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$14,342,819,149,604.76 #nationaldebt

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Fourteen trillion, three hundred forty two billion, eight hundred nineteen million, one hundred forty nine thousand, six hundred and four dollars and 76 cents. By the time I finished that sentence, our national debt has already increased.  I had to go back to my middle school years when thinking of how to pronounce a number that large. The national debt has become a heated debate across the nation as the countdown continues to credit default on August 2nd. While many of you are off watching CNN and CNBC, I spend most of my day on social media sites finding all relevant news.  In doing so, I came across the National Debt’s Twitter account (@NationalDebt) as well as an overly depressing website,,  that totals the the debt of each segment of the country every second. Welp- Happy Friday!

 Me either, Greg. 


Comparison of $1,000,000,000,000 dollars to a standardized sized American Football field and European Football field. To see what our almost $15 trillion debt amount would look like, visit

What Not to Post: Tweets Recent Grads Shouldn’t Send

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Now that job recruiters are seeking out potential employees through Facebook and Twitter, many recent college graduates have become hesitant as to what they will post on their social media sites. This young woman, however, does not seem to be concerned with her future career as she enjoys her last job-less summer while tweeting away from her public Twitter account.

And here’s a tweet you shouldn’t post no matter who you are.


Social Petworking: Facebook’s Newest Superstar – ALFIE

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After reading, Social ‘Petworking’: the top 10 pets on social networks, I knew it was time to introduce the world to my pride & joy, my nearly 2 year old, oversized, abnormally long bodied (see pic) Havanese.Despite the fact that I felt guilty taking the time to create a Facebook page for Alfie, I knew it was necessary. The extra time I spent carefully crafting Alfie’s Facebook debut will cost me a little bit of extra time servicing my paying clients which I will make up for at some point during the wee hours of the morning. Running a company, planning a wedding and being involved in endless negotiations associated with a short sale, leaves me with minimal free time, less sleep and several unwatched episodes of Teen Mom.

However, should Alfie and I meet again in another lifetime and our roles were to be reversed, I can’t imagine the punishment I would receive as for not celebrating Alfie’s life via a Facebook page.

Alfie, aka “The Mini Cow” comes from a mother that weighs 10lbs, a father that weighs 12lbs, his brother weighs 11lbs and his sister weighs 9lbs and Alfie is 25lbs. More to love, right? Anyway, Alfie was Gossip Genie’s first official employee or rather company mascot.  Obviously, my fiancé and I think he is the cutest, best dog in the world, so naturally we took him to a modeling agency we found on Craigslist about a year ago. The agency required us to spend about $100 on professional photos because they guaranteed us Alfie would be the next “big thing.” We are still waiting for a call from them. With his tubular obese physique we had to come to terms with the fact that our dog just didn’t have the body for modeling. The only way to make him a star is through Facebook. Which is exactly what we are going to do. If you’re jealous of this superstar, too bad, the gene pool stops here. Alfie is super smart but that never got anyone laid in college, so we took that option off the table and neutered him.

I regret not livestreaming that procedure for all to see online. From every poop to every pee, not to worry, Alfie’s life from this point forward will be documented on his Facebook page. Okay, just the cute stuff, so please like Alfie on Facebook!


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The entire time I have been watching and hearing about the Casey Anthony trial – I am reminded of Diane Downs, the woman that shot her 3 young children in order to make herself more available and attractive to the man she was dating. From a psychological perspective, Diane Downs and Casey Anthony are very similar, both sociopaths and psychopathic liars. Downs is in jail for life, Anthony will be free in a matter of hours. When Downs was on trial, Facebook was not even a thought in the mind of (most-likely at the time) the fetus that would develop into Mark Zuckerberg. Tweet was nowhere near being a mainstream verb. Social media was not yet in existence. The opinions publicized were only from people involved in the case. 28 years later, everyone can publicize an opinion on Casey Anthony’s case.

Casey Anthony, synonymous with baby killer. According to social media, she is guilty but an Orlando jury of 12 declared her “not guilty” yesterday. Outrage over the verdict erupted on Facebook and Twitter. Tons of posts and tweets that compared Casey Anthony to OJ Simpson.

Thanks to Twitter, here are a few celebrity tweets regarding yesterdays verdict:

Kim Kardashian: WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!”

Carson Daily: This is Bull(Bleep)

Mandy Moore: I’m from Orlando and have been hooked on the trial the last few weeks. the defense team was abysmal! this is shocking! poor, poor caylee.

After the shock set in, the jokes came – Tomorrow’s sentencing will likely cause another outrage, especially if Casey is freed for time served.

Casey Anthony has become a celebrity for murdering her 2 year old daughter – that’s worse than how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian became celebrities. Let me leave you with a disgusting website that is basically promoting sex with female murders…Lizzie Borden, really?

Are you suffering from “Popcorn Brain”?

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“Popcorn Brain” — a brain so accustomed to the constant stimulation of electronic multitasking that we’re unfit for life offline, where things pop at a much slower pace.

Reading this blog right now could be a symptom of your very own Popcorn Brain.

CNN recently published an article on this ability, or disability-depending on how you use it. After self-diagnosing my self with Popcorn Brain, I started to see how much it truly effects my day. I often find myself eagerly awaiting each web page to load. At times, I become so anxious, I open another tab and begin a completely different task while the other page loads.While watching a television show on my DVR, my roommate skips through the commercials. In the 10 seconds it takes to reach the program, I have already began reading tweets on my Twitter iPhone application.

