Lizz Caputo

What makes you a great social media manager?

I’m easily inspired, always online, and always absorbing. Often this means that inspiration for new content hits me at the strangest moments: when I’m browsing Instagram before bed, reading Buzzfeed while on a walk, or when I’m in my own head while making dinner.  The more I absorb, the more creative I become, and then I’m able to cook up interesting ways to represent the brands I love. It also means I’m always on top of the latest digital trends and best practices, which are continually evolving. There’s never a dull moment when you’re a social media manager! 

5 Favorite Things

Animals of all shapes and sizes, Halloween, live music, trying new food with my favorite people, and travel.

Most Amazing Social Media Moment

The first time one of my Buzzfeed articles went viral I was filled with a rush of excitement and accomplishment. I remember waking up to the email: “Your article has been added to the front page of our website! Great job,” and it truly felt like I had just received an Academy Award. Unreal. It was then that I knew I might have a future in the social media sphere – expressing myself creatively online.

Random Fact

I have been practicing martial arts and self-defense for about twenty years now; it’s the greatest stress-reliever.