Gossip Genie’s Office Depot Small Business Makeover Part 3 of 5

Gossip Genie’s Office Depot Small Business Makeover Part 3 of 5

Our Small business depot makeover was all thanks to Elizabeth. She spotted the contest on the Office Depot Facebook page and urged me to enter. In 100 words or less, I made a compelling argument as to why Gossip Genie deserved a new office and a financial consultation with Jean Chatzky. Fast forward 2 months and 10 huge boxes are being delivered to the office with a team to assemble everything, reps from Office Depot’s corporate office and their PR team, 4 Genies dressed to represent and Jean Chatzky sitting across from me with her undivided attention ready to answer any and all financial questions.

Jean Chatzky’s advice was what Mastercard would call, priceless. As far as role models go, it doesn’t get much better than Jean. She is such an inspiration and my time with her is something I will always cherish.
A few things that I would love to share from the financial guru:
1. Watch where your time is being spent –time is money and you should know what each minute is worth

2. It’s okay to say no – Jean admitted this is a difficult concept to grasp but she countered that by saying that if a client is not willing to pay what you deserve for your services, don’t accept any less!

3. Build a niche – Focus on a particular market and become the go-to social media expert for that industry



Chatting with Jean, she loved Alfie, the Gossip Genie Mascot

Chatting with Jean

We are proof that winning a contest is not impossible. On a daily basis, we are implementing these types of contests for our clients and it feels pretty good to be on the other end for a change.

Thanks, Office Depot and Jean Chatzky for a wonderful day.

Gossip Genie
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