Have you heard the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking?” As a millennial, I’ve been hearing this non-stop and it doesn’t ‘sit‘ well with me seeing as I sit from 9-5, Monday through Friday of every week.  

I believe the stir all started when Martha Grogan, a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic said, “for people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking.” Many researchers refer to it as “the Sitting Disease,” and have said that there are also links to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and early death. 

So when a friend at POPSUGAR offered to donate all of their old, but very high-quality standing desks to the Gossip Genie team, I jumped on the opportunity. We got in Anneliese’s truck and headed downtown to grab them.

One week later, many of the Genies are already enjoying using them. I’ve asked each of the Genie’s how they felt about them throughout the last few days and this is what they said: 

“I’ve had my standing desk for about an hour and I’m already obsessed. It’s SO nice to finish one of the many Gossip Genie treats, go back to my workspace, and burn off a little extra energy standing while working.” – Shannon

“I never really gave the standing desk a chance when I came across them in the past. I can’t wait to start using them! It will be nice to have the option of both sitting and standing during the work day.” – Ali 

“I’m excited to try it, though I haven’t yet! Former Genie Dana used to use one all the time and I was always curious to try it. I hope it can help with my posture!” – Anthony

“I’m excited to try my standing desk! I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but I’m excited to see if it will help my back and neck feel less sore after a long day.” – Kristina

“I still haven’t tried my standing desk because I get nervous about trying new things. Everyone else seems to like theirs, though, so I should probably give it a try!”  – Keenan 

I’m sticking to sitting on my balancing ball chair, but I might be willing to try it in a few months!” – Jacqui 

As for me (Taryn), I’m loving mine so far! Even sitting at it has been more comfortable because I’m sitting higher up and I don’t need to hunch as much. When I do stand at it, it’s very comfortable! I think I’ll stick with it and try to stand for at least one hour every day. 

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