Prenups with a ‘No Social Media’ Clause


A term that centuries ago meant an act of new, strategic alliances, has transformed and has been redefined over the years. The offerings, defining features of a prenuptial marriage agreement are also evolving. Take the new social media prenup clause for example, which is an agreement that protects married couples or exes from a potential Internet catastrophe.

Here’s the unfortunate truth, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce.

A high divorce rate mixed with an already endless, over use of the Internet and you get a customized yet broad contract that, according to New York-based attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza, states “not to post, tweet, or otherwise share via social media, positive, negative, insulting, embarrassing, or flattering images or content of the other.”

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We’ve all heard at least one of the following situations either on the news or from word-of-mouth: online bullying, sex tapes or photos leaked online, “sexts” gone viral over the Internet or inappropriate material revealed and ruining a professional image. These are the types of public humiliation that this new clause will protect against.

Unfortunately, vengeful exes exist, and the last thing you would want is something sensitive revealed to unrequested eyes. If an ex does decide to go rogue, the penalty in this case is monetary.

In a Fox News article, New York-based attorney David Centeno made an interesting point about this new clause. Here it is, to be blunt: There’s probably a major problem with a relationship to begin with if an individual feels that it is necessary to add a “don’t post naked photos of me” clause in a prenup. An obvious point to consider, if I may add.


What do you think of the new addition to the prenuptial agreement?



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