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All You Need Is Love (And a Killer Social Media Campaign for Valentine’s Day)

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It’s February and love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. Whether you’re planning an extravagant celebration with a loved one or staying in with Netflix, it’s hard to ignore the romantic holiday, especially on social media. If you’re a brand or small business, it’s wise to start planning a campaign to capitalize on one of the largest spending holidays. In fact, according to a new study from the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend $18.9 billion this Valentine’s Day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.20.12 PM

What are they spending it on? Take a look:

  • 53.2% of Valentine’s Day consumers will purchase candy, generating $1.7 billion in sales
  • 1 in 5 (21.1%) will purchase jewelry, totaling $4.8 billion
  • $2.1 billion will be spent on flowers
  • $3.6 billion will be spent on a special meal or movie tickets
  • $2 billion on clothes
  • $1.5 billion on gift cards

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.19.59 PM


Who’s doing the spending? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Adults 25-34 are outspending all other age groups at an average of $213.04
  • 35-44 year olds will spend an average of $176.21
  • 18 to 24 year olds will spend an average of $168.95


Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to tap into a social media campaign for your brand or business.

Here are a few ways you can do that:

Tap into current issues

A new campaign for Sweethearts, the candy sold almost exclusively as a Valentine’s Day product from candy maker Necco, seeks to give the brand a modern makeover by plugging into social themes, including marriage equality.

“Our communities are becoming bigger and more connected,” said Necco CEO Michael McGee. “For a brand, that means traditional, one-sided communication is not enough. You have to find ways to help consumers participate with your brand and have your conversation become interactive.”

To achieve this for Valentine’s Day, Necco is inviting folks to visit a contest website and share their sweet stories  “of sharing, love, friendship and words from the heart” for a chance to win $5,000. On the homepage, they’re greeted by the campaign’s centerpiece—a video that tells the story of Jack and George. Now in their 80s, the Texans have been “sweethearts” for 55 years. They wed in 2015, shortly after the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage. This year marks the first Valentine’s Day they’ll be able to celebrate as a legally married couple.

Necco’s McGee believes tapping into current issues/trends will pay off for Sweethearts. By telling sweet stories designed to melt consumers’ hearts (and make them think just a little), he anticipates boosting sales 20 percent this year.

Let your audience participate

Tiffany & Co. is asking the age-old question, “What is love?” to explore the different definitions of today’s romantic relationships. In addition to posing the question on their social media channels to garner responses, Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day campaign has a webpage featuring testimonials from an assortment of individuals, a gift guide and a love generator that presents consumers with an opportunity to express their personal answer to the frequently pondered question. Their answer is then created into a hashtag in GIF form that can be shared via social media. With so many personal interpretations of what love is and means, it’s an interesting and unique way to drive audience participation.Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.20.43 PM



Target Men

Valentine’s Day is a traditionally female-oriented holiday. But men are most likely the ones shelling out the dough for presents, so why not target them? One of our clients, PrettyQuick, is a beauty-booking app aimed primarily at women. Almost all of our ads and social media posts are targeted towards females. This year, we are launching a Valentine’s Day ad geared towards men to get them to buy a PrettyQuick gift card for their significant other for a day of pampering. It never hurts to think outside the box of traditional holiday marketing and tap into a new audience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.27.32 AM

Target Singles

In the vein of targeting a different audience, the National Retail Federation report notes that 45 percent of Americans don’t plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Interestingly, though, many of them plan to get together or treat themselves to something special.

It’s interesting data because it can create new opportunities to woo singles who may not have elaborate plans for the annual celebration of love, but are still willing to spend money.

With 10 percent of happy singles planning to buy gifts like jewelry, spa, and apparel for themselves, you may want to seize this opportunity by planning a special campaign directed at this group.

 Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.21.00 PM


Get Cheeky

Last Valentine’s Day, Huggies partnered with Pandora to create a “baby making” playlist that they shared on their social media channels with the slogan “See you in 9 Months.” The brand reported a 22% increase in social interaction. Getting a little risqué with your social messaging is not for every brand, but when done wisely, it can spark a conversation and renewed interest in a brand.


