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How To Beat the New Facebook News Feed Changes

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This month, Mark Zuckerberg announced a major change to the Facebook News Feed, causing businesses to have to reconsider their social media strategy.

What happened?

To summarize what the changes are, Facebook is going to be shifting the focus of what people see in their News Feeds away from businesses and media outlets and back toward posts from friends and family. Acknowledging that Facebook’s original goal was to help people stay connected, Zuckerberg said, “public content — posts from businesses, brands, and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

In today’s world, it’s hard not to agree that we should be going back to simpler times where our News Feed was populated with photos and sentiments from friends and family, not fake news and click bait. And this is definitely going to impact how brands and businesses use Facebook to interact with and reach new customers.

The good news? This means that the businesses and brands who continue to produce high-quality content will not only stand out, but thrive.

How can you beat it?

Facebook has 2 billion users and one of the most successful, hyper-targeted ad platforms in the digital space. Advertising on Facebook isn’t going anywhere, you just have to update your strategy.

So what can you do as a business to make sure you rise above these changes to the News Feed? Here are a few tips:

1. Create meaningful conversations about your brand

When posting, strive for genuine interaction with your posts. Asking open-ended questions about your brand or what your audience wants to see/values is a good place to start and can give you a pulse on what they’re interested in interacting with.

Stay away from engagement-bait type posts like “Like this” or “Tag someone.” Zuckerberg said, “People have told us that they dislike spammy posts on Facebook that goad them into interacting with likes, shares, comments, and other actions. For example, “LIKE this if you’re an Aries!” This tactic, known as “engagement bait,” seeks to take advantage of our News Feed algorithm by boosting engagement in order to get greater reach. So, starting this week, we will begin demoting individual posts from people and Pages that use engagement bait.”

Instead, ask questions that mean something to your audience and will prompt a genuine, meaningful response and discussion.

2. Create more video content

Video content is king on Facebook and will remain so in 2018. Facebook prioritizes video content in the News Feed with live video being prioritized even higher. Video should be central to your marketing strategy, including utilizing Facebook Live. As Zuckerberg stated, “We’ve seen people interact way more around live videos than regular ones.” Facebook Live is a great option because it usually generates a lot of conversation, which gets you seen in the News Feed. Regardless, your video content should be high quality and include content that your audience wants to see.

3. Create a strategic paid strategy to reach the right people

It’s time to start leveraging Facebook Ads and its wealth of targeting capabilities. Having a paid strategy will ensure that your audience sees your content. 

If you have a good social media strategy, you shouldn’t have much to worry about – the shift just means we have to get more in touch with those we want to reach. Again look at these Facebook News Feed changes as a fun challenge and rise to the occasion.

4. Explore Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups don’t work for every type of business, but if it makes sense for your brand they are a great way to build a community of people with common interests. In fact, Zuckerberg said that “the first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups,” which means group posts will be placed higher in the News Feed than regular posts. Groups take a longer time to develop than a regular Business Page but are worth it in the end.

Moral of the story: these Facebook changes are not the end of the world. As marketers, it’s always important to be adaptable; it’s the nature of our industry. While these changes may cause a slight decrease in reach or engagement, if you pivot your strategy they can end up being valuable changes in the long run. Zuckerberg noted that he expects “the time you do spend on Facebook will be more valuable. And if we do the right thing, I believe that will be good for our community and our business over the long term too.” We want our Facebook audiences to engage and interact with our posts because they find meaning in the content. With a renewed strategy, these new changes will just ensure the leads you get from Facebook are quality ones.

If you’re looking to update your social media strategy in 2018, contact us today!


Lights, Camera, Engagement!

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It’s no coincidence that every time you scroll down your newsfeed, you are immediately inundated with videos. The secrets out, video content reigns supreme as the best way to generate engagement for a brand. According to a report from HubSpot43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. Even better, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Source: HubSpot).

However, that doesn’t mean spamming your audience with low effort videos is the answer to your engagement woes. The key to getting the audience’s attention is producing eye-catching, professional shots that highlight the best aspects of your brand. That’s where Gossip Genie comes in!

Bring your brand to life with the video production services offered at Gossip Genie! Here is just a sample of our work that has helped spark conversations, drive traffic, and reenergize the newsfeeds of our clients.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Creating a powerful announcement video helps create valuable buzz surrounding your product or event.


