Photography at Gossip Genie

Photography at Gossip Genie

Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about photography. I was the kid who carried their Fischer Price camera around their neck everywhere and I even started my own photography business at 17. My side-hustle photography business is still going strong, and I actually initially met Jacqui because I photographed her family.

While I absolutely love working in social media, one of my favorite parts of the job is when I get to whip out my bulky, reliable Canon Mark II. Social media is innately visual, so eye-catching, high-resolution images are VITAL for platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%). That’s why we always recommend that clients utilize our photography services. I know that I’m biased, but I think we have a team of talented photographers and visual artists!

Here are some of my favorite photos that my team and I have taken at Gossip Genie:



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Taryn Rosenberg

Taryn is the Director of Social Media at Gossip Genie. Her hobbies include photography, blogging and hanging out with her dog, Chewy.

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