any one of our many accounts.

As you can see from the previous posts, our new office supplies, desks and chairs look great and we are all lucky to work with such an amazing team. We have a new intern joining the group next week – can’t wait to welcome her into the Gossip Genie family!

My two favorite components of winning the small business makeover from Office Depot:

1. The one-on-one session with Jean Chatzky – she is such an intelligent and inspirational woman!

2. The new comfy leather chairs 🙂

Gossip Genie’s Office Depot Small Business Makeover Part 3 of 5

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Our Small business depot makeover was all thanks to Elizabeth. She spotted the contest on the Office Depot Facebook page and urged me to enter. In 100 words or less, I made a compelling argument as to why Gossip Genie deserved a new office and a financial consultation with Jean Chatzky. Fast forward 2 months and 10 huge boxes are being delivered to the office with a team to assemble everything, reps from Office Depot’s corporate office and their PR team, 4 Genies dressed to represent and Jean Chatzky sitting across from me with her undivided attention ready to answer any and all financial questions.

Jean Chatzky’s advice was what Mastercard would call, priceless. As far as role models go, it doesn’t get much better than Jean. She is such an inspiration and my time with her is something I will always cherish.
A few things that I would love to share from the financial guru:
1. Watch where your time is being spent –time is money and you should know what each minute is worth

2. It’s okay to say no – Jean admitted this is a difficult concept to grasp but she countered that by saying that if a client is not willing to pay what you deserve for your services, don’t accept any less!

3. Build a niche – Focus on a particular market and become the go-to social media expert for that industry



Chatting with Jean, she loved Alfie, the Gossip Genie Mascot

Chatting with Jean

We are proof that winning a contest is not impossible. On a daily basis, we are implementing these types of contests for our clients and it feels pretty good to be on the other end for a change.

Thanks, Office Depot and Jean Chatzky for a wonderful day.