Posted by Vision Expo on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

PRODUCT & EVENT SHOWCASES – Highlight specific initiatives or products with a montage of visually stimulating shots.


Posted by Matt’s Cookie Company on Monday, June 19, 2017

COVER VIDEOS – Welcome customers and keep them on your page with a reel of your brands best work.


Posted by Café Turino Italian Style Espresso on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Holidays – Capitalize on unique social media holidays with time-sensitive, easily digestible videos.


Every day is #NationalSunglassesDay at Vision Expo!

Register for Vision Expo West 2017 to see all the latest sunnies, sunwear fashion trends, and cutting-edge lens technology:

Brand Specific Holidays – Create your own brand-centric hashtag and spread the word with a short, energetic video.

Frame Friday

The aisles of Vision Expo East will soon be a veritable fashion runway, featuring the latest eyewear trends under one roof! Featured frames: Lafont (Booth G723), Costa Sunglasses (Booth 1853), State Optical Co. (Booth G823), and Matsuda (Booth U503). #FrameFriday #VisionExpo

Register for Vision Expo East for FREE here:

If you want to elevate your brand’s social media presence with video, contact us today.

Genies Bring the Buzz to Vision Expo

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Another year, another Vision Expo! The International Vision Expo is a tradeshow for the eyecare and eyewear industries, displaying the latest in fashion, technology, and education. It is held twice a year in New York and Las Vegas and the Gossip Genie crew headed to New York this month to live cover Vision Expo East 2017. While at Vision Expo East, our team had the chance to display our wide array of talents, including live social media coverage, photography, videography, and consumer press/influencer outreach.

Vision Expo East had an expanded presence this year, with 714 exhibitors spanning 270,326 square feet of expo space, fashion shows highlighting the latest eyewear trends, and over 320 hours of education sessions. Needless to say, the Gossip Genie team had their work cut out for them!

Here’s how we used our talents to increase the engagement and reach of Vision Expo East 2017:

Social Media

We used social media to highlight all of the amazing eyewear and technology on display at Vision Expo East. Through live Twitter updates, Facebook Live video, Snapchat, and Instagram updates and Stories, social media posts reached over 3.2 million people during the show with over 9,000 engagements.

Video continues to be a huge source of engagement on social media and we incorporated video into our strategy through the use of Facebook Live, including live streaming the fashion shows that were emceed by celebrity host Jill Martin of the Today Show. Videos during the show had over 11,700 views.


Streaming a Fashion Pop Up Talk at Vision Expo East on Facebook Live.

Kristina designed custom Snpachat filters for the show, which were used 38,600 times, and did an incredible job highlighting the fun, unique aspects of the show floor through Instagram story updates.

Kristina trying out the latest eyecare technology at Vision Expo!

Photography + Videography

Our photo/video team took 3,872 photos and over 1200 video clips during Vision Expo East! Taryn did an amazing job capturing the energy and excitement of the show through her photography talent. Here’s a look at some of the incredible photos she took:

Keenan, our resident videographer, was tasked with capturing everything from attendee and exhibitor interviews, show floor b-roll, education sessions, and even filming a “day in the life” of Iris and Seymour, the eyeball mascots for Vision Expo sponsor Think About Your Eyes. He continually came up with creative ways to showcase the show. Stay tuned for the results!

Keenan filming an interview with Lafont Paris at Vision Expo East.

Keenan filming a “day in the life” of Iris and Seymour!

The photos and videos taken during the show will be used for our social media posts and ads for future shows to help drive registration and attendance.

Consumer PR/ Influencer Outreach + Press Event

Anneliese greeting media at the Press Preview!

A great way to increase the reach and engagement for an event is to have influential bloggers and press attend. Anneliese knocked it out of the park with the social media influencer/blogger and press outreach she did for Vision Expo’s Press Preview, which was a major hit with 33 media attending, totaling over 12.7 million impressions. The Press Preview gave media an early preview at the hottest eyewear trends at Vision Expo East and media was also given a front row seat to the fashion shows. The latest eyewear and tech showcased at Vision Expo has already begun to hit the pages of leading magazine and social media influencers’ accounts! Take a look at the media buzz from Vision Expo here.

The Gossip Genie team had a blast at Vision Expo!


