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The Bachelor Bulge

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Here’s a recipe for an eating disorder…you put on a few pounds and your weight suddenly becomes a trending topic on Twitter. Imagine how The Bachelor contestant, Chantal O. must feel…you “Google” yourself and this picture comes up:You continue your search on Facebook – searching “Chantal O” and clicking on “Posts by everyone”  and you’re greeted by your fans with messages like these:

You head over to the Twitterverse and the critiques only get worse…

Yikes, we won’t even get into the blogosphere!

Even though we all want Emily to win Brad Womack’s heart, picking Chantal would certainly prove that her minor weight gain did not deter him.

That or she is pregnant with his child…

Just ½ a Man: Charlie Sheen

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After the last few weeks and his recent interviews, I think its safe to say that Charlie Sheen has in fact, lost his marbles. I am willing to bet James Franco is thanking his lucky stars that his stoner-like Oscar appearance isn’t a trending topic on Twitter after Sheen’s outrageous interviews yesterday. It’s hard for me to understand why these celebrities allow themselves to be a part of this kind of negative media attention. As a non-celebrity of the human population, even I understand the phrase “laying low.” Yes, we understand CBS took away your hit television show (& rightfully so).  And yes, we get that you are the highest paid actor on television. But demanding a 50% raise (Sheen reportedly makes $1.8 million per episode) after causing $7,000 worth of damage to a room in the Plaza Hotel, being drunk and on cocaine, hooking up with a prostitute, I mean a “high paid porn star”, and not to mention his ridiculous statements pertaining to his sobriety, does he really believe he is anything less than an enormous liability.  Here are some top tweets as Charlie Sheen becomes a trending topic on Twitter.

Let us end this with some of my favorite Charlie Sheen quotes from his interviews on The Today Show as well as Good Morning America.

On being on drugs:

I am on a drug. It’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.

On curing himself of addiction:

I closed my eyes and made it so with the power of my mind, and unlearned 22 years of fiction … the fiction of AA. It’s a silly book written by a broken-down fool.

On how he avoids relapsing:

I just don’t do it. I will not believe that if I do something then I have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people. People who aren’t special. People who don’t have tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

Final thoughts on CBS:

Everybody thinks I should be begging for my job back, and I’m just gonna forewarn them, it’s everybody else who’s gonna be begging me for their job back. … If people think I’m insane or they don’t think that what I’m saying is  true, I have no interest in their retarded opinions.

And finally, on himself:

I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.

And there you have it kids, Charlie Sheen has in fact, lost his marbles. Don’t do drugs.

Post by Laurel Slutsky

Academy Awards hosts #Fail

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According to the chatter online – the best source of information – tonight’s Oscar hosts were a major #FAIL.

What did you think?

Harsh reviews via Twitter!

I think Gwyneth needs to leave the singing to her hubby. James Franco should not get stoned before hosting an awards show. Natalie Portman should keep being fabulous. Jesse Eisenberg needs to lighten up. Christian Bale should lose the beard. Most importantly, these award shows should have live Twitter feeds on a big screen during the whole ceremony, that way this feedback could be received and implemented immediately.

Disconnecting on the Jersey Shore

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It’s for the safety of humanity that the Jersey Shore does not allow its cast to have access to cell phones or computers. Can you even imagine how much more “smushing” would take place if The Situation could text a girl? The show is a prime example that technology is not to blame for this generation’s promiscuity. I don’t disagree that texting has taken the place of a phone call which has been detrimental to interpersonal communication. The Jersey Shore is a prime example of how a 21st century slut functions without access to “easy access” communication. Once a slut, always a slut, even without modern technology, the Jersey Shore “whore” still manages to “get it in” on a frequent basis.

It must be hard for the ego driven Guidos on the show that don’t have access to Twitter and Facebook. Can you imagine if you were a trending topic on Twitter but didn’t even know it?! What if you couldn’t check on the status of your fan page growth on a daily basis? Tragic! Oh well, their endorsements make up for those few disconnected months!

ProStart Perks

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A client of mine is the National Restaurant Association’s educational foundation, ProStart. “ProStart is the career-building program for high school students who are interested in culinary arts and foodservice management.” I handle their Facebook and Twitter pages and on occasion get to attend their events to capture the moment and keep it alive through social media.

