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The Ghost of Facebook

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Have you ever noticed how your Facebook friend count tends to increase and decrease throughout the day?

I have been logged on to Facebook for the majority of the day and my friend count goes from 1598 to 1602 without adding or accepting new friend requests.

It’s a result of the super paranoid Facebook users. Instead of logging off by signing out, like the rest of us, these ultra-private, hacker fearing people deactivate their Facebook account every time they sign off. When they want to log on again, they reactivate their account. During the period of deactivation, none of the deactivated’s information is accessible, basically a deactivator does not exist on Facebook: all relevant tags, wall posts, profile views, likes, photos, prophetic statuses VANISH until reactivation. I don’t believe in deactivation because social media is about constant conversation, whether your present or not. As far as I’m concerned, if you deactivate, you’re basically a Facebook ghost haunting your virtual friends!

Twitter to the Rescue in Japan by Laurel

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Twitter to the Rescue in Japan


Minutes after the tsunami occurred in Japan, Twitter overflowed with millions of tweets about the devastating disaster. #Japan became a trending topic within the first hour. As more worldwide events occur, whether it is a natural disaster like in Japan or the problems over in Egypt, it proves that Twitter has become a valuable and influential news source.

My parents always used to tell me to read the newspaper more often.  Now, I can sign  on to Twitter and read the big stories simply by following ABC News or CNN. I am not saying that Twitter should take the place of all or any news source but it sure is one of the fastest ways to reach a large population.  The Red Cross has over 310,000 followers.  On Friday, they tweeted “Txt REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to #Japan & Pacific #tsunami relief.”  Bing asked its followers to retweet their post about helping the Japan victims and they ended up donating $100,000 to the cause as well. In the midst of extreme chaos, family members in Japan are using Twitter to find their loved ones. It is amazing to see the world use a simple social tool to help those in need. I can’t help but wonder how Twitter could have been used if it was around on September 11!


Post by Laurel Slutsky

Blogging While Jogging

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As a perfectionist, I am constantly battling my own self-imposed guilt about not being able to accomplish even more during the day. If I don’t work out, I feel guilty, if I don’t sit and write a post for my blog, I feel guilty…I wish I could blog while I jog, that would kill 2 birds with one stone.

The worst part about the days when I don’t get to exercise is reading my friends’ Facebook/Twitter posts about their workouts. Apps like DailyMile make the avid gym rats eager to post their sweaty status on all social mediums.

For Instance – guys like this are really probably fat slobs living in a state of virtual denial by maintaining the fake façade across all networks but nonetheless remind me that my workout was not as good as his.

At least I am in no way connected to Golds TM – I just grabbed that from’s public newsfeed.  A few more posts like these and those biceps would be banned from my newsfeed.

The posts that truly bother me are posts like these:

Even re-reading it now, I am itching to get down on my living room floor and start doing crunches. This post is not even from an application, this is some dude reiterating his workout to Facebook. He should be more considerate of the fact that he is making me feel guilty for only doing 29 tricep curls.

In all seriousness, posts like that one and this one: and this one: are published for one reason, to feed the ego. If you’re at the gym or running outside and you see someone you know, it’s human nature to speed up your run or increase the incline on your treadmill for the sake of that person thinking you’re super hardcore (even though you are about to pass out). Therefore, on the days when your workout goes unnoticed you can make sure people at least know it happened in complete detail. Word of advice, keep the cardio to yourself!

Facebook Friends Say The Darndest Things by Laurel

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What are your Facebook statuses usually about? How often do you update? We all have our own preferences but the things that come across my newsfeed sometimes are just bizarre. From horrible spelling errors to venting about that special someone, I really wonder what people think about when they write their status.

Now mind you, I am from a pretty small town, about an hour south of Chicago.  Most people, who grow up here, stay here. The dating scene wouldn’t be what I call exciting.  And the nightlife isn’t always “poppin”, if you will. A couple weeks ago, “B” (we will call him) updates his status. And I quote;

“so legacy is my top 3 places to go in this town cool ppl& last nite im dancing with this fine a** lady and she was like ive never been with a guy like u B4 im like for real you should come bk to my place she was like I cant im with my friends and im like dangg she was like tha nxt time ur here were def gonna…haha what u guys think she said (THA BRODY JENNER OF ILINOIS)”

There are multiple points here that cause me to shake my head.

a.)    I didn’t know that people dance in the bars in my town.
b.)   Are we supposed to comment on what we think they’re “def gonna do?”
c.)    I wasn’t aware Brody Jenner is some sort of idol to young men.
d.)   The Word document that I originally typed this in had so many squiggly lines underneath words in that paragraph you would have thought I was typing in jibberish.

Then, this Sunday B strikes again with an ever-so entertaining Facebook update. And again, I quote;

“So today I was at Wal-Mart with my grandma buying some goods and we levae to go check out and I looked at this magazine and it said my mentor BRODY JENNER is getting married to ariel levine im like wtf jus to say today is a sad day for me smmfh lol.”

Jeeze “Ariel Levine,” thanks for killing the dream for all Brody Jenner wanna-be’s out there. Oh B, I am sure you will find someone new to idolize and assist you with your dating skills. Perhaps Charlie Sheen and his goddesses will suffice.

I hope I can provide you with new updates on B soon.

