Happy Social Media Day!

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This year will mark the seventh annual Social Media Day, an event that was first launched in 2010 by Mashable to recognize the incredible growth and impact the digital revolution has had on our world.

 To get an idea of how big the impact is, take a look at these amazing stats about social media:

Here at Gossip Genie, we are all about social media. We live, work and breathe it. So for us, every day is social media day! But this specific day allows us to reflect on the significance of social media and to highlight the ways digital culture has revolutionized how we communicate.

Want to participate in Social Media Day? Use #SMday on any social network and check out Mashable’s website for meetups in your area.

Sprout Social – A Social Media Manager’s Best Friend

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Working in the fast-paced, always-connected social media realm, there’s certainly a lot to keep track of on a daily basis; upcoming events for each of your clients, effectively managing ad budgets, filing reports in a timely fashion, creating new and interesting content that’s relevant to what each brand is doing… the list goes on.

Fortunately, there’s one particular tool that serves as a proverbial Swiss Army Knife to help streamline some of these tasks and make life much simpler. If you work in the field of social media at any capacity and have yet to discover the joys of Sprout Social, you should familiarize yourself with it right away. In fact, stop reading this – go get it right now. What are you waiting for?

Here are just a few of the tasks Sprout can help you with:

Access all of your brand’s social media accounts in one place.

In this ever-evolving internet day and age, most businesses have more than one social media channel. With Sprout, you can manage all of these accounts at once under “Messages”. You can even filter what information comes in. For instance, you’ll probably want to see Facebook messages, wall posts, tweets about your brand and Instagram tags, but perhaps you’re not interested in likes, shares or retweets. You can set the filter to specify the information that’s pertinent to respond to. As you address each notification, you can mark them as “complete” to check them off the list.Sprout photo 1

Use keywords to see who’s talking about your brand.
Similar to congregating all of your notifications in one place, you can also specify certain key words that you’d like to be notified of. For example, a certain hashtag or word that pertains to your brand. This is a great tool for outreach and continuously communicating with your brand’s audience.

Schedule tweets
The most important part of a social media manager’s job is – not surprisingly – posting content on various channels. We love Facebook because scheduling content ahead of time is a breeze. To the contrary, Twitter doesn’t afford users this luxury – to the untrained eye, you have to tweet in real time. Here’s where Sprout comes in. You can easily schedule all of your tweets as far in advance as you’d like under the “Publishing” tab. Just select the date and time you want the tweet to go live, and presto!

Sprout photo 2
Create reports
Another important facet of social media management is documenting the analytics and gauging the progress of the accounts you administer for each client. This is often presented in a monthly report. Sprout has you covered there, too. The appropriately-named “Reports” tab can sort out a detailed analysis of the activity on each account linked in Sprout. All you have to do is select the dates you wish to assess, and all the information is right in front of you!
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.41.51 AM
Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.42.59 AM
Manage multiple client accounts
Chances are that you’re managing social media accounts for more than one client. You can access several different brands from a single Sprout account, and easily switch back and forth between them.
I’m just merely scratching the surface on all the wonderful things Sprout Social has to offer. For a more detailed account, learn more here.

My First Month at Gossip Genie

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May 20 marked a monumental day in my young history. It wasn’t a birthday or anything like that, but it’s still pretty special; it officially marked my one month anniversary at Gossip Genie!

My goal in life is to never plateau when it comes to implementing creativity and attaining knowledge, and over the course of the last month, I’ve certainly learned the importance of creativity in an agency setting. From scheduling tweets and modifying my copy to be more direct, to managing ad budgets and creating interesting graphics to concisely communicate a message, I’m picking up some new practices each and every day.

It sounds basic, but the most important thing I’ve learned is the art of multitasking (in fact, as I write this piece, there are about 15 other things I could to be doing). I began working at Gossip Genie as we were partnering with another media company, so there has been no shortage of work for me. That being said, the days go fast; often too fast.

My favorite part of being a social media manager is simply that no two days are the same. Today, I’m writing a blog and completing some content calendars. Tomorrow, Elizabeth, Dana and I are conceptualizing some potential summer promotional ideas for one of our clients. The day after that… well, to my point, that’s to be determined.