Strike up a partnership and Starbucks partnered together last year for the worlds largest #StarbucksDate. On February 13th, Match’s mobile app included a section called “Meet at Starbucks.” Match users who click on that button were able to email one another and meet up at a nearby Starbucks. According to Starbucks, the feature helped people “more easily reach out and make that first coffee date.” They were also encouraged to share their coffee date with the hashtag #StarbucksDate.


Thinking of creative ways to partner with another brand or company for a Valentine’s Day promotion is a great way to extend the reach of your campaign, reach a new audience, and maybe even help people find love!



The Rise of The Red Cup: Social Media’s Viral Phenomena

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Warning: Minor Making a Murderer spoilers ahead.

“Steven Avery definitely did it! Remember the cat?!”

“There’s no way Brendan Dassey committed the crime. He confessed and still thought he would get to watch Wrestlemania…”

“I don’t trust Mike Halbach. Let’s not forget about the voicemails, people.”

Shortly after Christmas, I logged onto my Facebook and Twitter accounts to see dozens of messages just like these. All of my friends (who had apparently become private investigators overnight) were debating Netflix’s latest hit, Making a Murderer – a true crime docuseries, chronicling the murder case of Teresa Halbach. Posts about the show and its main players – Steven “Did He Do It?” Avery, Brendan “I Don’t Know” Dassey, Dean “Heartthrob” Strang, Jerry “Knows His Shit” Buting, Ken “Full of Krap” Kratz – were unavoidable. From memes to theories to parodies, the case demanded your attention.

This obsession got me thinking: what other events have garnered this same, heightened level of social media exposure? So, I decided to compile a list of some of social media’s most recent, viral phenomena:

Kony 2012

Back in 2012, filmmaker, Jason Russell, and Invisible Children, Inc set out to make the evils of war criminal, Joseph Kony, known. In their 30-minute video, they explored Kony’s long history of abducting and brainwashing Ugandan children to turn them into soldiers. Their goal was to motivate the public and more importantly, government leaders to join the fight against Kony and his supporters. The video quickly became one of the fastest viral videos of all time, reaching “100 million views in 6 days (“Kony 2012,” 2014).”

I was in college when this video was released, and I remember my peers going CRAZY. The video devoured my timeline, inspiring friends to donate to the cause and activist groups to form on campus. Sadly, the craze quickly died after questions began to circulate around where fundraising dollars were being spent (hint: not where donors thought they were going). Every once in awhile, though, you’ll still see some internet troll adding #Kony2012 after an unrelated tweet.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

“I’m Kristina, and this is Bill. Carrie and Kathy nominated us to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness and donations.”

This was the intro to my own Ice Bucket Challenge video. When I posted the video on Facebook in August of 2014, social media’s latest phase was dumping buckets of ice water on each other and filming the action to prove it. The point was to raise awareness for ALS, “a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord (“What is ALS?,” 2016).” The momentary lapse in movement participants experienced from the cold was meant to mimic what those with ALS endured every day. Moreover, all were asked to make a donation to the ALS Association to help fund research.

Everyone – neighbors, teachers, celebrities – were participating in the challenge and giving as a result. Donations to the ALS Association skyrocketed and helped make a rare disease better known and understood. This was one phenomenon that actually made a real and important difference.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.56.02 PM

The Dress

In February 2015, social media erupted into pandemonium over one of its biggest arguments in recent memory: the dress. WAS IT WHITE AND GOLD? WAS IT BLUE AND BLACK? What felt like the entire world relentlessly argued over its colors. The photo stirred up group chats, pitted coworkers against each other, and divided families into two.

Here is my actual status regarding the dress debacle of 2k15:

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.34.26 PM

The manufacturer did end up specifying that the dress was blue and black, and soon after, several scientific explanations were released to explain why not everyone saw it that way. Social media slowly let the topic die, but I still recommend not bringing it up in everyday conversation (unless you’re ready to argue about it again).


Profile Picture Filters

What do gay marriage and the Paris attacks have in common? Facebook filters.

