Why Your Business Needs Community Management


If there’s something all businesses have in common, it’s that they all strive to be successful. What makes a business successful? Well, to answer something like that we would need to write a blog with multiple chapters in it. Let’s cover one of the factors of making a business succeed: Customer engagement AKA Community Management.

What is a Community Manager?

“A community manager is responsible for advocating for the brand on social networks. They create their own social persona and actively go out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate the brand.” – Sprout Social

Using community management will help bring your brand alive. It is something that will reach out to your audience and can help them feel special.

What makes a good Community Manager?

  • Building a voice and staying consistent

Do you want to sound perky and positive? Sarcastic? Professional? Pick a voice that will match your brand and keep it consistent.

  •  Answering questions or comments in a timely manner

If I am a customer that wants to express how much I love or hate a product on your Facebook page, I want to be heard. I am expressing it for a reason. Community managers should answer these promptly. Whether if it’s a Like, a comment, or both – show your customer that you care.

  • Post relevant content on your brand’s pages

If you’re a soup factory and you post an article about the latest Coachella fashion trends, that will not only look silly on your page but it also just doesn’t make sense! Even though Coachella is something trending at the moment, that doesn’t mean you should post about it. If you’re a soup factory, post a mixture of promotional content and articles that relate to enjoying a cup of soup!

Finding the right Community Manager can be difficult. It’s also just another thing to think about. Luckily, our team of Genies are experts at community management and can easily adapt to any type of business. We’ve worked with lawyers, magazines, food industries, car dealerships and more! If you need more guidance on community management, don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

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