4 Perks of a Dog-Friendly Office

What’s so wrong with bringing your fluffy companion to work? Let me tell you: Nothing. In fact, bringing your dog to work may have more benefits for your office than you would think. If your company has a strict “No Pets Allowed” policy, they might reconsider after reading these 4 major reasons why having a dog-friendly office is worth it:

  1. Pet Therapy – It’s a real thing. How can you not feel comforted when looking into the joyful eyes of a dog? Dogs have a way of easing tension and reducing stress. They can boost employee’s moods and improve happiness with each wag of their tail. Some call if magic, we call it puppy love.
  2. Bonding Tool – Dogs can encourage positive social interactions in the workplace. A dog-friendly office can unite a team by promoting communication. It encourages co-workers to mingle and start conversations with one another (even if it is about the dog). This means that co-workers are bonding and at the very least have common ground to communicate.
  3. Welcoming Environment – Dogs are the equivalent to happiness. They create a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Having a dog-friendly work place sets a tone. It makes the culture feel open, casual, and relaxed. This in turn develops a positive company culture and improves employee morale.
  4. Increased Productivity – Why do dogs increase employee productivity? Aside from the fact that dogs can improve employee morale and satisfaction, they also encourage healthy lifestyles. Dogs in the office will need to be walked and taken out for bathroom breaks every now and again. Letting your employees take short walks with their dogs can help to improve focus, work efficiency, and overall employee gratification. Employees are then allowed to take a little breather to get some fresh air and come back feeling refreshed and ready to work.


At Gossip Genie, you will likely find a pup roaming around our office. The benefits may seem insignificant, but they make a world of a difference. Who let the dogs in? We did. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof.


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