In June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage must be honored in all 50 states. Facebook commemorated this momentous occasion by creating a rainbow filter that its users could put over their profile picture to signify their support. In November of the same year, Facebook enabled this feature again, in the form of a French flag, during the wake of the Paris attacks. People all over the world stood in solidarity with France online.

Although the filters were nothing but symbolic, I loved that the option was made available. It gave the world an opportunity to unify together against injustice and violence. It showed those in the LGBT community and all over France that they were not alone in their struggles. This temporary act made a lasting impact.









Hotline Bling

This is hands-down my favorite, recent social media phenomenon. When Drake dropped his music video for “Hotline Bling” in October 2015, the internet EXPLODED. Almost instantaneously, my feed was full of memes and parodies that poked fun at his dad dance moves.

My personal favorites were the ones that edited Drake into Wii Sports games. Please take a look at Exhibit A.

The Red Cup

Ahhhh, let’s talk about December’s phenomenon: the war on Christmas. This past holiday season, Starbucks opted for plain red cups rather than ones decorated with festive snowflakes or delicate holly branches. While most people didn’t notice or care about the change in branding, some Christians decided to voice their distaste on the internet, claiming that the move was a subtle attempt to remove any religious undertones from the holiday. Those who disagreed with this viewpoint also voiced their opinions on social media, leading to an all-out debate.

As a Catholic, I thought the whole controversy was crazy. Starbucks still served Christmas Blend and sold Advent calendars, so how could they be against Christmas? Scanning my timeline, it appeared that all of my friends agreed. In fact, I did not see anyone who argued that Starbucks was waging a war on Christianity. That got me wondering: actual controversy or social media myth?


My Top 5 ‘Making a Murderer’ Memes

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It’s been exactly one month since Netflix documentary Making a Murderer has aired and I’ve been dying (no pun intended) to write about it since I finished the last episode.* It took me awhile to figure out what angle I wanted to take; Would I talk about the case itself? Focus on the Manitowoc Police Department? Pick apart the verdict? If you wait 8 days, you might find the key to my decision (see what I did there?).

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, there’s a good chance that talk of this series has been blowing up your newsfeed for the past month. Helloooo, spoiler city! People haven’t been able to wrap their heads around, or talk about, anything else – Seth Meyers created a parody video, Mindy Kaling and Chrissy Teigen were tweeting each other about it, a petition received so many signatures that the White House had to release a statement – this documentary is HUGE right now.

Ultimately, I decided to take the lighthearted route that everyone (with a sense of humor) can enjoy. Regardless of whether you believe that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty or innocent, I think most people would agree that 97% of the investigation was questionable (coughLieutenantLenkcough). Thanks to some info learned in the documentary, shady characters and the internet, we now have a wonderful variety of Making a Murderer memes to enjoy. From cookies decorated with defense attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting to a Powerball ticket being turned into a funny photo, I’m sharing my 5 favorite Making a Murder memes* below.

1. Probably the most popular meme on my timeline and I still laugh every time I see it.









2. Regina George vs. the Manitowoc Police Department – GO! (I included two MG memes, you’re welcome).

Mean girls


3. I feel you, Pauly D.

pauly d

4. Move aside, T.Swift & Co.


5. The definition of an emotional rollercoaster.


*If you haven’t finished (or started) watching the series, I suggest exiting this blog post now. You probably won’t understand it anyway.

*I take no credit for the artistic creation of these awesome memes.

6 Social Media Bad Habits Companies Need to Break

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Social Media (1)

As a Social Media Coordinator, I probably have more Facebook pet peeves than the average user. It’s become second nature for me to notice all of the errors that brands are making in their posts – errors that often times can be easily avoided to increase the overall professionalism of their content. So, to help your company or small business identify and fix these mistakes, here is a list of 6 small changes you can make that leave a big impact.

  1. Don’t add too much copy

I’m going to be blunt – nobody cares about your post when it’s in the form of high school research paper. Limit your copy to only a couple lines that your fans can quickly read or skim over. Get to the point and grab their attention sooner rather than later.

