Keenan McCarthy

What makes you a head of production and social media?

I’ve always believed that one of my greatest strengths was empathy. I went to a very socially diverse school where it wasn’t always the easiest to communicate effectively with everyone. I found the easiest solution was to try and put myself in the other person’s shoes and try to relate to them in one way or the other. Social media gives me a great outlet to flex that skill and put me in an environment where I can comfortably interact with a wide array of audiences.

5 Favorite Things

Finding a great new song, playing guitar, anything to do with a camera, binging Netflix, and making sushi

Most amazing social media moment

Back during my freshman year of college I ran a YouTube channel that focused on me talking about and playing video games. I would spend hours playing, scripting, and recording everything I needed to produce as high of quality videos as I could. After making 80 some videos, I had built up a community of over 2,000 subscribers. My big break came when one of the years most anticipated games came out. The day of the games release I ditched school and worked on a script and timeline for a three-part tutorial for one of the game’s most challenging aspects. After finishing the video, I figured it was worth a shot to tweet it to some of the developers of the game. After coming back from dinner I refreshed the video to see how it was performing. The counter read 200,000 views and I surely thought that was a glitch, as most of my videos averaged 2,000 views before then. It turned out that my bet to tweet the developers paid off and they had not only retweeted my video across all of their official channels, but even pinned my video to their website and the home screen of the game itself! When the dust finally settled from that one series, I had gained over 10,000 subscribers and reached over 3 million views. That video allowed me to pursue a full time YouTube career for a short while after finishing school. It still remains as one of my most amazing life moments and I don’t think I will ever forget the experience of going viral!

Something random about yourself

I was in a band in high school and can play five instruments.

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