Annual Recap: 2016 at Gossip Genie

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Every year I do a recap on the previous year. The theme for Gossip Genie in 2016 was change, for better or for worse, many changes took place. Each Genie has a month dedicated to them based on the positive changes they brought to the team.

In January, I returned from maternity leave and as every new mother knows, the transition back to work is difficult. My life had completely changed, my priorities changed and my outlook had changed. It took me a bit to get settled but about 3 weeks in I have never felt more empowered from my new title as working mom. I have such pride in my company and my staff that I can’t wait until the day my daughter, Liv, understands what mommy worked so hard to build. Gratitude was an underlying theme this month because I was able to adjust my hours and days to maintain what I think is a wonderful work-life balance.

In February Gossip Genie turned 6 years old and we put together this exciting timeline of events. It’s amazing to think that from an idea and zero dollars in the bank, I was able to create something that is now nearly 7 years old and employees 7 people with nearly 30 clients.

March was an exciting time at Gossip Genie, we had the chance to manage the social media for The Vision Council’s Expo East event thanks to Anthony. It was a test run that ended with a yearlong contract to manage the social media for the entire organization. Anthony knocked it out of the park in New York with Dana and Stephanie. In September Anthony was invited to manage the Expo West event and did the entire show solo.

April is dedicated to Kristina because she earned her status from intern to account manager in record time. Kristina fell into the position of managing the work of about 3 people and doing it well. I was and still am in awe of her ability to multi-task when it comes to managing her client accounts. It has been such a pleasure watching Kristina grow and change at Gossip Genie, she is a true team player and someone we all respect and admire. Kristina is a great writer and graphic designer, here is an absolute must read she wrote about how to stress less.


At the beginning of May, the Genies were in Dallas, Texas covering The National ProStart Invitational. This marked the sixth year in a row Gossip Genie has covered the event, live, on social media. This year, we introduced Snapchat into the mix and also used Facebook Live to cover some of the more important moments at the event. The National ProStart Invitational is the country’s premier secondary school competition focused on restaurant management and culinary arts.  Our blog has a full recap as well as tips to cover a live event on social media, read the latest post here.


In June, we moved into a new office to accommodate our growing team. Armitage was our home for 4 years and now Halsted is our home for the foreseeable future. This change in location started a new chapter for our team and we love the extended menu options it brings for our daily company lunches together. Read more about our June adventure here.


July is dedicated to Shannon, we had a void at Gossip Genie with the impending departure of our beloved Dana Geisser. Dana moved to Ireland to go back to school for marketing. Shannon joined our team and was an instant fit. From day one, Shannon rocked her accounts and as a result, secured their fate as Gossip Genie’s ongoing provider of social media. A word I would use to describe Shannon is lovely, just being around her on a daily basis is a pleasure. Special shout out to Kristina for making the introduction to Shannon. Learn more about Shannon here.



Per Kristina’s network, August is dedicated to Keenan. As I said before, Kristina was doing the work of 3 Genies and suggested a solution to allow her to work more effectively. I am a problem solver but when a coworker comes to me with a problem and a solution, I can’t help but love them. Kristina suggested Keenan as an intern at Gossip Genie. Full disclosure, I put the outcome of his performance on Kristina because I was coming off of a series of mis-hires and did not have the time or energy to try and integrate another mis-hire into our culture. Thank goodness for Kristina’s dedication to Gossip Genie and Keenan because he turned out to be a homerun hire. Keenan is a wonderful addition to our team and brings so much talent to our already super talented staff. The speed at which Keenan was able to acquire the Gossip Genie method of doing things has been impressive. The past few months of getting to know Keenan has been such a pleasure both professionally and personally. I like to tell Keenan that not all heroes wear capes but to understand what I mean; you have to be a Genie. Learn more about Keenan here.

September was all about Anthony, although, he deserves the year dedicated to him due to his admirable and inspirational professional growth. If Gossip Genie was a car, Anthony would be the engine. It was in September that I decided to promote Anthony to VP of Social Media. He literally started from the bottom now he’s here. The promotion was effective in October and he has blown us all away with his higher-level account management, employee management and dedication to Gossip Genie. Read this epic blog post by Anthony recapping his 4 years at Gossip Genie.

