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The Absolute Best Tweets About the #Oscars

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We all know each social platform has its bread and butter. Facebook is essentially a video sharing platform, Instagram is great for creative inspiration (fashion, home decor, travel), and then there’s Twitter. In my humble opinion, I think Twitter is best used for major events. I’m talking presidential elections, major sporting events, and you guessed it – Awards shows. 

I don’t know if you tuned into the Oscars showdown, but last night’s tweets were a gold mine of hilarity. Especially after the headline-worthy mess-up from the academy (I’m thinking it was Leo’s revenge against the Academy for all the past snubs.) In order to lighten up your Monday, I’m here to share the absolute best tweets from the 89th Academy Awards. Enjoy!

The Fashion

The Show


best tweets Oscars

best tweets Oscars

The Grand Finale

The Genies’ School of Life

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When I walked into Gossip Genie on my first day nearly 7 months ago, I had no idea what kind of crazy adventure I was getting myself into. With very little experience in the social media world prior to starting,  I knew that in order to succeed I had an interesting and unique challenge ahead. Little did I know, my journey to becoming a Genie would be more than just learning the ins and outs of social media, but it also meant that I was enrolled in The Genies’ School of Life.

From the beginning, the Genies have all helped me learn and grow in their own ways. Collectively, they’ve taught me things about life that I would never be exposed to without being thrown head first into such a dynamic work environment. I’m beyond grateful for the professional tools they’ve instilled me with, but these three ‘Genie School’ life lessons are things that will stay with me forever.

Being a guy in an office that is majority women offers some unique perspectives on life, especially in the relationship advice department. Being fairly new to the relationship thing, I definitely stumbled over some of the no-brainers that come with being a couple. The Genies have, more than once, used some tough love to help whip me into shape about everything from buying flowers to surprising your significant other. They aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong, and that’s translated into a stronger relationship between my girlfriend and me.

Before starting at Gossip Genie, my idea of ‘treat yourself’ was going to Taco Bell. To be honest, it still is, but the Genies have slowly opened up a world of new experiences that have helped me redefine what it means to actually treat yourself. It’s become a daily occurrence for the Genies to introduce me to a new thing to enjoy. Whether it’s an artisanal cheese spread, wine tasting, or finally eating those donuts everyone talks about, the Genies never fail in showing me things that my normal routine kept me away from. I’ve come to appreciate how much they try to expose me to the finer things in life, and I’m always excited to see what the next day at Gossip Genie has in store for me.

I won’t lie, it was a little hard for me to get over telling people I worked for a company called Gossip Genie. Not because I was embarrassed by the name but because who I was when I started was the farthest thing from a ‘Genie.’ For the first month or so, I really struggled at embracing the unique dynamic our office had. It was hard to relate to celebrity gossip, skin care tips, and many of the more feminine things that came up. As most typical males would act in that kind of situation, I shied away from those topics and was a lot less involved in the office than I should’ve been. I knew something needed to change, so I slowly started to embrace my inner Genie. Looking back, the day I stopped being afraid of being a Genie was by far one of my most important days at Gossip Genie and one that allowed me to grow more in and out of the company.

Seven months ago, I would’ve never pictured myself decorating cakes, but it was actually a lot of fun. Seven months ago, I never would’ve thought I would know what my favorite wine is; turns out it’s riesling. Seven months ago, I never would’ve thought a group of strangers could have such an impact on how I view the world around me. Seven months ago, I never would’ve imagined I would be a Genie.

‘The Genies’ School of Life’ isn’t a place where you just get a diploma one day, it’s a constantly changing way of life. The last seven months have been an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything, and after accepting a full-time position here last week, Gossip Genie is where I am proud to continue to learn and grow. I would like to extend a huge thank you to my teachers and fellow co-workers, and I’m excited to see what adventure Gossip Genie takes me on next!

Social Media Trend: Lettering

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With so much beautiful, downright gorgeous content on Instagram right now, it can be a struggle for businesses to stand out. It’s easy for the photos of even major brands to get lost among all the high-res shots, bold colors, and adorable puppies. One way to get seen, though, is to hop on a trend while it’s hot, even more ideally when it’s just beginning.