  1. Eliminate or shorten your links

For me, this is the queen mother of my Facebook pet peeves. Nothing clutters up a post faster than a link that is so long it requires ellipses at the end. However, many businesses just don’t realize that you can actually eliminate the link after Facebook creates its preview.

Check it out:

Step 1 – Copy your link and paste it into your post.

Step 2 – Wait for Facebook to create a preview of your link.

Step 3 – Delete out the link but keep the preview.


It’s important to note, though, that this method will not work for you if you plan on adding an image to your post. If you would like to add a photo, simply copy and paste your link into a URL shortener (I usually use Google’s) and then insert the new link it creates for you into your post. This link will be about half the size, which gives your post a clean look and prevents it from appearing on an episode of Hoarders.

  1. Add your own text when sharing a link

This one is often overlooked. When sharing a link, avoid the ‘share now’ button and opt to add your own caption. Let your readers know why this article is relevant, exciting, surprising, helpful or significant. Why would they benefit from actually clicking through and reading it? Why are you sharing it in the first place? If you give them some insight into why they should open it, you are more likely to get engagement.

  1. Optimize your photo sizes and quality

Whether you’re posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, each social media channel has an optimal photo size. This means that your picture will look the best on their sites if it has particular dimensions. Moreover, try to use high-resolution photos whenever you can. Blurry or pixelated graphics don’t receive as good of a response as clear ones for obvious reasons.

Photo size and quality is particularly important in Facebook’s case. Its algorithm for businesses is set up to favor posts that have high-resolution, perfectly-sized photos. So, if you want to get your posts seen and receive a higher organic reach, take the time to ensure you are posting quality content.

Bookmark this cheat sheet by Sprout Social! It tells you which sizes work best for each site.

  1. Add periods before tagging other Twitter users

Twitter users, you also commit some pretty serious social media sins! This one in particular is often just an honest oversight by those who don’t know any better.

If you start a tweet by tagging another company or user, it will not get seen by all of your followers unless you add a period before. This is because Twitter thinks your tweet is just for the specified user unless you indicate (using that period) that you would like it to be seen by your entire audience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 3.05.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 3.05.44 PM

Now, in the case of customer service, you will often not need your tweet to be seen by everyone. In that scenario, it is okay to exclude the period before the at sign.

  1. Proofread, proofread, proofread!

I can write an entire blog post on the horror stories of not being conscientious when posting. However, you can hold off on the Michael Myers music in one simple step: PROOFREAD. In addition to catching major mistakes, you can also eliminate spelling errors, forgotten words or awkward language – all little mistakes that decrease the quality of your content.

By implementing these 6 fixes into your social strategy, you will improve the appearance of your posts, increase their visibility and reach the proper audiences!

Print your Instagram photos with Social Print Studio [Grandmother approved]

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Whenever I get to see my abuelita and she asks what I’ve been up to, I always find myself pulling out my phone to show her pictures of my recent whereabouts. She’s in her 80s and her vision isn’t great so when I show her Instagram photos she can’t zoom in on, it isn’t her favorite thing. “Well Elizabeth, I can’t see that!” The last time I saw her she looked at a photo of me and said, “Can you print that out for me? I want to have it on my wall.” (she’s Puerto Rican and her accent rocks)


Being silly with my abuelita and mom ;P

She inspired me to print out more than just one photo, in fact I printed out 48 and am so happy I did. I have over 10,000 photos on my phone and rather than leave them to collect dust in my iCloud photo library, I feel good about bringing them into the 3-D world. I researched a few companies that print Instagram photos and decided to use Social Print Studio because of it’s easy-to-use interface and I liked what I saw on their Facebook and Instagram channels.

Social Print Studio

The prints came in no time and were even better quality than I expected. They’re sturdy and smooth and just beautiful all by themselves. I ended up putting them in these cute white frames by Tiny Mighty Frames to create a mini-collage in my kitchen.



I love how I can switch them out, too.

P.S. These little guys make great gifts for moms and especially grandmas that don’t have smartphones.

5 Common Misconceptions about Working from Home

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I have to admit, before I had the ability to work from home two days per week, I scoffed at the idea of it. When I thought of working from home, I thought of people who were, well, essentially lazy – laid around in pajamas, watched TV and napped on and off all day long. A new job and 8 months later, the tables have turned and I’ve realized that my ideas about telecommuting couldn’t have been any more wrong.