October is dedicated to the return of Anneliese. I applaud her for taking a 3-month sabbatical to focus on herself.  Anneliese leaving was a change that I had a hard time accepting and her being gone was a change I disliked. I was hopeful that she may return and when she did, she was refreshed and ready to work hard. Anneliese wrote a beautiful blog post about what Gossip Genie taught her in 2016, you can read it here.


November is dedicated to Taryn. Taryn joined our team bringing with her a lot of experience and assuming the open position from Anthony’s promotion. Taryn joined Gossip Genie when we were going through extensive personnel changes and adapted to our reeling environment well. She has been a breath of fresh air, collaborative and creative with a ton of experience to share and we have already all learned so much from her. The future is bright with Taryn on our team and we can’t wait to see what positive changes she brings in 2017. Taryn sums up 10 reasons she loves being a Genie in her first blog post.


December is dedicated to all of us because despite all of the changes the year brought we rolled with the punches, embraced the unknown and ended the year with an incredible team and client roster full of tremendous accomplishments and significant results.

What I’m Reading: #SMWChicago’s Twitter Feed

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Happy Social Media Week, Chicago!

For those who may have missed the memo, industry leaders are meeting right in our own backyard this week to discuss, explore, analyze, and dissect the current social media environment. Influencers and speakers from top brands like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and yes, Gossip Genie (!!!) will all be sharing their knowledge with those eager to listen and learn. Overall, this event provides us – particularly social media nerds like myself – with an endless well of thought-provoking conversation about how to improve our content in the now as well as the opportunity to collectively ponder where social media is heading in the future.

Our very own Genie, Taryn, will be taking on #SMWChicago tomorrow to discuss best practices when it comes to photos and videos on social (everyone’s favorite!). If you’d like to check out her session, there’s still time to snag a ticket here.

So far, I have been keeping up with the event by closely monitoring its hashtag, #SMWChicago. This feed is the best place to receive panel highlights, insightful quotes, and photos from the event. While reading through the tweets, I found a few that stood out to me among the rest.


Main Takeaway: your customers are looking at your pages so make it count!

So many brands view social as an item to check off their to-do list when in reality, it requires a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t to be effective. This understanding could be the deciding factor in whether you close the deal or not.


Main Takeaway: all of your social media content should work toward accomplishing the same goal – sharing what honestly sets your brand apart from the rest.

When competition in a market is fierce, you need to provide customers with a valid reason to choose your company over the other guys. Social media is a great way to communicate this message to your target audience and get clients through the door (or for our online business friends, through the checkout page!).



Main Takeaway: make your product or service a must-have, not a want.

When your business provides something amazing, the recommendations and chatter come naturally. People love talking about the products they’re digging with their family and friends so they can experience its benefits as well.

For more updates on this event, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @KristinaKnap! I’ll be retweeting the best content coming out of the panels and discussions as well as adding my own two sense.

The Cultural Phenomenon of Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go is taking the world by storm. Since the app launched on iOS and Android on July 6, it has become the most downloaded app in both Apple and Android app stores, surpassing Tinder, Twitter and Snapchat in downloads and active users and has generated an estimated $14.04 million in revenue since its release, according to SuperData Research.

It also recently became the biggest mobile game in history, surpassing Candy Crush.

Needless to say, it has become nothing less than a cultural sensation in the blink of an eye.

Here are some things to know about the game, including how you can use it to market your business.

How does the game work?
The augmented reality game uses your phone’s GPS and camera to find virtual Pokémon creatures in your neighborhood. The app tracks user location and uses notable real-life landmarks as “Pokéstops” where players can collect Poké Balls and capture Pokémon. So instead of catching Pokémon in the traditional digital landscape, players are forced to get off their couches and explore the real world to capture Pokémon and engage in virtual battles. As players move around they encounter different Pokémon depending on the time and their location.

How can you use it to market your business?

Figuring out whether your business is a PokeStop (where players can collect rewards) or Gym (where players team up to defend their territory) is the first thing you should do. PokeStops and Gyms attract foot traffic without any effort. You can easily advertise your business as a PokeStop or Gym through social media, which is what a lot of business are doing to drive traffic into their stores.

This Utah-based clothing store used Instagram to get people to come into their store:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.14.24 PM

For businesses that are not benefiting from naturally occurring Pokétraffic, there are other opportunities to attract users of the app into your stores. One of the items available for purchase in the game is a ‘lure module’.