Although it’s not the newest trend, more and more brands are engaging their audiences by implementing lettering – creative, eye-catching handwriting or calligraphy – into their channels. I, for one, am a BIG fan of this trend (think: Ross Geller to dinosaurs, cats to Christmas trees, Prez Obama to VP Biden). The time-lapse videos or short GIFs are just so digestible and entertaining that I easily get sucked in every time.

Here’s some ways brands are killing the trend on their channels:

Dunkin’ Donuts

One of the first brands I saw utilizing this trend was Dunkin’ Donuts. They constantly find unique ways to create hype about their events and announce new menu items using lettering.

….aaaaand Starbucks

Starbucks has also been a major proponent for lettering on Instagram. Their page is filled with unique posts that demonstrate the limitless ways to get onboard with this trend.

Wilton Cakes

In a completely out-of-the-box use of the trend, Wilton Cake Decorating took part using food coloring!

Gossip Genie

Fellow Genie and Chicago Blogger, Shannon, used lettering on our GG feed to spice up our Thanksgiving post. Veering from the typical “Happy (insert holiday)!” post is another excellent use of the trend.


The Highs And Lows Of Social Media In Professional Sports

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In 2017, it’s no shock that social media can make or break anything. From an embarrassing drunk tweet to a social media manager forgetting to switch accounts before accidentally posting on a national brand’s page, no one is immune to the ever vigilant and judgmental eye of social media.

The ruthlessness of internet mockery was never more clear than last night when the NFL made a controversial announcement that San Diego’s long-time football team would be moving back to Los Angeles. Shortly after the announcement, users quickly began to poke fun at the striking resemblance between the new Chargers’ logo and the iconic LA Dodgers’ logo.

(Here’s a side-by-side comparison – we’ll let you be the judge)

Aside from the usual memes spawned from a major company’s blunder, social media manager from other professional sports teams leapt at the opportunity to put aside their rivalries and come together to capitalize on the misfortune of the Chargers’ move.

Here are a few of our favorite examples of impromptu sports social done right!

The Dallas Stars followed the Chargers’ lead with a fresh ‘new logo’ that looked awfully similar to their sister football team’s logo.


The Sacramento Kings’ social team wasted no time poking fun at LA with this nod to the Lakers’ logo.


The LA Kings were out for blood with this reference to the St. Louis Rams moving back to LA, leaving St. Louis without any pro-football team. Bonus points to the social media manager who was also able to incorporate the current score of their game!

And our favorite interaction of them all comes from the Tampa Bay Lightning’s social team (who’s logo sports a recognizable lighting bolt) and the LA Dodgers, who were at the heart of this internet frenzy.

Everyone got a big kick out of the world’s top sport social media teams making a huge joke out of what should’ve been a joyous night for the Chargers’ organization. Unfortunately for the Chargers’ social media team, with numbers like 63k retweets and over 87k likes for a single tweet, it pays to be on the other end of the internet’s biggest joke!

The Genies’ Top Songs of 2016

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As the year comes to a close, Spotify has gifted each of its users yet again with a one-of-a-kind playlist that features their 100 most listened to songs in 2016. From rap to indie to nursery rhymes (Liv Liberman has the best taste in music out of any of us!), the Genies definitely enjoyed a wide range of tunes, including several tracks that can be found on the globe’s top 100.

To help you get through this final homestretch to New Year’s, I’ve shared each of our playlists below to keep you focused, motivated, and dancing!


For the rap fans out there:


For those looking for something new (and amazing – trust me):


For a little bit of everything:


Self-proclaimed by Keenan as for those with ‘music ADHD’:


For those whose taste in music also evolved in 2016 (and for those who still love the Grease soundtrack…):


For those needing an upbeat pick-me-up:


Indie meets folk meets alt (5/5 stars – would recommend!):

Looking for yours? You can find it by going to Browse → 2016 Wrapped → Your Top Tracks of 2016. From there, be sure to share your playlist with your friends on social media!