Now that I’ve fully embraced the WFH* lifestyle, I occasionally hear comments from family and friends that I used to make. “I forgot you don’t work tomorrow,” or, “You should watch this show while you’re working from home!” and, “It must be nice to not do anything two days a week.” As annoying as these comments are, I try to remember that I was a skeptic once too. Working remotely can seem like a slacker’s paradise if you haven’t gotten the chance to experience it for yourself, but if you ask anyone who telecommutes, they’ll kindly disagree. Check out 5 of the most common misconceptions I’ve experienced when it comes to working from home.

Myth: You get to catch up on your favorite TV shows

Truth: It may seem like telecommuting means plenty of time for TV, movies and video games but the routine at home hardly differs from the one in the office if you want to keep your job. It’s a nice thought, but there is no TV time between the hours of 9 and 5.  

Myth: Working from home is pretty much the same thing as having a day off

Truth: ERRRRRRPPPP! Sorry Jenny, the price is wrong. I have heard this so many times that it’s not even funny. Although you may think that the “working” part of working from home is only implied, I actually tend to get even more work done when I’m telecommuting than I do in the office. I think many other telecommuters would agree.

Myth: You lay in your bed all day with your computer on your stomach and hand in a bag of chips

Truth: While this might work for a few, uhm, select people, I can assure you that this is not the norm. Everyone here at Gossip Genie has a space at home that’s dedicated to our Tuesdays and Thursdays. Having a defined working area helps keep you focused and stay on track with your daily duties.

Untitled design (19)

Myth: You can hang out with your friends all day long

Truth: I love my friends, I really do, but when I’m working the last thing I want to do is be distracted. Before you know it, one hour chatting can turn into three and your work day is shot. Unless your bestie is willing to put you up on their couch when you lose your job because you were too busy socializing, I suggest keeping your friend hang time for after work and the weekends.

Myth: You can cook full meals and have the time to clean the whole house, too!

Truth: If I didn’t prep my lunches on Sunday, I wouldn’t eat at all when I WFH. Time gets away from you which can lead to eating your lunch later than normal and believe me, there’s isn’t time (or energy) to whip up a 5-star meal when you’re in the zone. Cleaning? Forget about it. I’ve literally sat in the same spot all day, only moving a few times to relieve myself.

WARNING: Working from home is not for those who are easily distracted, lazy or love to sleep. Please consult your employer before attempting this approach.

*WFH = working from home

The Key to a Good Business Strategy: Customer Service

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Chicago - April 25, 2010: White Sox baseball players battle the Seattle Mariners on a Sunday afternoon

As baseball’s regular season comes to a close, my beloved White Sox were unfortunately nowhere near making the post-season. Even though the team was bad this season, there is something incredibly good about the organization as a whole: their customer service. I had a positive experience with them recently that I believe quite a few companies can learn from (cough Comcast cough).

When I heard that the Sox were hosting UIC Night, I immediately wanted to go. It was the perfect combination for me: my school, my team, and free UIC/Sox hats. My friends and I — all UIC alumni — quickly purchased tickets while overlooking one major detail. In order to receive the free hat, you had to buy tickets in designated sections, which we did not realize at the time and did not do.

So, as a Social Media Manager, I reached out to the organization in the best way I know how: Twitter. I tweeted at them calmly explaining my issue and within an hour, was tweeted back with a particular phone number to call. On the other end of the line was a gentleman named Pat, who was so accommodating and kind (he became known as ‘Pat, The Hat Man’ among our group). He told me he was going to talk to the appropriate individuals and try to get us hats as both White Sox fans and UIC alumni. It took a few days, but I was later put in touch with another kind employee of the Sox, Reynel. Within the week, Reynel had four new, beautiful hats arrive on my doorstep.


The major takeaway here for other businesses is how I felt after the fact. The White Sox had gone out of their way to help me with something so small when they easily could have brushed me off their shoulder. They left me with a content feeling, knowing that my organization does care about its fans. It makes me want to continue to attend games, purchase merchandise, and remain loyal to my team — thus, their good customer service secured my position as a patron.

