When you work in social media, your clients rely on you implicitly to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. They look to you as the expert in the field, so it’s crucial to be well-read and informed, especially since the industry evolves so quickly.

In the time I’ve worked in social media, there has been one question that I’ve been unable to properly answer.

“What tool do you use to send us content for approval?”

Embarrassingly, for nearly five years straight, I’ve had to say Google Docs. Rudimentary, ugly, inefficient Google Docs. Year after year, I’ve promised clients that something better was coming down the pipeline.

Despite my constant ‘Googling’ and inquiries in Facebook groups, I could NOT find a well-designed, affordable content tool. There have been a few in my travels, but none were suited for a small business; they were all outrageously priced.

All of this FINALLY came to a halt when Andy from Content Calendar reached out to me, out of the blue. He shared his screen with me to give me a demonstration and I didn’t even let him finish. This was the tool I had been looking for all this time. I only hoped the price would be right. Fortunately, it was.

Since working with ContentCal, we’ve saved so much time and energy on scheduling content. We write the content in the ContentCal and send it off to the client from there. Best of all, once they approve it, it gets automatically scheduled to each social media channel. It’s so much more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing than our old system.  

Here is what some of the Genies are saying about ContentCal!

ContentCal has turned the unexciting routine of creating content calendars into something enjoyable for clients and co-workers alike. With an easy to view layout, and all-in-one content creation and scheduling tools, ContentCal is a no-brainer for any efficient workplace.” – Keenan

“One of the benefits of ContentCal is how multi-faceted it is. Thanks to ContentCal, content can be created, scheduled and approved all on one platform.” – Violet

“ContentCal allows our team to easily organize, schedule, and publish our content without the hassle of using multiple platforms. It’s great for collaboration and makes it much easier for clients to view and approve content.” Anthony

“One of the highlights of ContentCal is simply how easy it is to both plan and schedule posts in one step. It cuts out a huge amount of extra work and allows us to be more efficient with our time.” – Lizz

“ContactCal makes it easier for everything to be done from one platform. Plus, the ContentCal team is really responsive and easily accessible to help you with any questions you might have.” – Janelle

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