Why Snapchat Should Be On Your Radar

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If you’ve read my blog posts before, you know I’ve always been a fan of Snapchat. For the rest of the world, it didn’t seem like anything to pay attention to. It was just another social app that would cause a stir for a couple months until it fizzled out. But alas, it’s still here and making waves like never before!

Now you’re probably thinking, “So what? Why should I care about Snapchat?” I’ll tell you why. Remember when Facebook first came on the scene? No one imagined the impact it would make on digital advertising today. That’s exactly what is happening with Snapchat. Mark Zuckerberg even believed in the app so much that he tried to acquire it for $3B. Snapchat declined. With that, the rise of Snapchat sounds quite familiar, like Facebook’s rise back in the day. That is why I compiled the top 3 reasons why everyone (especially marketers) should keep Snapchat on their radars.

It’s not perfect 

Let’s be honest, social media has made many people obsessed with making their lives look perfect. Bought a new car? Post it on Instagram. Completed a workout? Post about it on Facebook. But the great thing about Snapchat is that it eliminates this seemingly perfect life. An article that went viral last year, by Andew Watts, stated it perfectly, “Snapchat is really where we can be ourselves while being attached to our social identity.” It allows us to share our embarrassing /funny moments with our friends, without the fear of being judged. This is especially ideal for undergrads entering in the workforce trying to cleanup their profiles, because after 24 hours everything disappears.


It’s the cool thing to do

Facebook was the cool site to be on when it first came out, only appealing to college students. Now the site is one of the largest companies in the internet/tech space. But why was everyone on it before? Because it was cool! Right now, Snapchat is the cool thing to do, especially with the younger generation. According to a Piper Jaffrey survey from the Wall Street Journal, Snapchat is the most popular social network among American teens, with 19% stating it’s the most important network. If you’re a marketer and this is your audience, this is definitely a space you should look into. However, keep in mind it has to make sense for your brand because Snapchat isn’t for everyone.

It’s a free for all

Since Snapchat is still fairly new, there isn’t a way to measure best practices. It’s still in the stage where brands can do whatever they please with their accounts. With Facebook business pages, people post certain content because they know what works and what doesn’t work for their brands. Snapchat doesn’t have that measurement, which allows for a wide range of creativity. For example, my alma mater Marquette University has an account for the founder of our university, Father Marquette. He can be seen around campus attending club meetings, dressing up for Halloween or hanging out in the Quad. I am not biased or anything, but Marquette has mastered their Snapchat game and it is going strong.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.03.06 PM

How Instagram & Snapchat Changed Fashion Week

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September is by far my favorite month of the year. Not only is it the first official month of fall, but it is also considered the January of fashion. And every New Year calls for a celebration. In this instance, it’s Fashion Month!

Fashion Month features a new fashion capital each week, New York, London, Milan and Paris, showcasing upcoming trends for the year. Yesterday marked the last day of Paris Fashion Week. As I scoured the Internet yesterday and all month-long, I noticed there were two apps I constantly used to stay up to date with the latest shows, Instagram and Snapchat. These two platforms changed Fashion Week in completely different way, not only for the designers, but for the viewers as well.


With almost every fashion week moment being photographed, designers are now trying to figure out how to make their show the most memorable in the digital space. What better way to make a moment memorable than making a statement on the one thing that would be photographed the most? No, not the clothes, but the runway. Taking a look over the past few years, it seems as though fashion show producers kept Instagram in mind while designing the sets. Long gone are the days where models did a fast catwalk down a muted runway with difficult lighting.

Below you can see the incredible difference in stage design. In 2010, when Instagram first came on to the scene, the runway looked like a normal runway. Barely any color and the girls were photobombing the money shots. Fast forward 5 years later and we have a more visually pleasing fresh floral background, which took hundreds of thousands of flowers to decorate – huge difference.

Christian Dior 2010

Christian Dior 2010

Christian Dior 2015

Christian Dior 2015

Let’s not forget Karl Lagerfeld’s infamous Chanel supermarket last year. This runway show was a goldmine for Instagram. Guests who attended the show were even allowed to take home a piece of the supermarket as a souvenir.


Chanel 2014 – Image courtesy of NBC

In a nutshell, designers and producers have to be more creative in order to standout, while keeping in mind their shows will be photographed, uploaded and talked about instantly. And let’s be honest, every designer wants to make a lasting impression and be the most talked about show (like Karl Lagerfeld).


