3 Brand Accounts We Can All Learn From

3 Brand Accounts We Can All Learn From

Hi, all! Shannon here to bring some inspiration to your screen. I personally love all of the creative aspects of my role, but even though I truly enjoy writing, design, and photography, it’s still easy to find myself in a creative rut. So how do I get out of these ruts? I follow a lot of inspiring accounts on my personal Instagram. And I’ve got to tell you all, there are a lot of brands killing the social game. Here are 3 brands that I feel totally inspired by and why.

1. Jord Watches

The lesson we can all take from Jord Watches, is the importance of blogger outreach. Jord uses their blogger network to create a cohesive, and interesting content feed. It’s cohesive because they feature three photos (the number of images per row) from each blogger. This creates a similar feel within each row of their Instagram but also provides breadth to their content that will keep readers coming back for more. If your brand isn’t on the blogger outreach train, I recommend you consider it (P.S. we offer that service here at Gossip Genie). Blogger outreach is amazing. It encapsulates the ideation of “you scratch our back we’ll scratch yours.” Because when you build relationships with bloggers you are exposed to their network, and likewise they are exposed to yours (that means increased traffic for both parties). The bloggers also provide you with quality content that you can repurpose for your own channel, this makes your Instagram strategy both easy and impactful.

2. Marshalls

Can we all take a stab at what lesson can be learned from Marshall’s account? No? I’ll tell you, it’s continuity. Every photo in their feed looks like it belongs in their feed. The dark blue brand color appears somewhere within every photo, which makes their stream curated, but also entertaining. Because you, as the user, don’t know how Marshalls will incorporate that iconic color throughout their stream, but you know it’ll be there.

3. Halo Top

Last, but not least, is Halo Top. I personally love Halo Top’s account for two reasons. 1. They pull off brand partnerships flawlessly. Whether they’re partnering with pizza brands or personal charging devices, their content/contests don’t come off as forced. They know their brand so well that they can incorporate it alongside any other brand. Now that’s something to strive for. 2. Halo Top is always capitalizing on relevant events. In this snapshot alone you can see multiple March Madness references. That means your product stays relevant and keeps your brand at the top of your customers’ mind.

Which brands inspire you?

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