Today I visited Technology Center of Dupage’s Culinary Club “Open to students in the Culinary, Pastry Arts and Hospitality Management program, Culinary Club members learn and practice skills used in competition. Each year, returning seniors may test for a place on TCD’s ProStart Culinary and Management teams, which compete in the fall at the state level ( Other competitions through the year are open to all culinary students and include the College of DuPage Recipe Scholarship Competition in the spring.”

They served lunch, which was better than most 5 star restaurants. You can see all of the pictures on Facebook but I will give you a little teaser here:

And that was only the appetizer…

Snowcial Media

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This week, social media became “snowcial” media. The blizzard that hit Chicago on Tuesday afternoon quickly became a hot topic on Facebook and Twitter long before a snowflake even hit the ground.  Sunday and Monday, people started posting their blizzard survival tips, blurry pictures of long lines at the grocery store and links to weather reports that deemed the impending blizzard as “life threatening.” When the thundersnow – and that is what it was – hit the Chicago area, the blizzard was experienced around the world. Floridians were vicariously living through their Midwestern friends posting unbelievable pictures of an historic event in weather. There were some great words, obviously accompanied with hashtags, born out of Mother Nature’s fury: The SNOMG! (Snow My God!), SnowtoriousBIG, Snowpocalypse, Chizzard, Snowmageddon and many more. Lake Shore Drive became a trending topic on Twitter. I was able to collect and create an album out of pictures posted from friend’s pictures of the abandoned cars on Lake Shore Drive. “Snowcial” media allowed most of us to enjoy the effects of the blizzard from the comfort of our own homes.

A Facebook Bride To Be

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My boyfriend recently proposed to me. He kept it a secret for 2 months, my parents knew, his parents knew and…Facebook.

When our relationship hit the 2 year mark, Facebook was giving me more nuptial pressure than my 90-year-old grandmother.  Every day, my Facebook pages were inundated with ads relating to engagement rings, engagement 101 magazine and blogs “to help ease that ever-present pressure to wed.”

The visual evidence of Facebook’s targeting capabilities was intriguing, so I started doing screen captures of the ads.

It’s ironic that a recent blog post I wrote was about my dislike for PDR (public display of rings) via Facebook pictures. I still feel that way, regardless of the fact that I am now starting to “like” all of the bride to be fan pages. However, you will never see an album on my page titled, “The Ring” with 42 pictures detailing all the intricate angles and facets of my engagement ring.

My boyfriend’s fiancé’s proposal was completely unexpected but Facebook was prepared. When I changed my status from, “in a relationship” to “engaged” my ads went from pressure to stress. According to Facebook, the day I got engaged, I was already behind in planning my wedding.

The 12 Days of Discounts!

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These are a few of my favorite holiday things…

The 12 Days of Christmas are all about discounts this year. If someone’s “true love” was going to buy them a couple of turtle doves, they could find a promo code online to get them for 20% off. A lot of my clients wanted to do a 12 days of Christmas promo and in creating these campaigns, I took notice and advantage of other companies doing the same thing. One of my favorite brands, Theory, has done an excellent job with their 12 days of Christmas campaign on Facebook. OneHope Wine has also done a nice job with their 12 days promo. A bad example,’s excuse for a 12 day themed promo via Facebook. First of all, it starts on day 3, no mention of days 1 & 2 and worst of all, they don’t shorten their links…long links are so 2008!

Everywhere you look, there are holiday promo codes, secret Santa sales and jolly Christmas giveaways! It’s amazing when you are technologically savvy enough to take advantage of the offers. At a time when discounts are not so in-your-face blatant, dig for them! I never “checkout” without checking Facebook, Twitter and Googling a promo code for the  product I am about to buy.


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Alright, here goes: There are always going to be different types of people in this world! We have the optimists, pessimists, malcontents, intellectuals, free spirits, corporate climbers, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, gypsies, etc..I could go on for days! No matter who you are and what you love (or pretend to) please try not to speak about something you really just don’t #$%*$! understand!

I’m a social media consultant, and if for one second I have a question about anything dealing with any one of my clients I will ASK! Yes, that’s correct I will do just that, and sometimes when I am asked a question my response is even…wait..hold on: I DON”T KNOW (gasp for air) I know it’s utterly appalling, and how could anyone ever work with me? Trusting me with their reputation when I don’t have ALL the answers..that’s just unheard of: No it’s gosh darn profound!

