Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Social Media


1)  You announce your engagement/pregnancy/sexual orientation/exciting new job/other special milestone event on Facebook instead of telling your close friends and family face-to-face first.

2) The first thing you do when you wake-up and go to sleep, is look at social media channels on your phone.

3) You always have your camera phone ready at every social occasion, vacation, activity, etc, to take photos to share online. And if you get carried away in the moment and forget to take a photo (horrifying thought!), you feel regret because it would have looked so good on Instagram.


4) You feel genuinely lost if social media channels are temporarily not working, sharing your outrage on another channel.

5) You use hashtags in spoken conversations, as demonstrated by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon here.

6)  You start to believe all of your social media connections really have perfect lives and think your life is boring in comparison.

7)  You think this Facebook shower curtain is cool:


8) Or own a pair of Twitter shoes:


9)  You find it difficult to read anything lengthier than a 140 character tweet or two sentence Facebook update. Remember magazines? Books? Even online articles can be a struggle.

10) You ‘like’ your own content (however, this is easy to accidentally do on Instagram).




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