Fashion Week was an event only seen and experienced by the elite. Now it can be experienced by anyone and everyone at the tips of their fingers, literally. 10 years ago, there was no way for us non-fashion bloggers, celebrities or editors to know what happens behind the scenes. Nor would we be able to see the show in real-time. We would have to wait until a day or two after for the show to be uploaded on Now we can pretend we were actually there, at least for a few moments.

Thanks to Snapchat’s Snap Stories, I was able to see behind the scenes of not only New York Fashion Week, but also London, Milan and Paris. Below are a few photos I snapped during those weeks, showcasing how sets were built, fun facts and first looks.

IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3413 IMG_3410

Because of Instagram and Snapchat, there is no denying that social media has changed Fashion Week. Designers have to be more creative and compete to standout, while we can sit back and enjoy all the cool things Fashion Week has to offer. Alright – maybe not the swag bags or the chance to hang out with celebrities, but being able to pretend I am almost there is good enough for me!

SoulCycling into Social Media

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Everyone appreciates good customer service (take notes, Comcast), but what about companies that go above and beyond? I’m talking outstanding customer service before you’re even a customer, customer service. I could only be referring to the wonderful company that cycled its way straight into my heart, SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is a religion, cult, out-of-body experience part dance party, part workout, part therapy and part communal high. It consists of 45 minutes of indoor cycling mixed with full-body workouts and choreography to work your core. There are currently around 46 studios across the country with more to come. Much of the strength of SoulCycle’s brand comes from the personality and magnetism of the instructors and before I even stepped foot into the studio, I found this to be true.

I originally heard about SoulCycle from Stuart (one of my BFFs), who couldn’t stop raving about it after just a few classes. He asked me to go with him and after some passive aggressive attempts, I agreed. I tried a spin class once in college at the local Y, so let’s just say I was less than excited for my ride with SoulCycle (no, I didn’t fall off the bike). I’m not the kind of person who normally buys into the whole positivity mantra stuff so obviously I had my eye roll perfected and ready to go.

I wanted to check out the SC Facebook and Twitter accounts before I booked anything and as soon as I did, I was sold. When the first thing you see is that an instructor’s holding a Lady Gaga or Beyoncé themed ride, it’s kind of hard not to be. SoulCycle’s Twitter account is incredibly informative in a way that gets your attention, making sure to announce which instructor will be doing what ride and including the instructor’s personal handles in each tweet. They’re also constantly interacting with SC fans and customers, answering questions and offering words of encouragement.  The SC Facebook isn’t lacking in this aspect either, they fit all the standard info into a post plus everything else that doesn’t fit into 140 characters. Endless photos of happy SC riders, interactions with instructors, workout inspiration and videos that link to their YouTube channel… You want it? They’ve got it. There are over 91,000 SoulCycle hashtags on Instagram alone.


It’s 2015 which means that obviously I had to document that I might be riding with SoulCycle, so I took to Twitter and let my fingers fly. Next thing I knew, my friend was retweeting me and @mentioning our soon-to-be instructor, Devin. If I hadn’t been convinced that I wanted to ride already, Devin was the deciding factor. When I expressed my concerns/excitement, Devin immediately replied to me with a few words of encouragement and a *favorite*. Did I mention that I hadn’t even met him at this point?! I wanted to book another ride before I even had my first, there’s nothing better than someone cheering you on before you even take to a task.

Not only is something like this a great move on Devin’s part as an instructor (and human being), but on SoulCycle’s part as a whole. Their employees are incredibly tapped into everything social media, so much so that there’s even a section on their website dedicated to the SC community – featuring blogs about members and instructors, health, music and even fashion. This makes it easy for current and future SoulCyclers to become, and stay, involved in the SC culture. Take a look at any of their social media platforms and you’ll see that SoulCycle is hitting the social media nail right on the head and it sure doesn’t hurt to have employees who absolutely live, breathe and love what they do. Cycle on, SoulCycle – I’ll be seeing you again soon.

