3 Mistakes Your Brand Makes on Social

3 Mistakes Your Brand Makes on Social

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again a great social media presence takes a lot of work, strategy, planning, and creativity. It’s a mixture of an art and a science. Of all the media available to your brand, social is one of the most difficult verticals. It’s easy for you, as a brand, to see social as an afterthought. We can understand why you think of social media as a medium that isn’t as legitimate as display, TV, or OOH. After all, social media is readily available to the masses. That means anyone can do it for your business, right? Wrong.

When researching brands, we see a lot of easy-to-fix mistakes on their social media. While we can’t reveal all of our trade secrets, here are 3 mistakes we want you to fix. And if you don’t feel like you can complete them, we’re always available to help.

1. Posting infrequently

We all know about Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithms. Well, everyone knows what they are, but a lot of you don’t know how they work. Of course, we don’t have access to the algorithm. But we do know pages that post frequently are rewarded, and often show up higher in the feed than those that only post a few times a month. The ideal number of posts? Everyday. But if that’s not possible, you should be posting a minimum of 3x per week.

2. Going off brand

It’s National Hot Dog Day and you’re a hat company. If you don’t have any photos with your product and a hot dog or a hot dog on the hat, then you shouldn’t be participating in the discussion. It doesn’t make sense for your brand, and will only confuse your audience. Don’t feel pressured to engage with every trending hashtag on Twitter. Only interact with ones that are authentic and relate to your brand or service.

3. No outreach

You haven’t seen substantial growth in months. Your posting regularly, but nothing. That’s because you need to actively reach out to new fans and start a meaningful conversation. While I can’t reveal our community outreach secrets, I will say you have to be engaged, and stay engaged. You need to search for users like your current fan base and talk to them. While numbers aren’t everything. Quality > quantity. You do want to see your channels grow every month.

Fellow social media managers, what types of mistakes do you see over and over again?

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