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What is wrong with people? I don’t know about you but most of my Facebook friends don’t list “womb” as their hometown. Their status updates aren’t “growing” and their interests/likes do not include, “placenta.” Marriah Greene’s parents decided to create a Facebook profile for their unborn child.

The story ended up on the news and as a result, fetus friend requests came flooding in, so the Greenes decided to start a group  called, Marriah Greene :), stating, “This group is replacing Marriah’s page, so Marriah, her mom, and I can continue to update our family and friends.” The group has 2,199 members with over 605 comments from people all around the world welcoming Marriah into the world.

People are acting like Marriah is the next Jesus Christ…Greene is a Jewish name…

#The {Social Media} Voice

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I will proudly admit that although I do not watch American Idol, I am a huge fan of the new hit show “The Voice” or otherwise known as #TheVoice in the Twitterverse. This show has had a bigger social media component to it than I have seen in any other shows thus far. The hashtag  #TheVoice is heavily promoted throughout the show and  tweets are shown at the completion of each artist’s performance.

Throughout the show, co-host Alison Haislip , manages the “V-room” backstage where the contending artists can read tweets from their fans & tweet back to them.  Host, Carson Daley frequently checks in with the V-Room to encourage viewers to tweet to their favorite singers using the hashtag #TheVoice and mentioning @NBCTheVoice. The judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, use real-time interactions to find out what the viewers are saying in order to assist in their decision process.  They also encourage their followers to follow the artists on their team giving each artist their first sneak peek at fame as some of them have already reached up to around 20,000 followers. We have seen the role of Twitter in a plethora of hit shows in the past but #TheVoice brings the impact of social media to the forefront, offering viewers an interactive experience and a chance to engage with the contestants and coaches like never before.


















#RHOC Epic Fail

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For the past few seasons of the many housewives of varying cities, I have argued with my fiancé that the show is worth watching. After last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County finale, I may have to agree with my hubby-to-be. My turning point was when Alexis-big lip-Belino went on a rant about how the world would be a better place if a woman’s sole purpose was to be the possession of her husband. Alexis went on to express her disappointment in “Liberal America” – which means, gender equality and a woman’s ability to run for office.

Alexis is not the brightest bulb – evident even from her Facebook fan page, which has “Verified Page” in the title. I think she was just jealous of her co-starts blue and white verified profile check-mark on Twitter that she decided to verify her own Faceboook page.I wonder why Alexis didn’t use this picture as her profile pic…

What Not to Post: Excessive Mommy Updates

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I don’t see anything wrong with updating your friends and family on what is going on in your life, this is clearly the point of the “Status Update.” With that being said, there is a line that has been crossed here, a line between informing your Facebook friends on what you’re up to and annoying your Facebook friends to the point of deletion. (Gasp!!) I welcome you to the world of Stephanie and her need to post her ever waking thought about her family.

Gluttonous Genies

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This week, Jacqui and I attended the Sweets and Snacks Expo, held at the McCormick Place in Chicago, to cover social media for our client, Kernel Season’s. I had never seen anything like this event. Everywhere you turned there was someone handing you the the tastiest samples of candy, cookies, and snacks. It was basically like trick-or-treating for adults. All the big names were there and clearly, we ended up losing our self-control amidst this ravenous event. We were so busy hoarding candy we didn’t even take a picture of us at the actual event.


Social Media ♥’s Food Fans

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After working for Gossip Genie for a few months and managing 2 clients in the food industry, I have come to the realization that people on social networking sites can’t get enough of their favorites foods. At first, I thought these fans simply “liked” our client’s page or followed them on Twitter to receive free items or first hand knowledge on deals. While that may be part true, there is a whole other loyalty aspect behind the reasoning for these fans to keep up with their favorite foods on Facebook and Twitter.

