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It’s Facebook Official!

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Today I woke up to 2 text messages from a good friend that wrote:

7:07 am: “Really. I didn’t know it took a genius to send a relationship request on Facebook”

7:21 am:  “No seriously. I am giving up.”

After laughing at her Facebook frustrations, I asked her to give me her log in and password and I would sign on to her account to request the relationship. Surely someone who works on social media sites all day can figure this out.  I signed on and much to my surprise, I could not figure it out either. I tried editing her info and clicking on all the different tabs but, no such luck.

After succumbing to Facebook’s “Help Center”, I eventually figured it out. My troubles this morning got me thinking about 2 things. 1.) If the Generation Y can’t figure out how to change their relationship status on Facebook- there is probably no luck for the rest of you  2.) Deciding to become FBO (Facebook Official) with your boyfriend or girlfriend has actually become a major decision in relationships these days.







You must admit, these are always the best/most dramatic updates on your newsfeed.


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Chobani yogurt -most comparable to Fage – has launched a marketing campaign that combines digital and traditional advertising. I commend then greek yogurt company for incorporating Twitter into their billboard campaign. Chobani uses actual consumer tweets as the copy on their billboards. It’s a great idea because it encourages consumer interaction with the brand via social networking. The billboards also remind a consumer that Chobani is listening to its customers and appreciating what they have to say by promoting them as brand advocates.

When I saw the billboard, I immediately wanted to tweet something positive to @Chobani for the chance to be featured on a billboard.

@Chobani, here’s my tweet for your next billboard – @SocialJacqui: Eating pomegranate Chobani yogurt for breakfast makes my day better!

What Not to Post – Poop!

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I was in the midst of a Twitter for business training seminar for a group of conservative older men. I was trying to explain the importance of following people with similar interests and asked one of the seminar participants to tell me an interest of his. He said, “classical music” which I typed into the search bar of Twitter to show my audience how Twitter populates a list of people discussing a search inquiry.

The first post that appeared on the oversized screen connected to a projector plugged into my computer was this:

It was as if my audience had seen a ghost, there were gasps and noises of disapproval. I tried to hold back my laughter because this was exactly what I did not want to have happen while I was trying to teach a group of conservative old men about the benefits of Twitter for business.

Oh well, you can’t avoid the people that don’t abide by the laws of what not to post!

What Not to Post – BIRTH

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I have added a new category to my blog, “What Not to Post.” The inspiration for this category was a picture that very recently appeared in my newsfeed on Facebook because a friend of mine commented on her friend’s picture.  Undoubtedly, I will receive some flack for posting a picture of and criticizing a total stranger, so I apologize in advance if this post offends you.  Yes, that is a fresh newborn in the arms of her mother still in the birthing tub. Some things should be kept private, like your newborn baby still coated in your birth juice.

“Good Morning America”…and Chris Brown” By Laurel

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Robin Roberts joined Twitter live during Good Morning America on Monday and on her 2nd day into the twitterverse, she’s tweetttacked (attacked on Twitter) for questioning Chris Brown about his assault charge on Rihanna. Robin questioned him about his relationship with Rihanna and Brown responded by saying he was on the show to discuss his new album.  True to character, following the show, Brown trashed his dressing room, cracked a window, and tweeted “I’m so over people bringing this past sh*t up!!!”

I feel as though when you commit a felony, and you plead guilty to that felony, and you’re a superstar, AND you date another singer/superstar, you kiiiind of have to be prepared to take the responsibilities of your actions when it comes to uncomfortable interview questions. Especially when it is your first time back in the spotlight since the incident.


BUT, before I continue, I do have to give credit where credit is due. Chris Brown explains to the media that while we are still obsessing over an incident that happened 2 years ago, Charlie Sheen is being praised for his unstable behavior as well his previous assaults against women. It does seem a little ridiculous that in the world of social media, Sheen is now seen as an icon and anyone that accomplishes something can now refer to their actions as “winning.”

Whomever you side with, I still believe these tweets were over the top and harsh! Robin was simply doing her job and asking the questions that most viewers wanted to hear!

Here are some tweets about Roberts:

“Then again, why would Robin Roberts question him about this incident, live in the middle of times square on his album release day? Not cool”

“Robin Roberts is a STUPID B*TCH”

“ROBIN ROBERTS CAN KISS MY A** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Ppl like Robin Roberts mst learn hw to move on! Hw cud she attack @chrisbrown lyk that? Leave it all in the past!”

And y’all bum-rushing Robin Roberts on her 2nd day of Twitter… shame.

I wonder if that last one came from a rep for Twitter…

Post by Laurel Slutsky

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

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The Hollywood icon, infamous for her purple eyes, multiple marriages and 2 academy awards has passed away today.

Before it was on the morning news, Twitter’s number 1 trending topic was RIP Elizabeth Taylor. News travels faster on Twitter than any other network in the world. By the time Taylor’s death was reported on CNN, it was already “old news.” Check out Twitter and follow me while you’re at it!

Sean X

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Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sean X.

There are very few people that actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to digital media and Sean is one of them.  I learned more listening to Sean talk about digital media for 15 minutes than any webinar I have ever attended or any industry related blog post I have ever read. I have to say that Sean is the only person I have ever met that can clearly articulate the mathematical strategies and equations involved in the measurement of digital media.

I was intrigued by the” X” in Sean’s name but I found out that it was not self-imposed. Sean was destined to be Sean X from birth because he was not given a middle name, which would later result in his company assigning him a middle initial (X) for the purpose of conforming to the company’s email formatting needs. As Sean’s digital career blossomed, the X became an identifiable trait synonymous with a digital media genius.

If you want to learn something, check out Sean’s blog here. The best part about Sean’s writing is that he is brutally honest with a critical, yet extremely accurate perspective on the present state of digital media. If you’re a narrow-minded prude, Sean’s blog may offend you but he’ll forewarn you if that’s a possibility, “WARNING: If you are easily offended please do not read. And if you plan on chiding me for my rant after reading, I gave fair warning. So don’t blame me, blame your lack of being able to take direction.”