I never understood how many opportunities there were to win things in the social media world until I worked in it. We have all seen these contests and giveaways advertised on Facebook but, so often we never think to actually enter. Is it our assumption that we will not win? Are we lazy? Or do we just feel we don’t have the creative brain power to do what the page is asking? Whatever it may be, push these fears and insecurities aside because you are missing out on tons of great things.

I am going to give you two personal experiences, and both are outside any contest Gossip Genie has promoted for a client. Exhibit A- City Swarm Chicago. They bring organized events to social Chicagoans ranging from meeting up at bars (2 free drinks included) to seeing plays—all at a discounted rate. Back in May after Memorial Day weekend, City Swarm asked their Facebook fans “What did you do this weekend? Comment below & we’ll randomly select one person to win 2 free tickets to our event at Epic Sky.”  I commented with something along the lines of “laid by the pool and sipped on cocktails.” Boom. I won. Turns out, only myself and one other person commented. Because I was the first to comment, I won 2 free tickets to the event. Sometimes it does pay to be the first person to the party.

Exhibit B- Burrito Beach; A Mexican food chain located in the Chicago area. Their contest asked you to take a picture of yourself in front of a Burrito Beach—okay… this involved a little more activity but there are six locations all in Chicago. Next, you had to post the picture on the Burrito Beach Facebook wall, tell them why you love burrito beach and you were entered to win one 1-day pass to Lollapalooza. Of course, Jacqui and I drove right to Burrito Beach, snapped our picture, made up a short poem about their food. One week later, we were notified we won! Simple as that. Now you’ve learned your lesson. “Like” your favorite brands, restaurants, businesses, etc, on Facebook and you never know what they’ll be giving away!

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