However, bad customer service is a great way to quickly lose not only good will from clients but potentially their business altogether. Bad service comes in many forms: rude comments, ignoring emails, no follow-up, major apathy, so on and so forth. Companies can evade all of these issues quite easily but too often, are too busy or too lazy to ensure small problems do not become big issues.

Last month, I attended a panel at Sprout Social about customer service in the social media sphere. I learned a great deal of valuable information, which can be summarized by Tim Bakeris, who works in Twitter customer service for Venmo: “Own it.” Owning a customer’s issue from start to finish is an excellent way to make sure that it gets resolved, rather than floating along from person to person with no avail. This keeps your clients happy and continuing to be just that: clients rather than former clients.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.01.47 PM

To help you win at customer service, I created this four-step guide:

  1. Acknowledge the problem

Letting your customers know that you understand their issue creates positive rapport between the two of you. It lets them know that you also recognize a problem that needs to be fixed. They may be angry or snappy with you, but remain kind. They will be more willing to work with you if they can sense that you want to work with them too.

  1. Figure out a solution or at a minimum, the promise of a solution

If you know what the fix is to the problem immediately, take care of the issue as soon as possible. If you must first discuss the issue with another individual, say something along the lines of “I am working to fix this issue now. I apologize for the inconvenience and will be in touch with you again shortly.” This tells the upset customer that action is being taken, and they are not being ignored or forgotten.

  1. OWN IT

Make sure that you stay true to your promise and are following through on the resolution. If that means sending out coupons or refunds, make sure it gets done. If that means talking to a higher-up to fix the issue, do so as soon as you can and then, ensure it gets solved in a timely manner. As a customer myself, there is nothing more aggravating than not hearing back from my customer service rep and having to nag.

  1. Thank them

Thanking a client for bringing the issue to your attention tells them that you want to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future. It tells them that you appreciate their business and want them to have a good experience with your product or service.

Top 5 Sites for Social Media News

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The social media industry is constantly changing. That’s why it’s crucial to stay up to date on all of the latest trends. Here are the sites I use to stay connected to what’s happening in the social media marketing world.

SmartBrief on Social Media

Looking for a recap of all of the social media news on the Internet? Look no further than SmartBrief on Social Media! They employ top editors in various industries who scour the news for you and pull top stories from sites such as AdAge and Forbes to curate the most important stories into one daily email. Now you can dig through the clutter online and stay up to date on all of the latest social media news, updates, and trends.

Google Alerts

Google alerts help you monitor the Web for interesting new content related to any topic you’re interested in. Simply enter keywords such as “social media marketing” and “create an alert” and Google will send you daily emails with content related to your keywords.

At Gossip Genie, Google alerts are also helpful for us to stay on top of any news coming out about our clients. I have alerts set up to let me know anytime my clients’ names appear on Google so that I can easily use those for content on social media.


While I breathe social media day in and day out for my job, I also like to stay connected with what’s happening around the world and theSkimm is a fun and easy way to do just that. It gives you the scoop on current events and breaking news in a daily e-mail newsletter that’s the perfect way to start your day. I “skim” over it while brushing my teeth in the morning! Now you can be well informed on everything from what’s going on in the Middle East to the latest crazy thing Donald Trump said.

Social Media Examiner

Their mission: “help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.” This site is very useful for step-by-step articles and directions on how to leverage social media for various marketing purposes. The topics are very technical and are perfect for helping social media marketers learn how to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate brand awareness, and increase sales.

Gossip Genie Blog!

The Gossip Genie team is full of social media experts dispensing valuable social media tips, tricks, and advice. Follow our blog and social media pages to stay up to date!


Facebook Crashed and the World Kept Spinning

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You’re minding your own business when all of the sudden Facebook crashes. What do you do – Scream? Cry? Slam your fingers on random keys in frustration? Vent in 140 characters? Today, for the third time in three weeks, Facebook users temporarily experienced an outage. For most Facebookers, this was at most a mild irritation. Let’s be real, you probably should’ve been doing something better than creeping on your roommate’s cousin’s sister’s best friend.