We all do it-and I will be impressed if you get through this entire blog post without checking your e-mail or cell phone…If you do, then  I am proud to hold your attention to this point. Call it Popcorn Brain, or ADD. Either way, the human race has become so addicted and accustomed to the speed and convenience of technology that we crave it day in and day out. Doing an everyday activity, such as waiting for the microwave to finish can feel like it takes much longer after being exposed to luxuries like high speed internet and the capability to have an endless amount of information at our fingertips.

Check out these quotes from fellow Popcorn Brain sufferers:

“I never know what the next tweet is going to be. Who’s sent me an e-mail? What will I find with the next click of the mouse? What’s waiting for me?” says Cash, who practices in Redmond, Washington. “But I know what’s waiting for me in my garden.

I take a walk with my husband and I can’t resist the urge to check my e-mail. I feel guilty, but I do it.”

At this point in my life, I am thankful for my Popcorn Brain as it allows me to do many things at once during the work day. If you’re worried about your symptoms The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction offers a virtual Internet addiction test that can help you decide how serious your popcorn brain is.

Bashing of the Bachelorette

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It’s that time of year; summer has begun, all of our favorite television shows have ended and many of us hopeless romantics, or those who just enjoy watching a cheesy reality show unfold, have to succumb to watching the Bachelorette.  This leaves us time to discuss who is being bashed this season. Instead of finding one of the contestants to poke fun of, I (along with the rest of the viewers) am going to have to go right for the Bachelorette herself, Ashley Herbert. Bless her heart, but this poor girl has completely humiliated herself this season. The fun-loving, bubbly dentist finds herself falling for the bad boy, Bentley, even after she was warned by a previous Bachelor contestant that he is bad news (nicknamed “Bad News Bentley). Bentely, sweet to Ashley’s face, sour behind her back, leaves the show because “he misses his daughter,” when in reality he has no interest in pursuing Ashley. While reading my Twitter feed during each episode, it becomes more apparent that viewers are quite annoyed with Ashley’s inability to move on from this creep.


Here are some of the infamous Bentley quotes (From

On being a douche: “The competition makes it exciting, competing for her. That’s the extent in terms of my interest. You know, I mean, she’s just not my type.”


On marrying Ashley: “I mean, that just sounds terrible. I would literally rather be, like, swimming in pee than trying to plan my wedding with her. Because I’m not thinking like, omigosh, this is like the girl of my dreams. I’m thinking, like, she’s not my type.”


On winning an “immunity” rose, Ashley’s affections: “Can we just bag this and go play blackjack? … It’s almost like the game’s over before we even push the start button. Like, let’s not even play.”


On potentially kissing Ashley: “Actions speak louder than words. Do I need to force this kiss? Do I need to ram my tongue down her throat?”


On actually kissing Ashley: “That was kind of a bor — It started out good but it sucked towards the end. But it’s more of, like, an expected feeling. I’d be lying to everyone if I’m, like, ‘Yeah, I’m in this ’til the end. I’m gonna ride this out for two months.’ There’s no way I’m going to last that long.”


On his plans to leave the show on next week’s episode: “I came in thinking that Ashley was not attractive at all. I’m not feeling it. … I’m gonna make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks OK.”







Social Media and Broken Promises

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Would you trust a company that promised to follow you on Twitter and broke that promise, I wouldn’t! This company name is ironic because nothing is certain about their promise to follow you on Twitter – First of all, the lingo is incorrect – “Twitter CertainTeed” – it should be “Follow CertainTeed” or “Tweet CertainTeed.” That is strike 1 for me.

Strike 2 is the description of what they post on Twitter  – “Industry news, links to relevant information and articles, and a channel for one on one communication. Here is an example of @CertainTeed’s twitter stream…Industry news? Apparently, CertainTeed thinks its an industry. One on one communication? The only other Twitter account they have interacted with is @CertainTeedNews…hmmm, I wonder if the 2 are related…

Strike 3 is the broken promise – “Follow us on Twitter — we’ll follow back.” Judging fro@CertainTeed’s ratio of followers to following, they are not sticking to their word.

Your Next Job

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We’ve all heard of the Craigslist killer, what about the Craigslist breather…I wonder what your business card would read if this was your job – “Director of Halitosis Prevention.”

Visit the posting at to contact the person who posted this.

Tell Me If My Breath Smells for $600 Per Hour

Date: 2011-06-01, 7:29PM

I’d like to be able to occasionally meet someone and have them tell me if my breath smells. I would pay $5 for each breath that you evaluate. At a given meeting, I might only ask you to evaluate one or two breaths. I would pay for each breath evaluated. For example, if you evaluated my breath twice at one meeting, I’d pay you $10.

If your evaluation of one breath takes 30 seconds, that would mean that your compensation would be at a rate of $600 per hour, since $5 in 30 seconds = $10 in 1 minute = $600 in 60 minutes. Thus, the compensation that you’d be getting in this arrangement would be very high compared to the time you’d be spending to get it.

Here are aspects of the arrangement that I’d like to set up:

– You could discontinue the arrangement at any time.
– You would never have to travel. I could come to you.
– If we met at your home, I wouldn’t need to step inside your home, since we would just have a brief interaction and then exchange money.

Please respond only if you meet the following requirements:

– You must not have any habits or physical conditions that could impair your sense of smell. For example, you must not be a smoker or have any nasal/sinus condition.
– You must be willing to be completely honest in your evaluations of my breath. Please don’t respond to this post unless you’d be truthful in telling me your perception of my breath.
– You must mention cross streets that are near you, so I can estimate how long I would have to travel to meet you.

If you meet the requirements and you’re interested, please email me.

  • Location: Chicago
  • Compensation: $5 in cash for each breath that you evaluate, paid immediately
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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