Lure modules attract Pokémon to a particular Pokéstop for 30 minutes, and it will affect the area around a Pokéstop too of approximately a 500 metre radius. If your business falls within those bounds, purchasing a Lure Module during some of your downtime might just increase your Pokésales and maybe net you some Poké returning customers.

This Pittsburgh food market dropped a lure and offered a discount on their menu items:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.14.55 PM

Also, New York pizzeria L’inizio Pizza Bar saw sales rocket up 75 percent this weekend after its manager, Sean Benedetti, spent $10 to have a dozen Pokemon lured to the location, according to the New York Post.

Here’s a look at some funny Pokemon Go memes that have taken over social media:

pokemon-go-has-evolved-into-a-lot-of-memes-32-photos-16Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.19.14 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.20.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 2.19.30 PM


4 Technology Tips for Long Distance Lovers

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55 days, 15 hours, 32 minutes and 20 seconds – that’s the amount of time I have to wait until I can (physically) see my boyfriend again. When you’re in a long distance relationship, time in between visits can pass slower than a three-toed sloth but thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to stay connected. Being that my boyfriend is from Ireland, standard texting wasn’t an option for us, so I had to do some “research” to find the best methods of communication available. Some were more obvious than others; Facebook messenger, Skype and so on – but there were others, like the Kissenger, that were just downright creepy. After weeding through the muck, there were few apps (some more practical than others) that stood out the most – check out the ones that have worked best for me below. Are there any you’ve used that you would add to this list?


These two video-sharing services are the most obvious choices of the bunch. Texting is great and all, but nothing compares to seeing your SO’s face when you’re thousands of miles apart. While Skype offers text, voice and video, FaceTime only offers the video capability – but both are great for different reasons. If you’re constantly on the go and would rather use your phone to video chat, FaceTime may be more up your alley. If you want to grab your laptop, sit back and chat, Skype is the app for you. Skype is also available on mobile but if you’re like me and don’t want to clog up your phone space, you can leave it on your desktop. Another cool Skype feature that I’ve recently discovered is that if you need to surf the web or do a little work while you chat, the video stream won’t disappear into the background. Multi-tasking at its finest.


Everyone on God’s green earth knows what Snapchat is – I mean, even my dad has it. Most people use Snapchat to send silly snaps to their friends (all hail the dog filter) or to show everyone what they’re up to. When you’re in a LDR, Snapchat can be super useful to send your boo little snippets of your day that may not be text-worthy. I like to send my boyfriend quick snaps when our dog is being a dingus or when grabbing our favorite take-out (Glaze Teriyaki – try it). Feeling chatty? Users also have the ability to send messages and live video chat.


If you’re in a trans-Atlantic LDR, pay attention to this one – it’s been my life-saver over the past 2 years. WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS, you just need data! WhatsApp also allows you to send each other unlimited images, video and audio media messages. Bonus: as long as you have data, you also have the ability to make phone calls through the app. My boyfriend used this many times to call his parents while he was living in Chicago.


Let me start by saying that I have never, and will never, use this one but I thought that it was interesting enough to give it a shout-out. If you’ve lived with your SO for a while, you know that being apart can affect your sleep schedule. PillowTalk was invented for this exact reason. According to Cool Gadgets, the pillow uses sensors built into elastic bands that are then worn around the chest. The sensors record the wearer’s heartbeat and sends it wirelessly to the partner’s pillow in real time. Doesn’t sound like the most peaceful night of sleep to me but to each their own, right?

5 Instagram Accounts I Can’t Get Enough Of

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Insta Blog Photos

If I let myself, I could spend all day on Instagram. With all of its bright colors, crisp photos, and fun quotes, I am constantly finding content that inspires me in both my professional and personal life. However, if I go too long without following new pages, my feed begins to feel dull and boring. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for different accounts to give me fresh ideas and keep it fun.

To prevent you from thinking, ‘Oh my god, why am I still on Instagram when I’ve seen all this?,’ here are a few new accounts to follow. These are my current favorites, and I check them every single day for new content. Enjoy!

Cédric Dasesson – @cedricdasesson

This account blows me away. All of Dasesson’s photos are so clear and eye-catching – there is never one that I don’t like.