What Gossip Genie taught me in 2016…

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As 2016 comes close to an end, I’ve started reflecting on everything that has happened this past year. Everyone can agree that 2016 wasn’t the best year, but for me this year has been the hardest year of my life. It was challenging, draining and never ending in every aspect. But as I think back and relive the rollercoaster of emotions that I went through, 2016 was also humbling and inspiring. I can honestly say Gossip Genie played a large role in that with 2 major things working there taught me.

It’s okay to accept help

If you know me, you know I am not a fan of asking people for help. I like to think I can juggle everything on my own and still come out strong. But when life happens and hits you with an unexpected dose of a reality, it’s easy to lose track of things and completely lose focus.

Earlier this year my mother passed away and it really took a toll on me. During that time, the love and support from the Genies were far beyond amazing. They picked up my workload without hesitation and didn’t bother me for a second about work. They allowed me to take the time I needed for myself to heal. The way everyone came together to support me during a difficult time made me realize that it’s okay to just let go and accept help. Even when you feel like you can handle it all on your own, sometimes you really can’t.

And that’s okay because no one is perfect.

It’s okay to take risks

Although my mother passed away in March, it wasn’t until this summer when I realized I never took the time to process what happened and properly grieve. With that, I made the hardest decision in my professional career and took a break from Gossip Genie. It was a huge risk because I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t have a plan or an idea of what I even wanted to do. I just had a gut feeling that leaving was the best thing for me in that moment.

Fast forward 3 months and I am back at Gossip Genie with the biggest smile on my face. Because I did what I felt was best for me, I was able to experience so much in a short amount of time and come back with a clearer mind. I was able to take time for myself, travel to different countries and figure out what I truly wanted. I connected with family members I never knew I had. I even visited my dad who I haven’t seen in over 5 years. But most importantly I learned how to be myself again and be happy, which allowed me to be an even better, more productive employee.

So if you are ever unsure or are afraid to do something in 2017, listen to your gut and don’t be afraid to take the risk. In the end, no one knows you better than yourself.

2017 Social Media Resolutions

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The New Year is quickly approaching, and with it comes the chance to reflect on what goals you’d like to reach in 2017. Going to the gym, saving money, and watching less TV are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions, but at Gossip Genie, we are using 2017 as an opportunity to take our personal social media game to the next level!

If you’re looking for some New Year’s inspiration, the Genies shared their social media resolutions and how they plan to tackle them!

Resolution – I want to learn how to utilize more of Snapchat’s advanced features so I can increase my audience.

Solution – Snap more and have fun experimenting with everything Snapchat has to offer!

– As a photographer, I’ve committed one of the biggest social media cardinal sins and neglected my Instagram for months.

Solution – I plan to make a set schedule and post at least once a week. I’m hoping this will spur me to take better care of a vital social channel and get my brain in a more constant, creative mindset!

Resolution – My social media resolution is to finally start a blog. I keep telling myself I’m going to, but never get around to it. 2017 is the year!

Solution – I plan to stay on track by learning new skills that will help me be successful. Photography, photoshop, lettering – just to name a few.

Resolution – I want to post more on LinkedIn and leverage my network better. I also want to get into Snapchat!

Solution –  I’m going to share more social media articles I read and use the Gossip Genie blog to share content with my network.

Resolution – I want to post less on Snapchat and more on Twitter! Twitter is a great way for me to “build my brand” as a Social Media Director and stay up-to-date on the latest conversations around social media and my favorite shows/podcasts. Snapchat is a time suck for me, and I think I get too obsessed with always adding to my story. I don’t like when I feel addicted to a platform!

Solution – For Twitter, I will try my best to be more diligent to keep it in mind when big things are happening in social media. For Snapchat, I will try to be more in the moment instead of immediately recording things for my story.

Resolution – 3 posts per week on my personal blog!

Solution – Plan ahead! Make a personal content calendar full of blog ideas.

Resolution – My social media resolution is to pay closer attention to my personal social media. As a Social Media Manager, I should practice what I preach and make sure to not neglect my own channels.

Solution – I hope to be more conscientious of important events or news that might make a big impact in social media and capitalize on those periods of big engagement.