Post by Laurel Slutsky

Life Without Facebook?! by Laurel

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After weeks of being on a Netflix waiting list for “The Social Network”, I finally got it in the mail this weekend. As I watched, it got me thinking what life and college would have been like without it? Because I work in social media, I am not ashamed to admit I have somewhat of an addiction to Facebook. Although now, I feel as though it is less of an addiction and more of a second nature to my everyday life. As I am waiting in line at the grocery store texting someone back, I find myself using my Facebook app.  God forbid any of my friends (the definition of “friends” when referring to Facebook can be debatable) update their status and I not know?! While watching the Grammy’s, I suddenly realize I am reading all the Facebook and Twitter updates between commercial break. I have my Safari browser open on my computer and notice 3 of my 6 tabs open are Facebook.  Super.

These are a few things that got me thinking about what life would be like without Facebook.

1.      Relationship Status :  An obvious one. How would I ever have found out that my cousin’s best friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend is dating someone new?

2.      Events: Would we use e-vites more? Or would parties just have a lot less people attend without everyone of your friends seeing on your news feed that you’re attending the “80’s themed SigmaChiPalooza”

3.      Facebook Chat: Okay to be honest, this being eliminated could be a blessing in disguise. Not only would I never have to hear that annoying chat sound ever again but I also could easily avoid certain people from asking what I am doing each weekend. Hint: Sort friends into lists so that you can only appear online to the people you want to chat with!

4.      Photo Albums: this is by far one of my favorite things to browse on Facebook. The best way to see that your ex boyfriend from when you were 16 isn’t the young stud you once thought.  Receding hairlines and beer bellies…hm.

Although there are some exceptions to when photo albums can be monotonous  A.) Concerts: Do I really need to flip through 50 different angles of Keith Urban on stage while he looks like the size of an ant?  B.) Sight seeing vacations: I am sure the Eiffel Tower was very amazing but if I wanted to see what it looked like 30 more times I would Google image it.  C.) Mirror pics/ Self timered pics: this is an addition to Jacqui’s “Kissy Face” post. All I can think about is the process itself. Holding up the camera a bunch of times, posing (most likely the kissy face), and deciding which one looks the best so that maximum comments will result. Awkward.

I leave you with a little Facebook memory circa 2005.

Post by Laurel Slutsky

Kissy Face(book)

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Talking to my female readers here…we have all done it, some more than others but every woman has at least one picture of themselves doing the “kissy face.” You can blame on the alcohol but we all secretly think that we look so cute when we do it. I am the first to admit that I have a Flickr account full of pictures where I look like I am paying homage to Derek Zoolander.

To protect the privacy of my friends, I did not use pictures of them, even though I desperately wanted to! My friend gave me access to his account and within minutes I had a complete album of random girls doing the “kissy face.” If you recognize someone, please send my apologies or worse, if this is a picture of you, sorry! These pictures are all accessible on Facebook.

I think I look cute kissy face

Trashy kissy face

Making fun of the kissy face but still doing the kissy face

Background – missed the memo to smile – kissy Face

Extreme kissy face girl boob grab shot

Subtle kissy face

I know I said I wasn’t going to expose my friends but I am sorry Rachel, I had to!! Rachel prefers the blind kissy Face, AKA eyes closed kissy face

Sorry Rach, but your kissy face is just the ultimate!


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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal. I am the first to take advantage of a bargain! When the clock hits midnight, I am already refreshing the Groupon site on my computer or iPhone app. However, there are some things and situations when I would not use a Groupon.

1.       Lasik – I don’t want to choose a doctor that will be using a laser on my eyeball based on a Groupon offer. I would rather be broke than blind!! Honestly though, the best Doctor for Lasik is Dr. Coleman Kraff and they have amazing financing options.  (Disclosure- I am plugging my client but it’s only because I know from experience that he is the best)

2.       Using a Groupon on a first date = last date with me!

3.       Skydiving – When the description includes the phrase, suspended in mid-air, my Groupon purchase desire expires!

4.       My Groupon card maxes out at $200 – any deal over that amount is sketchy or not worth it – check out Los Angeles’s deal today – $1,150 for a Three-Hour Private-Yacht Charter for Up to 48 People at Odyssey Yacht Charter in San Pedro (Up to $2,425 Value) – first thing that came to mind was TITANIC and I bet this yacht has a max capacity of 20 people, but they are probably counting pregnant women as 2 people.

5.       If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is! Like, “$99 for Six Laser Hair-Removal Treatments ($1,200 Value).”If a place has to discount that much, something is not right. I wouldn’t be surprised it they also removed your skin during the treatment.

黃昂淇 added you as a friend on Facebook…

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A few months ago, 黃昂淇 added me as a friend on Facebook…I don’t know who 黃昂淇 is or even what language this is… When I received this request, (not to stereotype at all) I thought to myself, I need to cut back on the sushi, the staff at Kamahachi is getting a little too familiar with me. My wannabe friend didn’t even have a thumbnail pic accompanying the request. Even if it was my maki maker, I couldn’t identify the person. Hey, we all get a random request here an there that we ignore but this was just too weird. I was intrigued, so I accepted the request but covered my “potential creep bases” and blocked everything on my profile from this person until I figured out if there was a connection between us. After reviewing 黃昂淇’s profile, this is what I learned, 黃昂淇 is a male from Taipei, Taiwan (Never been there) and he’s engaged…It looks like all of his friends have the same name as him!P.S. I wonder 黃昂淇’s fiancé feels about all of this…

It gets better…within minutes, 黃昂淇’s friend, 林東富 sent me a friend request!

I guess if I am ever in need of a place to stay in Taipei, I have 2 friends to choose from…