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Snowy Passover Status

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Holidays and weather – Facebook’s most popular status updates…it just so happens that it snowed today in Chicago (odd for late April) and it’s Passover. That means the majority of status updates were about warm brisket or cold snow.
Well, I better put on my snow suit and head over to my family’s Seder…Happy Passover!

What Not to Post: Road Rage Status Updates

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 There are few things more terrifying than driving behind a swerving driver on a major highway at 5:30 p.m., only to pass them and see them texting on their phone. I usually pass this oblivious person and hope the best for them and the surrounding drivers.  There are others, however, who feel the need to update their status or tweet about how idiotic these texting drivers are. Is it just me or does this seem a bit hypocritical?

Apparently it’s hard for this person to realize that tweeting and Facebooking about a bad driver, while driving, is just as stupid.  Keep your eyes on the road and save the tweeting for the when you get home… or when you get to the red light.

Growing Old With Facebook

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Recently I noticed that my Facebook “photos” tab has been posting my friends’ old photo albums. I am not sure whether it’s a Facebook malfunction for my personal account or if it is also happening to other accounts (feel free to comment if this is happening to you too!) but, as I skimmed through some of these albums last updated in 2006, it made me realize how much we change the content we upload to our social media sites as we get older.  I was able to sign up for Facebook when I was only a senior in high school. This allowed me to post things such as…what college I got into…photos of my graduation ceremony… or who’s basement we could hang out in that weekend. Fast forward to freshmen year in college.  I was probably updating my Facebook status about 3 times a day, writing on the walls of people in my dorm who lived 10 feet down the hall from me, and uploading photo albums of my weekend festivities every Sunday.

Years  later, I am out of college. I rarely update my status, I struggle to take enough pictures that would be an appropriate number to even make a Facebook album, and my friends only write on my wall when they are bored at work.  I still use Facebook just as much as I once did, or more with the simplicity of the Facebook iPhone application, but I am more aware of the content I allow hundreds of people to view.

This young woman is clearly not concerned with the fact that companies are now scouting out the social media sites of potential employees.

Prozac for Facebook

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Apparently, preliminary studies have shown that Facebook can cause or rather exacerbate feelings of depression in those prone to the disease. According to the Associated Press, teenagers lacking self-esteem often feel as if they cannot match up to social standards set by Facebook friends, creating low self-confidence and even depression. Facebook is like looking into the lives of your friends through rose-colored glasses.

A picture of a happy couple does not have the caption underneath it, “We fight all the time.”

Status updates are generally positive and many times those updates are highlighting a life change, a major accomplishment or an upcoming self-serving event all for the sake of eliciting praise from friends.

Pictures are posted of people on vacation looking happy and frolicking on the beach in the sun without reference to the horrible sunburn they got during the trip.

Status updates are exaggerated and sometimes outright lies – For instance: “Partying tonight” is posted when in actuality you’re sitting at home alone eating cookie dough by the pound and watching reruns.

…I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Zuckerberg was taking kickbacks from the major pharmaceutical companies…

Documenting your Pregnancy

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Recently, I was browsing Facebook photo albums and came across a young woman’s album that caught me off guard. Now…I know it’s the 21st century, and social media is used for the purpose of staying connecting with others.  With that being said, the only way I could think to describe this picture to you without sounding offensive and unprofessional would be  “a distasteful documentation of  one’s pregnancy growth”  I also wanted to make a note that the album is titled “Jacqual Lamar Cashmoney Howard” which will be her baby’s name. Yes… that is correct… the middle name is Cashmoney.


I apologize in advance to any offended mommies-to-be that have taken this route in keeping your friends and family posted on your pregnancy.

Maybe these were the looks she was going for.

Heat Up Social Media with Wildfire

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Last night, I launched a sweepstakes for my client through Wildfire App. We set it for a week, hoping to get 100 people to sign up (enter all of their information, subscribe to the company newsletter and “like” the company Facebook page). I suggested my client give away a company branded item to the first 100 people that entered and liked the Facebook page. Therefore, as a green company they decided to offer a simple canvas tote as a giveaway. To me, totes are a dime a dozen and fearing that other people would feel this way, I told my client that with Wildfire, we can extend the end time just in case we don’t get 100 submissions in a week’s time. Which is especially important if you are restricting your settings to people in the US and over 18 years of age, which we were.

I launched the campaign at 10:30PM CST and 20 minutes later we had 120 submissions and 112 likes on the Facebook page. Their Facebook page has not even been up 24 hours and it already has 764 fans. On wildfire, as of right now, we have 861 submissions. I cannot disclose the name of this client but this is NOT a brand you would expect to get this kind of buzz, it’s categorized on Facebook under Agriculture and Farming.

If you’re interested in running a campaign through Wildfire, let’s chat!

Facebook Birthday

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Facebook makes you feel loved on your birthday! It eliminates the purchase of a card and reminds you of your friend’s birthdays via email! At my birthday dinner last night, my friend told me she was so sorry because her computer froze as she was writing a birthday post on my wall. She promised to re-write it today, even though she was physically with me at dinner and out all night to celebrate my birthday. I have still not forgiven her for not writing on my wall…