We hope some of these resolutions can help you set a social media goal for yourself! If you have your own resolution, we’d love to hear them!

Stress Less: How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Worrying About Work

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Hip, hip, hooray! Thanksgiving week is upon us. In addition to the copious amounts of carbs, the third full week in November also signifies a shortened work week. It’s been a while since we’ve all enjoyed some good ol’ holiday vacation sans PTO, so I’ve made a list to help set yourself up for a successful, not stressful, time away from your desk.

1. Make a list, check it twice thrice

Stress Less

Alright, first things first. I recommend you make a list of everything that needs to get done before you leave the office to enjoy the holidays. This list should include items that need to be done before vacation and also items that are due the first few days after you return to work (who likes to be rushed?). In the beginning, it can feel really overwhelming to think of all the tasks you need to complete before leaving for the holidays, but I find it’s always helpful to write out everything you need to do. Having a visual list will keep you organized and ensure no responsibility slips through the cracks. For extra accountability, set up a short meeting with your manager to review everything that needs to get done before you can peace out and relax with friends and family.

2. Work until you’re done working

Stress Less

It’s really easy to get distracted and unmotivated before any holiday or vacation. You’re so close to time off! Day dreaming of a break from your commute, cordial emails, and daily responsibilities is tempting. But please, please, please don’t start slacking off while you’re still on the clock – your future self will thank you. The few days leading up to vacation are crucial for setting yourself up for success. As hard as it may seem, stay focused, bump some motivational tunes, and get your work done.

3. Unplug

Stress Less


The best way to enjoy the holidays is to unplug and detach from work. Please don’t go into a panic after reading that sentence. If you’ve done items #1 and #2  above, then you’re good to go. Your responsibilities have been taken care of, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve totally kicked butt at your job. Studies show that taking a break from work will actually increase productivity and creativity upon return.

Of course, totally detaching may be easier said than done. But give it a try. Emergencies might arise, but people have your number and can reach you if it’s really necessary. My best tip for unplugging from work is to remove your work email from your phone. Go ahead, take the plunge. Go to settings > email > remove work email. It’s super easy to reinstall, so don’t fret. Yes, you’ll probably get some emails during the holiday that will go unread, but you’ll be able to deal with anything when you’re back in the office. P.S. when in doubt, check with your boss to clarify what’s expected of you before you leave for the holidays.

Are you ready to enjoy your holidays and temporarily forget about work?

My Rainbow Baby

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Recently, I have had some unexpected down time due to being under the weather. However, it has thrown me for a loop because I am not the type of person that can just sit still but I know I need to right now. Per my doctor’s orders, if I want to feel better, I need to rest, hydrate and freeze my gym membership for 3 – 4 weeks. That last requirement did NOT elicit a pleasant response. Typically, I am extremely active and if I am not, I have a really hard time sleeping so I have been up until at least 3am the past few nights. As a self-proclaimed productive perfectionist, I have been using this time to do work, plan Liv’s first birthday party extravaganza and organize files on my computer. In the midst of choosing 365 of my favorite pictures of Liv for my “a year in the life with Liv collage,” which will be displayed at her first birthday party, I realized I did not have enough of the most special moment, her actual birth. By the birth, I don’t mean horror movie gore, it means that special moment when you make eye contact with the most important person in your life. Despite my postpartum haze, I actually remember Ron taking pictures. At around midnight last night, I took Ron’s phone and used my favorite feature the magnifying glass at the top right and typed in September 2015.

I was shocked to find that Ron had some incredible photos from the delivery room that I had never seen. More importantly he had one of the most incredible nurse and I was able to zoom in and clearly read her name tag. That was all I needed to find her. The first thing I found was her wedding website but there was no way to reach her from there. She did not come up on Facebook by her name. I had to dig deeper, I searched for her matron of honor on Facebook and saw her pictures and luckily Lindsay was tagged in one and I found her.


Grab your tissue because as vulnerable as this makes me, I am going to share our exchange. Once again, thanks to the power of social media, I was able to reconnect to the person I call my guardian angel.