For example, one of our clients is a producer of a large portion of carrots in California. While putting my genie skills to good use, I check on what the fans are saying about them on Facebook and Twitter. On a daily basis, fans are expressing their love for this client’s carrots, how much their kids love them, how they used them to incorporate veggies into recipes, the list goes on. These fans weren’t expecting anything in return, such as a year’s supply of produce. They simply wanted our client to know how their carrots have enhanced their eating habits.

I discovered another example of this loyalty with Kernel Season’s. If you aren’t already a huge popcorn fan, sprinkling a little of these seasonings on your popcorn will guarantee an obsession. From White Cheddar to Parmesan Garlic to Chocolate Marshmallow, Kernel Season’s covers a wide variety of flavors to appeal to a plentiful of tastes. Part of the reason it is fun to represent this client is because of the excitement in the feedback they receive. Fans love to post pictures of their popcorn with the Kernel Season’s bottle next to it. They are continuously asking where they can buy the seasonings, and are extremely engaging when it comes to the Kernel Season’s Facebook page. When asking their fans “How do you like your popcorn?”, they received 95 responses within a few hours. Even the movie theatres that offer Kernel Season’s love to get involved with “The Kernel” on Facebook and Twitter.

As of this week, Gossip Genie will begin representing in their social media efforts. Food Mafia is an exclusive online destination for food lovers that focuses on supporting restaurant communities throughout select cities. I am excited to begin supporting and promoting this client as it incorporates thousands of restaurants from the Chicago area (and soon to expand). If you live in Chicago and love trying new restaurants, this is the only Mafia you need to get involved with. Follow them on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook!

I hope this post can inspire you to find all of your favorite restaurants and foods on Facebook and Twitter and that you continue to support them! Speaking from the other side of the social media page, I promise you it only allows them to give you more of what YOU want!

What Not to Post – Attempts at Procreation

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There are three lessons to be learned here – don’t make your status update about your attempt to procreate, don’t talk about your current, past or future pregnancy (especially if it includes daily vomiting) and finally, do not stereotype Chinese people (see example highlighted in yellow) or if you’re going to, at least do it correctly! Solly to all of my Chinese readers!

The End of the World

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Churchgoers, today is supposedly your last day of church FOREVER! According to a group of Christian activists, the end of the world is next Saturday, May 21st. Therefore, Sunday church services will no longer be held due to the world ending.

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at one of these “final” church services that are preaching their May 21st apocalypse theory. I probably know more about the prophecy than I would prefer to because of “the news finding me” via social media. Facebook and Twitter have been abuzz with tweets like: Here are the devoted believers expressing themselves on Facebook:One of the many different Facebook pages promoting the end of the world as May 21, 2o11 – It has 12K+ followers I should target all of these people and sell my “rapture pets left behind” daycare services…

I can’t say that was my idea, I actually read a story about a man that was making a mini-fortune off a company he started, Eternal Earth-Bound Pets – check it out here, you can also follow them on Twitter if you are interesting in using their services – please do not ready my blog because you are an idiot!

Harold Camping – a major preacher of the May 21st rapture absolutely guarantees that the world will end on May 21st – (he is 89 years old, so we can’t be sure that he’s simply referring to his world). However, this will be his second prophecy that the world will end on a specific date, the first prediction of the end was for September 1994 and that was a major #FAIL.


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It’s frustrating to when people say that Facebook is not a suitable platform to market a B2B. I think that Facebook may be the best platform for building business to business relationships. With the introduction of “page posts,” (as a page you can post on the walls of other pages) cold calling is no longer the most effective way of generating leads.

Imagine that you’re a salesperson for a company and you’re sick of sending emails that get lost in cyberspace, leaving messages that will never be returned and knowing that caller id is preventing you from getting in touch with prospective clients. If you haven’t already, make sure your B2B business has a Facebook page, from there, JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Facebook is all about making connections so do it! Once your company has its own page, become the brand advocate and target your clients.

Also, strengthen your connections, show a little love (client appreciation) by mentioning your clients in your Facebook posts like Kernel Seasons did for Harkins:

If you’re not already engaging in this type of social networking, your competition probably is.