Why, you ask? If I don’t have the tools I will find them, if I don’t have the answer I will research until I uncover it! I’m not going to give you some sly halfway ridiculous sounding answer to make myself appear more intelligent. Nor, will I pretend that I know everything about your business, and make you look like an #$^%#@%$* in representing it! (Can’t I just say it..haha)

In that case, please do not undermine my position. It’s great to pretend that since it’s so easy to put up a FB post or Tweet you can pull off the exceptional job I do…. To share as much as I can without giving away my secrets: Social Media is about engagement, and building a community that enjoys conversing with your business about your brand. You do not talk AT people, yet TO people! Most important: listen to what your community, customers, guests, etc. have to say about your brand. They will gladly tell you, but you have to LISTEN!

Which leads me to the fact that every time I go on Facebook or Twitter people are promoting themselves! You might say: what’s wrong with that? I have a business and that’s what I should be using it for isn’t it? I’m not saying it’s wrong and I’m not guilty of it, yet I consistently help promote other businesses.

Here’s an example: Imagine we were meeting for the first time and I walked up to you and said “Hi, my name is Reyna”: read my blog RESPECT……  did you even get a chance to speak? I don’t even know what your name is, but I told you to read my blog. That is what’s important in the end though, for you to read my blog right?  So, why did you walk away from me so fast it could have been in the Guinness Book of World Records? BECAUSE I ONLY WANTED TO TALK ABOUT MYSELF!

Beyond that, there’s countless hours of blogging, research, optimizing pages, FB ads, implementing the proper strategies for each business, Tweeting, ReTweeting, Google alerts, social mentions, uploading pictures, joining relevant groups, creating videos, and the list goes on!

So next time you are networking or on a social network for that matter: make sure you close your mouth and open your ears! With my big mouth it may not have been easy at first, but it more beneficial in the end. BTW: My name is Reyna and thank you for reading my blog:)

Social Media Engagement… with a Diamond Ring

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Once again, I find myself updating my blog from 30,000 feet. However, this time I am on Southwest and I am practicing self-control by not immediately connecting to the Internet. I am en route to LA for a total of 30 hours to attend a client’s event.  If I was not booked to go to LA for the day, I would be headed to New York to attend my best friend’s engagement party this evening. I will be there in spirit and I know that whatever I miss will be documented on Facebook. My best friend is not a huge “Facebooker,” she has never even uploaded an album but luckily her sister documents and posts all of the social happenings between the two.

A recent engagement spreads like wildfire on Facebook. Whether it is people congratulating the newly engaged couple on their walls or posting a status update, “engaged” to illicit a response. It is also quite practical in terms of getting the word out. My boyfriend and I were recently invited to a wedding and the bride-to-be sent me a Facebook message to get my address to send an invitation. It’s nice to know that some traditions are still observed, that being paper invitations. My boyfriend did not send the RSVP in on time and therefore, I received another message from the soon-to-be newlyweds asking if we were attending the wedding. In this case, this couple could have saved the cost of the invitation and stamp because our uncertain attendance was confirmed through Facebook.

On the weekends, my Facebook newsfeed is heavily loaded with wedding chatter. “Headed to Boston to attend Mike and Lisa’s wedding.” “Congrats to Ben and Sara on their wedding.” A blurred cell phone pic of 2 Jews signing the Katubah with the caption, “The Newlyweds.”

Foursquare check-ins have been another way to post about wedding attendance. “Headed to Emily’s wedding, “Jax is at O’hare International Airport (w/55 others)”

My friends’ recent albums are bachelorette parties, engagement parties and most of all weddings. Oddly enough, I have even seen friends post pictures of their newly frosted finger. Keep the bling off the book!

One friend had a late afternoon wedding in Napa and by 4pm her last name was changed on Facebook, as well her relationship status from “engaged” to “married.” As her guests were sipping on wine and munching on appetizers, she was on her computer on her wedding day updating her Facebook page.

If it has not been done yet, it will be soon, a proposal on Twitter, “@Lisa5466 will you marry me?”

I have a friend that is a few years older than me and she says her news feed is filled with baby pictures and due dates. My only request, keep the birthing video out of my network.