With nowhere else to go, many took to Twitter to complain about the disruption and thus the hashtag #FacebookDown was born. The witty hashtag was accompanied by hilarious memes, blood moon theories and cries for interweb justice. In mere minutes, Viners had created videos, Instagrams were uploaded and thousands of angry tweets were curated based solely on the Facebook crash. News outlets even took to social media to comment on the crash.

However, for a much smaller group of people, the outage went beyond a simple buzz kill. I’m talking about anyone and everyone whose jobs are in social media, marketing, so on and so forth. I found Good Morning America’s post-crash status interesting – “Facebook was down again — cannot confirm if productivity soared at workplaces…” Although it was meant to be comedic, on the behalf of everyone in social media, I can personally tell you that workplace productivity was at an all-time low. Boosts wouldn’t go through, client data was unreachable and time-sensitive posts became even more urgent. A black hole opened up in the middle of our office and sucked all of our souls through the floor. Was that a little bit dramatic? Maybe, but that’s how it felt for the whole 7 minutes and 43 seconds that Facebook wasn’t working.

With all that being said, I have a request for all of the recreational Facebookers out there. Next time Facebook has a fluke, take a second to think about the people on the other side. If your favorite brand doesn’t immediately answer the request about your broken earbuds, be patient and give them some slack. Trust me, we’re just as frustrated as you are! And after all, there’s a human on the other end of that funny Facebook post you just tagged your friend in.

Win Big with Social Media Contests

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The internet is a beautiful thing, it really is. I mean, did you know that radio stations aren’t the only way that you can win cool contests anymore?! Okay, you probably knew that. If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably seen your friends commenting on, reposting or retweeting, desperately trying to win some kind of contest. Those kind of posts used to drive me INSANE. I always thought, “What’s the point of that?! There’s NO way you’re going to win, a million people are trying to enter!” As soon as I started working for a social media agency, I changed my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I have the worst luck in the world and I STILL haven’t won anything (coughChooseChicagocough), but I decided to let my free flag fly and enter contests out the wazoo. Is it because my friends and coworkers seem to win all of the social media contests ever and I’m jealous? Maybe it is.

I think a lot of companies truly overlook what kind of positive impact running a contest can have for their business. People LOVE free stuff. No one actually knows that they want a Segway tour of Chicago until there’s one at the tip of your fingers, for free! Coffee from iHOP for a year? Didn’t know I wanted it until I could potentially have it, for free! Whether you’re trying to get your audience excited about an upcoming event or just spread general awareness of your product and/or services, contests are the perfect way to do it. Not only do they keep your current fan base engaged but they give you the potential to expand your reach and ultimately grow your fan base. Check out two of my favorite companies who run killer contests in the Chicagoland area (and beyond!):

Choose Chicago: Choose Chicago works hard to show people visiting Chicago the economic benefit of the city and the community. Not only do they help you plan your trip and get around town, but they provide you with maps of the city and show you special deals and events going on around the time of your visit. If you’re wondering, no, I’m not incredibly jealous of the night my friend spent “Sippin’ in the City” courtesy of Choose Chicago, City Winery and Seadog Navy Pier. Keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook pages for some awesome contests featuring some of the hottest companies in Chicago.


Oberweis/That Burger Joint: Raise your hand if you don’t like ice cream or juicy burgers stacked with cheese, bacon and every other tasty thing you can imagine. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Oberweis and That Burger Joint (TBJ) are both brain children of the Oberweis family and although Oberweis has standalone stores, TBJ only exists in cohabitation with Oberweis stores. Oberweis frequently runs ice cream, milk and other delicious dairy giveaways on their Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Most of the time all you have to do is comment with your favorite flavor of ice cream or milk, it’s genius. The same goes for TBJ, sometimes winning a free burger is as easy as clicking retweet.

TBJ contest

If you’re feeling lucky, I suggest checking out the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of your favorite companies to see if they’re running any cool contests. Who knows, maybe your good fortune is better than mine!