New Bands Use Twitter to Gain Followers and Fans!

By: Mallory Wegner, Gossip Genie Intern

Bands from all across the world, with all kinds of different sounds use Twitter to gain fans and I am pretty sure its working!

Aside from work purposes, I use Twitter to talk about the music I am listening to and the upcoming shows I will be attending. What started out as sharing my favorite music with friends has turned into a way to discover new artists. A lot of up-and-coming bands started to follow me and share their music. Every time a new band hits that follow button, the first thing I do is go to their website and check out their sound. I make sure to thank the band and tell them how I feel about what I just heard. Most of the time, this starts a great discussion and I get to learn a little more about the band. The best is when the band has a show in Chicago because then I get to go see them live!

I am sure this is happening to a lot of people like me. We are getting to discover all kinds of new music and the bands are gaining a multitude of fans because of it. Twitter has become a music community for many people. It has given bands and fans alike, a voice and a way to communicate with each other about the music they are passionate about.

Here are some of the bands that I have recently tweeted with. Check them out and enjoy!











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