“Give Me Pizza You Old Troll!”

This past Sunday night, as I was writing thank you notes (not even I think an email will suffice for a gift), I had The Real Housewives of New Jersey on in the background. I have had a moral dilemma watching the show ever since, Melissa Gorga called her in-home library a lie-barry. If you are fortunate enough to have a library in your home, a prerequisite for installation should be the ability to pronounce it correctly. Melissa has 3 children, all future lie-barrians, I’m sure. Anyway, half-way through the episode, Teresa Giudice’s 4 year old daughter, Melania, showcased her manners by demanding her father, “Give me pizza, you old troll.” Although, Joe Giudice, Melania’s father and Teresa’s husband, does resemble a troll, I don’t think that was the reason for the comment.

I definitely see a resemblance:

Social networks ate this line up – which leads me to ask whether it was intentional on the part of Bravo. If so, kudos to the network, it created quite the buzz and who cares about exploiting the daughter of a bankrupt, juice head, gorilla, “old troll” for the sake of creating something viral? There was even a Facebook fan page created titled, “Give me pizza you old troll.”

It could have been that Melania was actually talking to a version of Melissa Gorga from the past – Teresa threatened to reveal what Gorga looked like “before.” Well here she is as a “young troll.”

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