As we all know, the NBA Playoffs are going on and soon the Championship games will be approaching. I still have an unsettling feeling in my stomach every time I think of basketball and even while watching a game. I usually am really excited about games being on and now that the 2 series left are played every day, it makes it even better… right? I just can’t get myself to be ok while watching the games. I have a sense of jealousy and anger, which I know is not a normal reaction to watching a basketball game. The Bulls exit was just too much for me to handle – especially the way they went out. I am obviously a major Celtics at the moment but I still don’t want them winning it all, they already have a trophy. It was supposed to be the Bulls year!

Anyway, I heard this song that TNT played before each game started in the beginning of the playoffs and loved it. Cee-lo Green sings it and the song is catchy and gets you majorly pumped for what is ahead. After the Bulls exit, I forgot about it and couldn’t listen anymore when I did hear it. Today, I came across it again and watched the short video. I had to hold the tears back… (Not really, but almost). Seeing the dramatic clips of every team in the Playoffs was great, and then I remembered again that the Bulls are done. You can watch the video and song here: Cee-Lo Green’s NBA song. Just seeing and thinking what could have been this year for the Bulls is so disheartening. To also think about the 2013 season with it being so unknown is just as unsettling and upset. I foresee the Championship series to be the Thunder against the (I hate to say this) Heat. Thunder in 7 games. All I can do is cheer on the teams who play the Heat and hope they diminish another chance of them getting a trophy. You know where I will be tonight at 7:30 Central Time. Cheering on the Celtics!

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