Lindsay –

Where do I even begin? For the past 10.5 months I have thought about you and thanked my lucky stars for your presence in my life. In October of 2015, I called Prentice begging for your last name. Several different people told me that they could not release that information. I asked if I could just leave a gift and a note for you and apparently nurses are not allowed to accept gifts but I could send something to the head nurse and she would share it with all of the nurses. My husband, Ron and I talked about just sending something to all of the nurses but ultimately agreed we needed to find you. I knew in my heart I would find a way to thank you, somehow, some way.

Life started to get crazy as Ron and I fell so deeply in love with our newborn daughter, Liv. At least every couple of weeks since Liv was born we look at her in awe and one of us says, she wouldn’t be here without Lindsay.  I know you have delivered many babies and I hope with a picture and the rest of this story you remember me because you are my guardian angel. I truly believe you were a gift from my first baby, my son.

In July of 2014 I delivered a stillborn baby boy at 24 weeks and that tragedy broke me. One year, 2 months and 1 day later our daughter’s birth brought me back to life. Pregnancy with Liv was one of the most challenging things I have ever endured, stressful, anxious and emotional. I kept waiting for something bad to happen and the thought of hearing her cry for the first time got me through each day. When she came out at 10:11 am on September 25, 2015, Dr. Gerber put her on my chest but she wasn’t crying and she started to turn purple. You grabbed her and called for backup. I thought my sweet baby girl was going to die but you were not going to let that happen. You saved my daughter which means you saved me because I would not have survived losing a second child. I just wish I could somehow express how incredible you are as a nurse, a person and soon to be wife. (I finally found you from your wedding website).

Liv’s first birthday is coming up and I am putting together a collage with 365 pictures for each day of her life. I was looking through Ron’s phone to see if he had any pictures that I didn’t and he had so many from the delivery room that I had never seen. Seeing those and you was so incredibly emotional, you would have thought that I found my long lost sister because I couldn’t sleep I was so excited that I had a picture that had your name tag. I swear I am not a creepy stalker; I just needed to let you know how amazing you are. Not only did you save my daughter’s life, you made sure I was comfortable fully well knowing that the last time I was in the labor and delivery unit at Prentice was the worst day of my life.

When Liv was stable you handed her back to me and I could just feel your relief and happiness for us. It was such a bittersweet situation because we will always long for our son but because of you, it was the most beautiful experience and the best day of my life.

When everything settled down, I was wheeled up to recovery and I saw you crying as I passed by you in the hall. Just thinking about that makes me cry because you knew what I had been through and what could have been had you not intervened. I think about it every day and I take nothing for granted with my daughter. Liv fills each day with sunshine and happiness. I even cherish the massive poop explosions because I feel privileged that I get to clean those up, I AM SERIOUS!  You made sure I was taking her home and because of you, I am a mom to a living child.  We may have only spent a matter of hours together but you are truly a beautiful soul, empathetic and compassionate. The best day of my life and the best part of my life is because of you. It has been my mission to find you and let you know that you are the reason my biggest blessing is asleep in the other room.

I just wanted to confirm that this is indeed you and this is your wedding website (I removed the link for privacy purposes). The two sentence maximum on the gift card wouldn’t allow for this novel I have written. It would be such a pleasure to send you a gift for your upcoming nuptials, I just want to make sure I am sending it to you.



hi Jacqui,

It’s so good to hear from you.  I remember that day very well! I am actually stuffing our wedding envelopes with my mom right now and talking about how I don’t get to be a staff nurse as frequently because I’m in charge more.  It’s so nice when I get to be a bedside nurse and make connections with people like you.  I’m so happy to hear that you and Liv are doing well.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a year!  Do you know what a rainbow baby is? She’s yours!  Give that sweet girl a good squeeze and a kiss from me!



I’m so glad you got my message! It’s also another sign that you are my guardian angel because this is liv’s first birthday invitation…


image1 (1)




And she was born on my mom’s birthday:)

I sent Lindsay an ice cream maker from her registry and on the card I wrote, I hope Liv and I can share some ice cream with you one day. Social media can be a powerful resource, especially if you are determined to thank someone.