Will Blog for $$

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I have to admit, before I started working for Gossip Genie, I wasn’t big on blogs. When I say that, I mean that the LiveJournal era is the last time I even attempted to “blog” anything. Don’t get me wrong, I always dreamed of starting my own blog that would eventually take off and obviously make me “famous,” but I was always too lazy to put my thoughts down on cyber paper. It wasn’t until I became professionally immersed in the social media realm that I realized how much of an impact bloggers can have on a product/company. From food to style to travel to architecture, if you can name it, there’s probably a blog dedicated to it.

Most bloggers probably started out blogging because they want to share their knowledge on a subject that they’re passionate about. Isn’t being paid to do what you love everyone’s dream? If you can put your passion into words/photos/creative content and gain an engaged and loyal audience (bigger isn’t always better), companies will see your blog as the perfect platform to promote their product or service. Cue sponsored blog posts. This means that you’re paid to publish a post on your blog, which can either be written by you or by the advertisers. If you’re a super great blogger (which you probably are), the company will give you free reign over what you write – within reason. You can usually tell which posts are sponsored if they include, “This blog post was sponsored by (Name Brand Here).” or hashtags such as #ad or #sponsored. Since bloggers usually have large followings on their other social media platforms, they’ll also share creative photos or posts displaying the product in a cool way. I personally don’t follow many blogs, however, I do follow tons of bloggers on Instagram and Twitter. This is a great way for businesses to extend their reach without constantly shoving heavily branded content down our throats.

Check out two of my favorite Chicago bloggers below and see how they’re doing sponsored posts the right way:

Chicago Food Girl: The word food in this blogger’s name should tell you everything you need to know. Mina Im, the creator of this foodie mastermind, has beautifully crafted one of Chicago’s top food blogs. From cocktails, to taco joints to Noodles & Co., her blog hits all the hot spots around town and she often collaborates with local restaurants to host giveaways. Her sponsored posts are engaging and subtle. I mean honestly, who can say no to an awesome picture of food?!

ChiCityFashion: The perfect mix between fab fashion shots taken in our own beautiful city and well, pretty much all things fashion, Jena Gambaccini has knocked this one out of the park. Scrolling through the home page of this blog, you’ll find tons of enticing content that will leave you clicking through to each post without hesitation. She even provides the direct link to the clothes she models so you don’t have to go searching around the internet and end up with some knockoff that looks like a paper bag.

If blogging is something that’s always been in the back of your mind, it’s not too late to jump on the blogwagon. I’m not promising that you’ll become rich or famous, but sometimes just sharing your passion with others is reward enough. Happy blogging!

Wearable Technology

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A trend that has been piquing my interest lately has been wearable technology. Working in social media has sparked my love for all things technology related. But throw fashion into the mix and I’m practically sold. We’ve seen wearable technology everywhere with Apple watches, Tory Burch Fitbits, Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glasses and many more.










Seeing how technology and social media has progressed, I only see this trend continuing to grow as time goes on. That being said, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and purchase my first tech piece, a Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet.


The concept of the bracelet is simple. Wear it on your wrist, stacked with your favorite pieces, and whenever you receive an important phone call or text, it’ll discreetly vibrate. Now how does the bracelet know when to vibrate and for whom? With the beautiful technology of bluetooth and a phone app.

Once you purchase the bracelet, you are instructed to download the Rebecca Minkoff app which will sync up with your contacts. From there, you can choose who you want to have in your “inner circle” to receive notifications from.

screen568x568-1  screen568x568-2

I think this is genius because Rebecca Minkoff is a designer who truly knows how social media and technology are influencing everyday life. Not only has she tapped into her consumer, but she is capitalizing on her audience’s technology habits. In an interview with CNBC she states, “Our consumer has her phone in her hand all the time. She’s in touch with technology. It would only make sense for us to communicate to her in a way she receives information.” Again…genius.

When I first purchased this bracelet, I thought I would be able to sync my social media profiles and receive those notifications. Unfortunately I was mistaken, but I am still in love with how it looks and the idea of not always having to check my phone every time it vibrates for those annoying banner notifications. I also don’t always have to have my phone out, but still know when an important call or message is coming in.

However, over time I do believe that wearable technology will start to incorporate social media profiles. Social media is an industry that was barely around 10 years ago. Now it is an integral part of businesses and contains valuable information such as analytics and countless data. It’s only a matter of time until we will be able to check our Facebook messages on a bracelet or necklace.