Shahs of Sunset: Bravo – What Were You Thinking?

Shahs of Sunset: Bravo – What Were You Thinking?

I watched Shahs of Sunset two nights ago and am still kicking myself for making such a poor life decision. As a loyal Bravo viewer, I trust their judgment when it comes to producing a hit reality TV series. I’ll even watch Tabatha Takes Over if it’s the only thing on TV – but Shahs of Sunset? Never again. It’s just not entertaining to me.

Let’s play a quick elementary style game: Shahs of Sunset is to Persians what Jersey Shore is to Italians.

Snooki and Deena might not get this analogy, but I’m assuming most of you will. Laymens terms = it does not depict Iranian-Americans in the best light. See minute 1:07 in the video below. GG, the most annoying person on the show actually says, “Two things I don’t like: I don’t like ants and I don’t like ugly people.” Really, those are the two things you don’t like? I’m sure the editors had a ball with this footage.


Quite honestly, I find it painful to hear GG speak. She is 30 years old and her only job thus far in life has been to “spend her daddy’s money.” The other characters on the show are a little less intrusive, but still over the top. Shahs of Sunset, produced by Ryan Seacrest, has been receiving multiple forms of criticism in the media. According to Fox News, Iranian-Americans are up in arms over the stereotypes they claim it perpetuates. So much so, in fact, that petitions are circulating in Iranian communities to have the show yanked off the air.

Perusing Twitter, one will find the general public is mixed. A simple #ShahsOfSunset hashtag search on Twitter resulted in:

And even one from the Persian Princess herself:

As for me, no more time will be wasted on Shahs of Sunset. You?

Jacqueline Liberman
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