A few of my favorites:


Emma + Elsie A Beautiful Mess – @abeautifulmess

One of my very best friends (thanks, Kathryn!) showed me this account when I first joined Instagram, and I’ve been hooked ever since. All of their photos pack a punch of color and personality, and I am obsessed. For more fun by Emma and Elsie, check out their app’s page: @acolorstory.


A few of my favorites:


Sarita Walsh – @saaareeee

There’s only one word I use to describe this account: badass. Walsh’s page is full of gruff, blunt inspiration to work out and work hard. She offers great fitness advice on her progress photos as well as humor, encouragement, and stories. Plus, with her cohesive color scheme, the photos melt into each other to create a really cool aesthetic.


A few of my favorites:


Drake on Cake – @drakeoncake

I love this account because of how unique and contradictory it is. When you scroll through, you’ll see loads of memorable Drake lyrics scrawled out on pretty, girly cakes. It’s hilarious, and I definitely recommend it.


A few of my favorites:


Brandon Woelfel – @brandonwoelfel

Mellow, cool, artistic – these are all words I would use to describe Woelfel’s page. Anyone who appreciates photography will love this page. Shoutout to Kasia for suggesting I take a look at it!


A few of my favorites:


So, there are my faves! Of course, you are all welcome to follow me as well: @kristinaknap. I would love to hear what yours are too – please comment. ?

How Netflix Viewers Respond to Images (And How To Apply It To Your Social Media Posts)

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Netflix is well known for using data-driven marketing to come up with more intelligent and focused recommendations to keep you watching.

Recently, they conducted a study that goes beyond just what movies and TV shows you like. Their study, “The Power of an Image,” sought to get a better understanding of how the images they use on their homepage impact user behavior, finding that the thumbnails displayed are one of the biggest reasons someone chooses to click play or not. They found that images “constituted over 82% of people’s focus while browsing,” making it a hugely influential factor in what people chose to watch.

In the study, Netflix reports that if you don’t capture a member’s attention within 90 seconds, that member will likely lose interest. On social media, you have even less time to capture someone’s attention as they’re scrolling through their feed. Which is why imagery is so important. Visual content is more than 40X more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content and Facebook posts with images see more than 2X more engagement than those without images (Source: HubSpot).

Let’s take a look at the biggest trends Netflix found in their study and how it can be applied to your social media posts:

Showcase Emotions

The study found that images showing faces that expressed a wide-range of emotions performed better than those without. They said, “Faces with complex emotions outperform stoic or benign expressions — seeing a range of emotions actually compels people to watch a story more. This is likely due to the fact that complex emotions convey a wealth of information to members regarding the tone or feel of the content.”

Testing the below images to promote their series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” they found that the image of the two main characters making exaggerated facial expressions performed the best.


Takeaway for social media content: Using images with faces is an effective strategy to increase engagement. More specifically, you should post images that convey the emotional tone or feel of your content. When taking photos or choosing from stock photography, pick the images that have the most expression to reel in your audience.

Less is More

Netflix also found that images that contain more than three people lead to a significant drop in user engagement. This finding changed the way they approached the promotion of one of their most popular shows, ‘Orange is the New Black’. In Season 1, they featured the entire cast in promotional images, while for seasons 2 and 3, they showcased only the main character.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 4.03.08 PM

Takeaway for social media content: Don’t post images that are too busy. Simple, clean images will perform better, particularly when displayed on a smaller scale. And since most social media posts are viewed on mobile, you have less space and a smaller image size to capture an audience’s attention with your visual content.

Audience Preferences Differ by Region

With artwork for Netflix’ series “Sense8,” the company was able to get a glimpse into the differences in response to imagery across various cultures. Netflix stated that “Examining regional differences helped us see that while great stories transcend borders, it is important to understand how presenting each story in different regions impacts how quickly members from around the world actually discover that story through artwork.”


Takeaway for social media content: Tailor your content and images to your specific audience. Know your target market and make sure every graphic and image you share is relatable to that audience. If you’re not sure what your audience is going to respond to, test out various content to see what’s working.

While the findings here are obviously focused on movies and TV shows, it goes to show how powerful images are and the ability they have to move people in powerful ways. The study offers some interesting lessons in what types of images generate better engagement; such as limiting the amount of people you have in your photos and using images that showcase more complex emotions. Take note of these and you may be able to generate better engagement and get more people to click through and read your posts.